Advising STScI on Science Operations Support

The Roman Space Telescope Advisory Committee (RSTAC) was convened in January 2020 by the STScI Director, Kenneth Sembach, to advise him on optimum strategies and priorities for the science program and science operations of the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope to maximize the observatory’s scientific productivity. The RSTAC includes members representing the U.S. and international astronomical communities and provides advice in a number of areas including:

  • Community engagement in key Roman science themes,
  • The readiness status of the Science Operations Center (SOC) to support the broad user community,
  • The interfaces between the SOC and other Roman structural components, including the Roman Science Investigation Teams,
  • Data management and the archival legacy,
  • The overall strategy for observing time allocation.

The RSTAC will meet generally twice a year, reporting to the STScI Director. Its findings and recommendations, and the STScI Director’s response, will be made available to NASA and the community.

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The NASA Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope is managed by NASA/GSFC with participation of STScI, Caltech/IPAC, and NASA/JPL.

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