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WFPC2 ISR 95-04

A Demonstration Analysis Script for Performing Aperture Photometry

Brad Whitmore and Inge Heyer

July 1995


A demonstration IRAF/STSDAS script to perform aperture photometry on WFPC2 images of Omega-Cen has been developed and is described in this document. The primary goal is to provide an easy-to-use example that can help introduce observers to the use of scripts, and to demonstrate a few of the commonly used IRAF/STSDAS capabilities. *1 Two sections of auxiliary information are included. One section provides information on how to download the script and notes on running the script. The other section provides a list of other commonly used IRAF and STSDAS tasks for working with WFPC2 data, along with other useful information.

Portion of the Omega-Cen field showing two of the stars in common with Harris et al. (white squares and numbers) and the fainter objects (black circles and numbers).

A Demonstration Analysis Script for Performing Aperture Photometry
1. - A Description of the Script
Step 1: Remove Working Files
Step 2: Cosmic Ray Removal
Step 3: Hot Pixel Removal
Step 4: Trim Off the Region Occulted by the Pyramid
Step 5: Identify the Object
Step 6: Aperture Photometry
Step 7: Merge the Tables into one Table and Calculate the Mean Value of (F555W - F814W)
Step 8: Compare the Results with Harris et al.
Step 9: Display the Image and Mark the Objects
Step 10: Use IGI to Plot the Color-Magnitude Diagram
Step 11: Make a LaTeX File and Preview the Results
2. - Downloading the Files and Notes for Running the Script
3. - IRAF/STSDAS Tasks Used in This Script
Some general information:
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