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STScI maintains the below list of refereed publications from the scientific literature with significant JWST content. This list includes refereed articles describing science cases, anticipated observations, simulations, and results based on JWST science observations. 



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JWST/NIRCam observations of stars and H II regions in z ≃ 6-8 galaxies: properties of star-forming complexes on 150 pc scales

2023/02 Chen, Zuyi; Stark, Daniel P.; Endsley, Ryan et al. Program ID: 1345

The evolution of the galaxy UV luminosity function at redshifts z ≃ 8 - 15 from deep JWST and ground-based near-infrared imaging

2023/02 Donnan, C. T.; McLeod, D. J.; Dunlop, J. S. et al. Program IDs: 1324; 1345; 2736

Mock galaxy surveys for HST and JWST from the IllustrisTNG simulations

2023/02 Snyder, Gregory F.; Peña, Theodore; Yung, L. Y. Aaron et al.

On the ages of bright galaxies 500 Myr after the big bang: insights into star formation activity at z ≳ 15 with JWST

2023/02 Whitler, Lily; Endsley, Ryan; Stark, Daniel P. et al. Program ID: 1345

Characterization of Population III Stars with Stellar Atmosphere and Evolutionary Modeling and Predictions of their Observability with the JWST

2023/01 Larkin, Mikaela M.; Gerasimov, Roman; Burgasser, Adam J.

TOI 560: Two Transiting Planets Orbiting a K Dwarf Validated with iSHELL, PFS, and HIRES RVs

2023/01 El Mufti, Mohammed; Plavchan, Peter P.; Isaacson, Howard et al.

JWST PEARLS. Prime Extragalactic Areas for Reionization and Lensing Science: Project Overview and First Results

2023/01 Windhorst, Rogier; Cohen, Seth H.; Jansen, Rolf A. et al. Program IDs: 1176; 2738

Importance of Sample Selection in Exoplanet-atmosphere Population Studies

2023/01 Batalha, Natasha E.; Wolfgang, Angie; Teske, Johanna et al.

The Sensitivity of Eclipse Mapping to Planetary Rotation

2023/01 Adams, Arthur D.; Rauscher, Emily

The chemical enrichment in the early Universe as probed by JWST via direct metallicity measurements at z 8

2023/01 Curti, Mirko; d'Eugenio, Francesco; Carniani, S. et al. Program ID: 2736

Unveiling the main sequence of galaxies at z ≥ 5 with the JWST: predictions from simulations

2023/01 D'Silva, Jordan C. J.; Lagos, Claudia; Davies, Luke J. M. et al.

First insights into the ISM at z > 8 with JWST: possible physical implications of a high [O III] λ4363/[O III] λ5007

2023/01 Katz, Harley; Saxena, Aayush; Cameron, Alex J. et al. Program ID: 2736

Extreme value statistics of the halo and stellar mass distributions at high redshift: are JWST results in tension with ΛCDM?

2023/01 Lovell, Christopher C.; Harrison, Ian; Harikane, Yuichi et al.

First Light And Reionization Epoch Simulations (FLARES) VII: The star formation and metal enrichment histories of galaxies in the early Universe

2023/01 Wilkins, Stephen M.; Vijayan, Aswin P.; Lovell, Christopher C. et al.

Discovery and properties of ultra-high redshift galaxies (9 < z < 12) in the JWST ERO SMACS 0723 Field

2023/01 Adams, Nathan J.; Conselice, C. J.; Ferreira, L. et al. Program ID: 2736
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