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STScI maintains the below list of refereed publications from the scientific literature with significant JWST content. This list includes refereed articles describing science cases, anticipated observations, simulations, and results based on JWST science observations. 


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  • JWST/NIRCam Coronagraphy of the Young Planet-hosting Debris Disk AU Microscopii

    2023/10 Lawson, Kellen; Schlieder, Joshua E.; Leisenring, Jarron M. et al.
  • JWST UNCOVER: discovery of z > 9 galaxy candidates behind the lensing cluster Abell 2744

    2023/10 Atek, Hakim; Chemerynska, Iryna; Wang, Bingjie et al.
  • EPOCHS VII: discovery of high-redshift (6.5 < z < 12) AGN candidates in JWST ERO and PEARLS data

    2023/10 Juodžbalis, Ignas; Conselice, Christopher J.; Singh, Maitrayee et al.
  • The first large catalogue of spectroscopic redshifts in Webb's first deep field, SMACS J0723.3-7327

    2023/10 Noirot, Gaël; Desprez, Guillaume; Asada, Yoshihisa et al.
  • High-z galaxies with JWST and local analogues - it is not only star formation

    2023/10 Brinchmann, Jarle
  • Photometry and astrometry with JWST - III. A NIRCam-Gaia DR3 analysis of the open cluster NGC 2506

    2023/10 Nardiello, D.; Bedin, L. R.; Griggio, M. et al.
  • The JWST FRESCO survey: legacy NIRCam/grism spectroscopy and imaging in the two GOODS fields

    2023/10 Oesch, Pascal; Brammer, G.; Naidu, R. P. et al.
  • On the origin of optical and IR emission lines in star-forming galaxies

    2023/10 Martínez-Paredes, Mariela; Bruzual, Gustavo; Morisset, Christophe et al.
  • The ages and metallicities of the globular clusters in the Sparkler

    2023/10 Adamo, Angela; Usher, Christopher; Pfeffer, Joel et al.
  • A z = 1.85 galaxy group in CEERS: Evolved, dustless, massive intra-halo light and a brightest group galaxy in the making

    2023/09 Coogan, Rosemary T.; Daddi, Emanuele; Le Bail, Aurélien et al.
  • The hunt for formamide in interstellar ices. A toolkit of laboratory infrared spectra in astronomically relevant ice mixtures and comparisons to ISO, Spitzer, and JWST observations

    2023/09 Slavicinska, K.; Rachid, M. G.; Rocha, W. R. M. et al.
  • TESS discovery of a super-Earth orbiting the M-dwarf star TOI-1680

    2023/09 Ghachoui, M.; Soubkiou, A.; Wells, R. D. et al.
  • JWST CEERS probes the role of stellar mass and morphology in obscuring galaxies

    2023/09 Gómez-Guijarro, Carlos; Magnelli, Benjamin; Elbaz, David et al.
  • JADES NIRSpec Spectroscopy of GN-z11: Lyman-α emission and possible enhanced nitrogen abundance in a z = 10.60 luminous galaxy

    2023/09 Bunker, Andrew J.; Saxena, Aayush; Cameron, Alex J. et al.
  • JADES: Probing interstellar medium conditions at z ∼ 5.5-9.5 with ultra-deep JWST/NIRSpec spectroscopy

    2023/09 Cameron, Alex J.; Saxena, Aayush; Bunker, Andrew J. et al.


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