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STScI maintains the below list of refereed publications from the scientific literature with significant JWST content. This list includes refereed articles describing science cases, anticipated observations, and simulations. 



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A Framework For Optimizing Exoplanet Target Selection For The James Webb Space Telescope

2020/05 Fortenbach, Charles D.; Dressing, Courtney

Simulating JWST/NIRCam Color Selection of High-redshift Galaxies

2020/04 Hainline, Kevin N.; Hviding, Raphael E.; Rieke, Marcia et al.

Characterization of M-stars in the LMC in the JWST era

2020/04 Marini, E.; Dell'Agli, F.; Di Criscienzo, M. et al.

Understanding and mitigating biases when studying inhomogeneous emission spectra with JWST

2020/04 Taylor, Jake; Parmentier, Vivien; Irwin, P. G. J. et al.

Rapid early coeval star formation and assembly of the most-massive galaxies in the Universe

2020/04 Rennehan, Douglas; Babul, Arif; Hayward, Christopher C. et al.

Time-delay cosmographic forecasts with strong lensing and JWST stellar kinematics

2020/04 Yıldırım, Akın; Suyu, Sherry H.; Halkola, Aleksi

A comparison of exoplanet spectroscopic retrieval tools

2020/04 Barstow, Joanna K.; Changeat, Quentin; Garland, Ryan et al.

The Detectability and Constraints of Biosignature Gases in the Near- and Mid-infrared from Transit Transmission Spectroscopy

2020/03 Tremblay, L.; Line, Michael R.; Stevenson, Kevin B. et al.

Dim Prospects for Transmission Spectra of Ocean Earths around M Stars

2020/03 Suissa, Gabrielle; Mandell, Avi; Wolf, Eric T. et al.

High-redshift JWST predictions from IllustrisTNG: dust modelling and galaxy luminosity functions

2020/03 Vogelsberger, Mark; Nelson, Dylan; Pillepich, Annalisa et al.

Bubble mapping with the Square Kilometre Array - I. Detecting galaxies with Euclid, JWST, WFIRST, and ELT within ionized bubbles in the intergalactic medium at z > 6

2020/03 Zackrisson, Erik; Majumdar, Suman; Mondal, Rajesh et al.

Clustering with JWST: Constraining galaxy host halo masses, satellite quenching efficiencies, and merger rates at z = 4-10

2020/03 Endsley, Ryan; Behroozi, Peter; Stark, Daniel P. et al.

Semi-analytic forecasts for JWST - III. Intrinsic production efficiency of Lyman-continuum radiation

2020/03 Yung, L. Y. Aaron; Somerville, Rachel S.; Popping, G. et al.

The Influence of Stellar Contamination on the Interpretation of Near-infrared Transmission Spectra of Sub-Neptune Worlds around M-dwarfs

2020/02 Iyer, Aishwarya R.; Line, M. R.

Phosphine as a Biosignature Gas in Exoplanet Atmospheres

2020/02 Sousa-Silva, Clara; Seager, Sara; Ranjan, Sukrit et al.

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