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We Support a Diverse and Highly Skilled Staff

Positions at the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) are varied—from astronomers, scientists, and engineers to support staff, public outreach professionals, and educators—which is why it is essential to build a collaborative, inclusive environment where people from a variety of backgrounds can continue to learn, engage, and connect.

Analysts and Specialists

Technical staff provide a variety of technical skills and expertise that support the operation of the observatories and their instruments, analysis and management of data, and facilitate research, telescope user support and outreach. Positions include research analysts, instrument analysts, observation analysts, science operations analysts, archive analysts, documentation specialists, web developers, graphic designers, and data visualization designers.


Research astronomers provide science leadership in programs designed to enhance the scientific value of space telescope observatories, telescope instruments and scientific data, as well as promote awareness and understanding of the scientific discoveries of these space-based observatories to the public. Research astronomers may work with observatory instrumentation, science product and service development, user support for the astronomical community, archive and science data management, outreach, science policy, or community support. Research astronomers also conduct personal astronomical research.

Communications Staff

Communications and public outreach staff promote the scientific discoveries of the observatories supported by STScI and provide informal education services and materials for the public. Positions include educators, writers, graphic designers, scientists, web development specialists, and news specialists.


Engineers develop and maintain software and software systems for ground systems command and control, data science and archive management, telescope planning and operations, integration and testing, flight operations, and spacecraft and instrument operations. Engineers may focus on software development, systems engineering, test engineering, database management and science instrument engineering, or spacecraft engineering.

IT Staff

Information Technology (IT) staff provide support for all IT services including user support, systems administration, network architecture, security and operation, data center operations and science data storage, and maintenance and mission support.

Operations Staff

Business services staff provide administration support for the operation of the organization, including accounting and financial services, procurement, contract management, grant management, facilities management, human resources, and program and project management.