WFC3/UVIS G280 calibration and reference files

The configuration and calibration files presented on this page are in the correct format to be used with the aXe extraction software and the aXeSIM simulation software. To use these calibration products with aXe and aXeSIM, copy them into a directory and set your AXE_CONFIG_PATH environment variable to point to that directory. The files were created using ground calibration data, wth details given in WFC3 ISR 2009-01.

Note: The +1 and -1 orders in both CHIP1 and CHIP2 are fully calibrated over the entire field of view. Due to heavy self contaminations, higher orders are not calibrated.

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All Files:

Configuration Files

Chip File link
Chip 1 WFC3.UVIS.G280.CHIP1.V3.0.conf

Chip 2


Old version: WFC3.UV.CHIP1.TV3_sim.conf

Senstitivity Files

Order File download

+1st order


0th order

-1st order wfc3_abscal_UVg280_-1st_sensTV3.fits
-2nd order wfc3_abscal_UVg280_-2nd_sensTV3.fits
+2nd order wfc3_abscal_UVg280_2nd_sensTV3.fits
-3rd order wfc3_abscal_UVg280_-3rd_sensTV3.fits
+3rd order wfc3_abscal_UVg280_3rd_sensTV3.fits
-4th order wfc3_abscal_UVg280_-4th_sensTV3.fits
+4th order wfc3_abscal_UVg280_4th_sensTV3.fits

Flat Field Files

Cube for CHIP 1 WFC3.UVIS.flat.CH1.fits
Cube for CHIP 2 WFC3.UVIS.flat.CH2.fits
LAST UPDATED: 12/03/2020

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