STScI maintains the below list of refereed publications from the scientific literature with significant JWST content. This list includes refereed articles describing science cases, anticipated observations, simulations, and results based on JWST science observations. 


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  1. WD 0141-675: a case study on how to follow-up astrometric planet candidates around white dwarfs

    2024/01 Rogers, Laura K.; Debes, John; Anslow, Richard J. et al.
  2. The first glimpse of ULXs through the near-infrared images captured by the JWST

    2024/01 Allak, Sinan
  3. Reaching for the stars - JWST/NIRSpec spectroscopy of a lensed star candidate at z = 4.76

    2024/01 Furtak, Lukas J.; Meena, Ashish K.; Zackrisson, Erik et al.
  4. Astrophysical Distance Scale. VII. A Self-consistent, Multiwavelength Calibration of the Slopes and Relative Zero Points for the Run of Luminosity with the Color of Stars Defining the Tip of the Red Giant Branch

    2023/12 Madore, Barry F.; Freedman, Wendy L.; Owens, Kayla
  5. SOFIA FEEDBACK Survey: The Pillars of Creation in [C II] and Molecular Lines

    2023/12 Karim, Ramsey L.; Pound, Marc W.; Tielens, Alexander G. G. M. et al.
  6. Bringing 2D Eclipse Mapping out of the Shadows with Leave-one-out Cross Validation

    2023/12 Challener, Ryan C.; Welbanks, Luis; McGill, Peter
  7. Magellanic System Stars Identified in SMACS J0723.3-7327 James Webb Space Telescope Early Release Observations Images

    2023/12 Summers, Jake; Windhorst, Rogier A.; Cohen, Seth H. et al.
  8. JWST Census for the Mass-Metallicity Star Formation Relations at z = 4-10 with Self-consistent Flux Calibration and Proper Metallicity Calibrators

    2023/12 Nakajima, Kimihiko; Ouchi, Masami; Isobe, Yuki et al.
  9. JWST/NIRSpec spectroscopy of z = 7-9 star-forming galaxies with CEERS: new insight into bright Lyα emitters in ionized bubbles

    2023/12 Tang, Mengtao; Stark, Daniel P.; Chen, Zuyi et al.
  10. Constraint on the event rate of general relativistic instability supernovae from the early JWST deep field data

    2023/12 Moriya, Takashi J.; Harikane, Yuichi; Inoue, Akio K.
  11. Detecting low-mass perturbers in cluster lenses using curved arc bases

    2023/12 Şengül, Atınç Çağan; Birrer, Simon; Natarajan, Priyamvada et al.
  12. Massive dark matter haloes at high redshift: implications for observations in the JWST era

    2023/12 Chen, Yangyao; Mo, H. J.; Wang, Kai
  13. JWST photometry of globular cluster populations in Abell 2744 at z = 0.3

    2023/12 Harris, William E.; Reina-Campos, Marta
  14. A photon burst clears the earliest dusty galaxies: modelling dust in high-redshift galaxies from ALMA to JWST

    2023/12 Tsuna, Daichi; Nakazato, Yurina; Hartwig, Tilman
  15. UV-continuum β slopes of individual z 2-6 clumps and their evolution

    2023/12 Bolamperti, A.; Zanella, A.; Meštrić, U. et al.


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