Events inspired by or relevant to the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope mission are organized by STScI and other partners of the Roman Space Telescope project.

Archived presentations and webcasts from conferences, workshops, and lectures organized by and held at STScI are available below.  Use the filter bar to search by specific event criteria including Type, Keyword, and/or Date. Click the Submit button to generate the query. Information and resources for each event can be found by clicking on the "Read More" link.

IPAC's Roman website  also maintains an extensive listing of Roman-related conferences and meetings by all project partners. 



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21 Jan 2021
Lectures Mass Measurement of Cold Exoplanets with Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope
The Roman Galactic Exoplanet Survey (RGES) will detect >1000 planets with masses as low as Mars mass around G,K,M stars. The high resolution capability and high precision photometry of the telescope...
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11-15 Jan 2021
Conferences Roman at the 237th American Astronomical Society Meeting
Roman will participate in the 237th American Astronomical Society (AAS) meeting including updates at the STScI Town Hall, a Splinter Session, several webinars, and a Roman Town Hall focused...
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17 Dec 2020
Lectures Simulating Roman/CGI Observations of the reflected light exoplanet spectra of the bright, nearby exoplanet ups And d
Simulations of exoplanet albedo profiles are key to planning and interpreting future direct imaging observations. We use the Planetary Spectrum Generator (PSG) to produce simulations of reflected light...
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19 Nov 2020
Lectures Is Nancy Grace Roman the Most Influential Person You’ve Never Heard Of?
The Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope is named in honor of a pioneer in space astronomy who is recognized as the “Mother of Hubble” and for her Lego™ representation. However, in her time...
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15 Oct 2020
Lectures Post-Processing of Roman Space Telescope CGI Data
The Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope (formerly WFIRST) will be launched in 2026 with an onboard technology demonstrator for exoplanet direct imaging. The Roman Coronagraph Instrument (CGI) will be capable...
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6 Oct 2020
Lectures The Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope
Speakers: Dr. Jennifer Wiseman and Dr. Julie McEnery (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center) NASA announced this year that the Wide Field Infrared Space Telescope will officially be named the Nancy Grace Roman...
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5 Oct 2020
Workshops Science Writers Workshop on the Roman Space Telescope
This workshop for science journalists, presented by STScI, will provide an overview of major areas of scientific inquiry that the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope will address. A panel of prominent astronomers...
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5-9 Oct 2020
Conferences Galaxy Formation and Evolution in the Era of the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope
CONFERENCE UPDATE This conference will be held as a fully virtual conference.  Registrants will use BlueJeans Events and Slack to participate in the conference, but anyone can view the talks which...
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17 Sep 2020
Lectures Sort of Near-Field Cosmology with Semi-Resolved Dwarf Galaxies
This talk will outline prospects for conducting an unbiased census of relatively nearby dwarf galaxies using convolutional neural networks (CNN) to both identify the galaxies and estimate their distances...
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20 Aug 2020
Lectures Ancillary Science with the Roman Galactic Exoplanet Survey
The Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope (Roman) will monitor ~2 deg2 toward the Galactic bulge in a wide (~1-2 μm) W146 filter at 15-minute cadence with exposure times of ~50s for 6 seasons of 72 days...
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16 Jul 2020
Lectures Roman Exoplanet Imaging Data Challenge
The 2019-2020 ROMAN Exoplanet Imaging Data Challenge is a successful community engagement effort led by the Turnbull Science Investigation Team. It launched in October 2019 and ran for eight months. This...
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18 Jun 2020
Lectures Roman/CGI’s EMCCD Detector
In this talk, Nathan will introduce the Electron Multiplying CCD in the context of the WFIRST Coronagraph, including the functionality of the detector with respect to planet and disk imaging. The steps...
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1-3 Jun 2020
Conferences STScI at the 236th American Astronomical Society Meeting
The Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) will be at the Virtual 236th American Astronomical Society Meeting (AAS) meeting with an exhibit booth and several associated events highlighting the missions...
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21 May 2020
Lectures The WFIRST Microlensing Survey for Exoplanets
A primary science goal of the WFIRST mission is to conduct, via a microlensing survey towards the Galactic Bulge, a statistical census of exoplanetary systems from 1 AU to free-floating planets with masses...
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16 Apr 2020
Lectures Three WFIRST Science Cases for Local Volume Galaxies: Milky Way Halo Star Proper Motions, the Edge of M31's Stellar Halo, and Globular Clusters in the Virgo Cluster
I will discuss three sample WFIRST near-field cosmology science cases that all involve studies of the dark matter content, accretion history, and chemical enrichment history of Local Volume galaxies. The...
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