STSDAS SYNPHOT Synthetic Photometry Package.

The Space Telescope Science Data Analysis System (STSDAS) SYNPHOT package simulates spectra and photometric data as observed with HST.

SYNPHOT tasks will:

SYNPHOT is part of STSDAS and you must be running IRAF and STSDAS to use it. Information about using and downloading the STSDAS software is available from the STSDAS web page. To get to the CDBS master component/graph tables and instrument component tables go to Throughput Tables . A source of standards and astronomical atlases can be found in Standards and Atlases.

You may view the SYNPHOT Users Guide on-line, download the PostScript file, or request a paper copy by using the online email form. Be sure to give your postal address in the email form.

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Matthew Lallo

10 Oct 1996

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