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STScI maintains the below list of refereed publications from the scientific literature with significant JWST content. This list includes refereed articles describing science cases, anticipated observations, simulations, and results based on JWST science observations. 


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  1. JWST-TST High Contrast: JWST/NIRCam Observations of the Young Giant Planet β Pic b

    2024/08 Kammerer, Jens; Lawson, Kellen; Perrin, Marshall D. et al.
  2. JWST observations of the Horsehead photon-dominated region. I. First results from multi-band near- and mid-infrared imaging

    2024/07 Abergel, A.; Misselt, K.; Gordon, K. D. et al.
  3. JWST Observations of Young protoStars (JOYS). Linked accretion and ejection in a Class I protobinary system

    2024/07 Tychoniec, Łukasz; van Gelder, Martijn L.; van Dishoeck, E. et al.
  4. The COSMOS-Web ring: In-depth characterization of an Einstein ring lensing system at z ∼ 2

    2024/07 Mercier, W.; Shuntov, M.; Gavazzi, R. et al.
  5. JADES. Possible Population III signatures at z = 10.6 in the halo of GN-z11

    2024/07 Maiolino, Roberto; Übler, Hannah; Perna, Michele et al.
  6. Growing a nuclear star cluster from star formation and cluster mergers: The JWST NIRSpec view of NGC 4654

    2024/07 Fahrion, Katja; Böker, Torsten; Perna, Michele et al.
  7. PDRs4All. VIII. Mid-infrared emission line inventory of the Orion Bar

    2024/07 Van De Putte, Dries; Meshaka, Raphael; Trahin, Boris et al.
  8. PDRs4All. IX. Sulfur elemental abundance in the Orion Bar

    2024/07 Fuente, Asunción; Roueff, Evelyne; Le Petit, Franck et al.
  9. MINDS: Mid-infrared atomic and molecular hydrogen lines in the inner disk around a low-mass star

    2024/07 Franceschi, Riccardo; Henning, Thomas; Tabone, Benoît et al.
  10. Direct detectability of tidally heated exomoons by photometric orbital modulation

    2024/07 Kleisioti, E.; Dirkx, D.; Tan, X. et al.
  11. Two-dimensional Eclipse Mapping of the Hot-Jupiter WASP-43b with JWST MIRI/LRS

    2024/07 Hammond, Mark; Bell, Taylor J.; Challener, Ryan C. et al.
  12. Calibrating Nonparametric Morphological Indicators from JWST Images for Galaxies over 0.5 < z < 3

    2024/07 Ren, Jian; Liu, F. S.; Li, Nan et al.
  13. MIDIS: Unveiling the Role of Strong Hα Emitters During the Epoch of Reionization with JWST

    2024/07 Rinaldi, P.; Caputi, K. I.; Iani, E. et al.
  14. Artificial Greenhouse Gases as Exoplanet Technosignatures

    2024/07 Schwieterman, Edward W.; Fauchez, Thomas J.; Haqq-Misra, Jacob et al.
  15. MIDIS: JWST/MIRI Reveals the Stellar Structure of ALMA-selected Galaxies in the Hubble Ultra Deep Field at Cosmic Noon

    2024/07 Boogaard, L.; Gillman, S.; Melinder, J. et al.


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