STScI maintains the below list of refereed publications from the scientific literature with significant JWST content. This list includes refereed articles describing science cases, anticipated observations, and simulations. 



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Information Content of JWST NIRSpec Transmission Spectra of Warm Neptunes

2020/07 Guzmán-Mesa, Andrea; Kitzmann, Daniel; Fisher, Chloe et al.

Simulated JWST Data Sets for Multispectral and Hyperspectral Image Fusion

2020/07 Guilloteau, Claire; Oberlin, Thomas; Berné, Olivier et al.

The PHOENIX Exoplanet Retrieval Algorithm and Using H- Opacity as a Probe in Ultrahot Jupiters

2020/06 Lothringer, Joshua D.; Barman, Travis

Ions in the Thermosphere of Exoplanets: Observable Constraints Revealed by Innovative Laboratory Experiments

2020/06 Bourgalais, Jérémy; Carrasco, Nathalie; Changeat, Quentin et al.

Updated Parameters and a New Transmission Spectrum of HD 97658b

2020/05 Guo, Xueying; Crossfield, Ian J. M.; Dragomir, Diana et al.

Detecting Pair-instability Supernovae at z ≲ 5 with the James Webb Space Telescope

2020/05 Regős, Enikő; Vinkó, József; Ziegler, Bodo L.

Properties of sub-Neptune atmospheres: TOI-270 system

2020/05 Chouqar, J.; Benkhaldoun, Z.; Jabiri, A. et al.

How primordial magnetic fields shrink galaxies

2020/05 Martin-Alvarez, Sergio; Slyz, Adrianne; Devriendt, Julien et al.

High-redshift JWST predictions from IllustrisTNG: II. Galaxy line and continuum spectral indices and dust attenuation curves

2020/05 Shen, Xuejian; Vogelsberger, Mark; Nelson, Dylan et al.

The predicted properties of helium-enriched globular cluster progenitors at high redshift

2020/05 Nataf, D. M.; Horiuchi, Shunsaku; Costa, Guglielmo et al.

A Framework For Optimizing Exoplanet Target Selection For The James Webb Space Telescope

2020/05 Fortenbach, Charles D.; Dressing, Courtney

Characterization of M-stars in the LMC in the JWST era

2020/04 Marini, E.; Dell'Agli, F.; Di Criscienzo, M. et al.

Understanding and mitigating biases when studying inhomogeneous emission spectra with JWST

2020/04 Taylor, Jake; Parmentier, Vivien; Irwin, P. G. J. et al.

Rapid early coeval star formation and assembly of the most-massive galaxies in the Universe

2020/04 Rennehan, Douglas; Babul, Arif; Hayward, Christopher C. et al.

Time-delay cosmographic forecasts with strong lensing and JWST stellar kinematics

2020/04 Yıldırım, Akın; Suyu, Sherry H.; Halkola, Aleksi

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