STScI maintains the below list of refereed publications from the scientific literature with significant JWST content. This list includes refereed articles describing science cases, anticipated observations, and simulations. 



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Early galaxy growth: mergers or gravitational instability?

2021/01 Zanella, A.; Pallottini, A.; Ferrara, A. et al.

MIRISIM: a simulator for the Mid-Infrared Instrument on JWST

2021/01 Klaassen, P. D.; Geers, V. C.; Beard, S. M. et al.

Free-form Lens Model and Mass Estimation of the High-redshift Galaxy Cluster ACT-CL J0102-4915, "El Gordo"

2020/12 Diego, Jose M.; Molnar, S. M.; Cerny, C. et al.

The Ultimately Large Telescope: What Kind of Facility Do We Need to Detect Population III Stars?

2020/12 Schauer, Anna T. P.; Drory, Niv; Bromm, Volker

On the Temperature Profiles and Emission Spectra of Mini-Neptune Atmospheres

2020/12 Piette, Anjali A. A.; Madhusudhan, N.

All the PAHs: An AKARI-Spitzer Cross-archival Spectroscopic Survey of Aromatic Emission in Galaxies

2020/12 Lai, Thomas S. -Y.; Smith, J. D. T.; Baba, Shunsuke et al.

JWST Transit Spectra. I. Exploring Potential Biases and Opportunities in Retrievals of Tidally Locked Hot Jupiters with Clouds and Hazes

2020/12 Lacy, Brianna I.; Burrows, Adam

Rotational spectral modulation of cloudless atmospheres for L/T brown dwarfs and extrasolar giant planets

2020/11 Tremblin, P.; Phillips, M. W.; Emery, A. et al.

Gravitational Lensing and Dynamics (GLaD): combined analysis to unveil properties of high-redshift galaxies

2020/11 Chirivì, G.; Yıldırım, A.; Suyu, S. H. et al.

Phase-curve Pollution of Exoplanet Transit Depths

2020/11 Martin-Lagarde, Marine; Morello, Giuseppe; Lagage, Pierre-Olivier et al.

JWST Noise Floor. I. Random Error Sources in JWST NIRCam Time Series

2020/11 Schlawin, Everett; Leisenring, Jarron M.; Misselt, Karl et al.

WASP-117 b: An Eccentric Hot Saturn as a Future Complex Chemistry Laboratory

2020/11 Anisman, Lara O.; Edwards, B.; Changeat, Q. et al.

A Strong-lensing Model for the WMDF JWST/GTO Very Rich Cluster A1489

2020/11 Zitrin, A.; Acebron, Ana; Coe, D. et al.

The Mass-Metallicity Relation at z ≃ 8: Direct-method Metallicity Constraints and Near-future Prospects

2020/11 Jones, Tucker; Sanders, Ryan; Roberts-Borsani, Guido et al.

JWST Transit Spectra. II. Constraining Aerosol Species, Particle-size Distributions, Temperature, and Metallicity for Cloudy Exoplanets

2020/11 Lacy, Brianna I.; Burrows, Adam


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