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STScI Staff Profiles

The talented and experienced staff members at the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) are a mix of astronomers, scientists, researchers, engineers, educators, information technology staff, newsroom managers, writers, designers, business professionals, and administrative staff. They work to support NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope (HST), James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), and the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope, community missions and future concepts, and the Barbara A. Mikulski Archive for Space Telescopes (MAST). Learn more about our employees, who bring diverse talents, backgrounds, expertise, and perspectives to STScI, by reading a few profiles.

Staff Profiles 3

  • Tania Anderson

    Tall dark-skinned woman smiles broadly. She wears a black blazer over a gold shirt and stands in front of a cosmic background. Her long black hair is slightly pulled back by a metallic headband.
    Bringing Everyone In
    Tania Anderson connects with kids and interns alike to expand what it means to be a STEM professional.
  • Julianne Averill

    Julianne Averill
    A New Vision for Data
    Julianne Averill has opened a new space in HR—using business analytics to inform our hiring managers and leaders.
  • Ariel Bowers

    Ariel Bowers
    Making Significant Strides
    Ariel Bowers has exceled in the fields of astronomy and engineering.
  • Brian Dollard

    Brian Dollard
    Creativity in Service
    Brian Dollard works with colleagues across the institute to find unique solutions to unexpected challenges.
  • Theresa Dower

    Theresa Dower
    Building for the Community
    Theresa Dower engineers new ways to use our massive data archives.
  • Scott Fleming

    Scott Fleming
    Transforming Data
    Scott Fleming is part of a team helping to make astronomical data more accessible to people who are blind or have low vision.
  • Scarlin Hernandez

    Scarlin Hernandez
    Deploying the Webb Telescope
    Scarlin Hernandez shares what it was like to be one of the engineers on console during the James Webb Space Telescope's commissioning.
  • Charles-Philippe Lajoie

    Charles-Philippe Lajoie
    An Unwavering Focus
    Charles-Philippe Lajoie on applying to be an astronaut and contributing to Webb’s readiness.
  • Prem Mishra

    Prem Mishra
    Reimagining Data Access
    Prem Mishra on staying at the forefront of information technology by moving tools to the cloud.
  • James Paranilam

    James Paranilam
    Growing a Diverse Community
    James Paranilam creates connections that positively impact the institute’s culture.
  • Molly Peeples

    Molly Peeples
    Simulating the Universe
    Molly Peeples’s deep dive into synthetic data reveals new possibilities in astronomy.
  • Timothy Rhue II

    Smiling broadly enough to wrinkle the corners of his eyes, a light-skinned man with half-rim glasses and parted short brown hair stands in front of a cosmic background. He wears a dark green shirt, a contrasting yellow and gray bowtie, a brown houndstooth jacket, and a lapel pin in the shape of the JWST primary mirror.
    Advocating for Everyone
    Timothy Rhue II regularly seeks new ways to engage a vast range of learners, whether it’s online or in person.
  • Corey Richardson

    Corey Richardson
    Cultivating Connectedness
    Corey Richardson shares why it’s so important to empower his IT staff.
  • Catherine Riggs

    Catherine Riggs
    Contributing to a Cultural Shift
    Catherine Riggs supports a database for JWST’s instruments, and promotes diversity and inclusion at the institute.
  • Julia Roman-Duval

    Julia Roman-Duval
    Full Speed Ahead
    Julia Roman-Duval shares what it means to lead a major Hubble observing program.
  • Rickell Sheppard

    Rickell Sheppard
    Building a Network of Support
    Rickell Sheppard explains why she’s committed to ensuring our employees stay happy and healthy.
  • Anand Sivaramakrishnan

    Anand Sivaramakrishnan
    Ever Improving Optics
    Anand Sivaramakrishnan has spent decades designing, building, and advancing telescope optics systems.
  • John Stansberry

    John Stansberry
    The Pull of Infrared Science
    John Stansberry has helped shepherd Webb’s Near-Infrared Camera from build to commissioning.
  • Roeland van der Marel

    Roeland van der Marel
    A Constant Commitment to Research
    Roeland van der Marel leads the science operations of Roman and a research group devoted to ongoing galactic studies.
  • Kerri Witmer

    Kerri Witmer
    In Perfect Form
    Kerri Witmer shares how competition prepared her to meet any business challenge.

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