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STScI maintains the below list of publications from the scientific literature with significant content related to the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope, formerly known as the Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope (WFIRST). This list includes refereed articles and select white papers describing science cases, anticipated observations, and simulations, and will include articles that use Roman Space Telescope science data after commissioning.



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Forecasting cosmological constraints from the weak lensing magnification of type Ia supernovae measured by the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope

2020/12 Zhai, Zhongxu; Wang, Yun; Scolnic, Dan

Impact of systematics on cosmological parameters from future galaxy cluster surveys

2020/11 Salvati, Laura; Douspis, Marian; Aghanim, Nabila

Multi-orbital-phase and Multiband Characterization of Exoplanetary Atmospheres with Reflected Light Spectra

2020/11 Damiano, Mario; Hu, Renyu; Hildebrandt, Sergi R.

VVV Survey Microlensing: Candidate Events with a Source in the Far Disk

2020/10 Navarro, María Gabriela; Minniti, Dante; Contreras Ramos, Rodrigo

The host galaxies of z = 7 quasars: predictions from the BLUETIDES simulation

2020/10 Marshall, Madeline A.; Ni, Yueying; Di Matteo, Tiziana et al.

Laboratory Demonstration of Spatial Linear Dark Field Control For Imaging Extrasolar Planets in Reflected Light

2020/10 Currie, Thayne; Pluzhnik, Eugene; Guyon, Olivier et al.

Predictions of the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope Galactic Exoplanet Survey. II. Free-floating Planet Detection Rates

2020/09 Johnson, Samson A.; Penny, Matthew T.; Gaudi, B. Scott et al.

White Dwarfs in the Era of the LSST and Its Synergies with Space-based Missions

2020/09 Fantin, Nicholas J.; Côté, Patrick; McConnachie, A.

On the possibility of baryon acoustic oscillation measurements at redshift z > 7.6 with the Roman space telescope

2020/09 Satpathy, Siddharth; An, Zhaozhou; Croft, Rupert A. C. et al.

Detecting the inner regions of discs around sources of microlensing with Roman Space Telescope

2020/08 Sajadian, Sedighe; Salehi, Ali

Cosmic filaments from cosmic strings

2020/08 Fernandez, M. A.; Bird, Simeon; Cui, Yanou

Identification of Single Spectral Lines through Supervised Machine Learning in a Large HST Survey (WISP): A Pilot Study for Euclid and WFIRST

2020/07 Baronchelli, I.; Scarlata, C. M.; Rodighiero, G. et al.

Brighter-fatter Effect in Near-infrared Detectors—III. Fourier-domain Treatment of Flat Field Correlations and Application to WFIRST

2020/07 Freudenburg, Jenna K. C.; Givans, Jahmour J.; Choi, Ami et al.

Photometric Redshifts with the LSST. II. The Impact of Near-infrared and Near-ultraviolet Photometry

2020/06 Graham, Melissa L.; Connolly, Andrew J.; Wang, Winnie et al.

Cosmic variance of z > 7 galaxies: prediction from BLUETIDES

2020/06 Bhowmick, Aklant K.; Somerville, Rachel S.; Di Matteo, Tiziana et al.
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