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GOODS scientific publications

This ADS library provides an incomplete list of 390 (as of 17 November 2009) refereed papers and recent arXiv submissions related to the Great Observatories Origins Deep Survey. It has been compiled from a careful but not exhaustive search through ADS and the arXiv preprint server. Most of these papers make direct use of GOODS data products, although a few may only refer to other, previous results from GOODS in their abstracts.

The large majority of GOODS-related papers now come from members of the astronomical community at large using GOODS public data products.

Early results from the GOODS collaboration appeared in a Special Issue of the Astrophysical Journal Letters (2004 January 10, v600, number 2, part 2).

Publications based on ESO-GOODS data (maintained by the ESO Library)

GOODS overview and data papers:

The following papers describe the GOODS project and data sets. Users of GOODS data are kindly requested to reference whichever papers are appropriate for the data they are using.

Some GOODS Ph.D. dissertations:

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