STScI maintains the below list of refereed publications from the scientific literature with significant JWST content. This list includes refereed articles describing science cases, anticipated observations, simulations, and results based on JWST science observations. 


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  1. Radio Emission from High-redshift Active Galactic Nuclei in the JADES and CEERS Surveys

    2024/06 Latif, Muhammad A.; Aftab, Ammara; Whalen, Daniel J.
  2. A MIRI Search for Planets and Dust around WD 2149+021

    2024/06 Poulsen, Sabrina; Debes, John; Cracraft, Misty et al.
  3. Ground- and Space-based Dust Observations of VV 191 Overlapping Galaxy Pair

    2024/06 Robertson, Clayton; Holwerda, Benne W.; Young, Jason et al.
  4. JWST MIRI and NIRCam unveil previously unseen infrared stellar populations in NGC 6822

    2024/06 Nally, Conor; Jones, Olivia C.; Lenkić, Laura et al.
  5. GA-NIFS: JWST discovers an offset AGN 740 million years after the big bang

    2024/06 Übler, Hannah; Maiolino, Roberto; Pérez-González, Pablo G. et al.
  6. EPOCHS Paper - VIII. An insight into MIRI-selected galaxies in SMACS-0723 and the benefits of deep MIRI photometry in revealing AGN and the dusty universe

    2024/06 Li, Qiong; Conselice, Christopher J.; Adams, Nathan et al.
  7. Rotation in stellar evolution: Probing the influence on population synthesis in high-redshift galaxies

    2024/05 Sun, Weijia
  8. Galaxy morphology from z ∼ 6 through the lens of JWST

    2024/05 Huertas-Company, M.; Iyer, K. G.; Angeloudi, E. et al.
  9. PDRs4All. II. JWST's NIR and MIR imaging view of the Orion Nebula

    2024/05 Habart, Emilie; Peeters, Els; Berné, Olivier et al.
  10. PDRs4All. IV. An embarrassment of riches: Aromatic infrared bands in the Orion Bar

    2024/05 Chown, Ryan; Sidhu, Ameek; Peeters, Els et al.
  11. PDRs4All. V. Modelling the dust evolution across the illuminated edge of the Orion Bar

    2024/05 El-Yajouri, Meriem; Ysard, N.; Abergel, A. et al.
  12. PDRs4All. VI. Probing the photochemical evolution of PAHs in the Orion Bar using machine learning techniques

    2024/05 Pasquini, Sofia; Peeters, Els; Schefter, Bethany et al.
  13. Active galactic nucleus X-ray luminosity function and absorption function in the Early Universe (3 ≤ z ≤ 6)

    2024/05 Pouliasis, E.; Ruiz, A.; Georgantopoulos, I. et al.
  14. JADES: The incidence rate and properties of galactic outflows in low-mass galaxies across 3 < z < 9

    2024/05 Carniani, Stefano; Venturi, Giacomo; Parlanti, Eleonora et al.
  15. A quasar-galaxy merger at z ∼ 6.2: Black hole mass and quasar properties from the NIRSpec spectrum

    2024/05 Loiacono, Federica; Decarli, Roberto; Mignoli, Marco et al.


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