Explanation of Visit Information

This is the visit number entered in the APT file.
The status of the visit (explained below)
A list of the target names appearing in the visit.
The observing template used in the Visit, e.g., NIRCam Imaging, NIRSpec IFU Spectroscopy, etc.
The total charged time for a visit, populated by APT.
Plan Windows:

Observations are assigned plan windows which are a subset of the observing opportunities dictated by the scientific and spacecraft constraints. For most observations, plan windows are 8 weeks in duration, but they can be shorter or longer depending on the visit's constraints. Barring unforseen circumstances, your visit will be executed within its plan window.

The detailed scheduling of observations is on a weekly basis and begins 11 days prior to the week of execution. Approximately 7 days before the week of execution the start and end time of a visit will be displayed on this page. In most cases the observations will be executed at this time, but it is possible that the timeline can be disrupted by instrument or spacecraft problems or target of opportunity observations.

Start Time:
The approximate scheduled time for the start of the visit in Universal Time (UT).
End Time:
The approximate scheduled time for the end of the visit.
Webb Observing Problem Report

Explanation of Visit Status

A visit normally goes through the following steps (in order) from submission to execution. (See also the long range plan status below.)
Pending Submission
The visit has not yet been submitted by the Principal Investigator.
This visit is currently being worked by your Program Coordinator in preparation for flight scheduling.
Flight Ready
This visit has been made available as a candidate for scheduling. All reviews are complete, please contact your PC if further changes are needed.
This visit has been placed on a finalized observing schedule.
All exposures in the visit executed, but the data are not yet in the archive.
Data for some exposures in the visit are available in the archive.
The visit exeuted, but the visit uses a template that produces no data for the archive.
Data for all exposures in the visit are available in the archive.

Other Statuses

Pending Update From Observer
This visit cannot be implemented until you supply further information. Contact your Program Coordinator if you need assistance.
On Hold (Inactive)
You specified the "On Hold" special requirement on this visit, and it will remain inactive until you notify your Program Coordinator. Implementation work will continue to the extent possible given the conditions of the On Hold requirement.
This visit is currently marked inactive - planning and scheduling work on this visit is suspended and the observations will not be executed until this flag is cleared. Please contact your Program Coordinator if this is in error.
Problems were encountered during execution of this visit which severely degraded the quantity or quality of data received. Contact your Program Coordinator for further information.
The visit was sent to JWST, but the observatory did not execute it because a necessary condition for its execution was not satisfied.
The visit has been withdrawn from the observing cycle. Please contact your Program Coordinator if this is in error.

Long Range Plan Status

This describes the status of the visit with respect to long range planning:
Not ready for long range planning
This visit is not yet ready for long range planning. Typically this is due to the visit having the On Hold requirement or some other condition which prevents long range planning. Please contact your Program Coordinator for more information.
Ready for long range planning, plan window not yet assigned
This visit is ready for long range planning, but plan windows have not yet been assigned. Please contact your Program Coordinator for more information.
Not a candiate for the long range plan
This visit is not a candidate for long range planning. Although most visits are placed on the long range plan, some visits have special scheduling considerations which require them to be tracked in a different manner (e.g. snapshot programs). Please contact your Program Coordinator for more information.

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