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STScI maintains the below list of publications from the scientific literature with significant content related to the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope, formerly known as the Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope (WFIRST). This list includes refereed articles and select white papers describing science cases, anticipated observations, and simulations, and will include articles that use Roman Space Telescope science data after commissioning.



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Prospects for Directly Imaging Young Giant Planets at Optical Wavelengths

2020/04 Lacy, Brianna; Burrows, Adam

Probability of simultaneous parallax detection for free-floating planet microlensing events near Galactic Centre

2020/04 Ban, M.

Predictions for the 21cm-galaxy cross-power spectrum observable with SKA and future galaxy surveys

2020/03 Vrbanec, Dijana; Ciardi, Benedetta; Jelić, Vibor et al.

Bubble mapping with the Square Kilometre Array - I. Detecting galaxies with Euclid, JWST, WFIRST, and ELT within ionized bubbles in the intergalactic medium at z > 6

2020/03 Zackrisson, Erik; Majumdar, Suman; Mondal, Rajesh et al.

Comparing Observed Stellar Kinematics and Surface Densities in a Low-latitude Bulge Field to Galactic Population Synthesis Models

2020/02 Terry, Sean K.; Barry, Richard K.; Bennett, D. P. et al.

PopSyCLE: A New Population Synthesis Code for Compact Object Microlensing Events

2020/01 Lam, Casey Y.; Lu, Jessica R.; Hosek, Matthew W., Jr. et al.

Reality or Mirage? Observational Test and Implications for the Claimed Extremely Magnified Quasar at z = 6.3

2020/01 Pacucci, Fabio; Loeb, Abraham

Debiasing cosmic gravitational wave sirens

2020/01 Keeley, Ryan E.; Shafieloo, Arman; L'Huillier, Benjamin et al.

Brighter-fatter Effect in Near-infrared Detectors. I. Theory of Flat Autocorrelations

2020/01 Hirata, Christopher M.; Choi, Ami

Brighter-fatter Effect in Near-infrared Detectors. II. Autocorrelation Analysis of H4RG-10 Flats

2020/01 Choi, Ami; Hirata, Christopher M.

Detection of exoplanet as a binary source of microlensing events in WFIRST survey

2019/12 Bagheri, Fatemeh; Sajadian, Sedighe; Rahvar, S.

Prediction of H α and [O III] emission line galaxy number counts for future galaxy redshift surveys

2019/12 Zhai, Zhongxu; Benson, Andrew; Wang, Yun et al.

Model of the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence with Coronagraphic Imaging

2019/11 Vides, Christina L.; Macintosh, Bruce; Binder, Breanna A. et al.

Spectrophotometric Redshifts for z ̃ 1 Galaxies and Predictions for Number Densities with WFIRST and Euclid

2019/10 Joshi, Bhavin; Cohen, Seth H.; Windhorst, Rogier et al.

Astrometry with the Wide-Field Infrared Space Telescope

2019/10 WFIRST Astrometry Working Group; Sanderson, Robyn E.; Bellini, Andrea et al.
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