Supporting Observations of the GOODS Fields

GOODS supporting observations Status of ancillary observations being obtained by the GOODS team
Apologia: Much of this information is old and needs updating.
ESO CDF-S data ESO imaging and spectroscopic data products for GOODS-South,
CTIO CDF-S data NOAO/CTIO MOSAIC data for the GOODS/Chandra Deep Field South
V0.5 data release for 2001B CTIO u' imaging
Note: The u' filter that was used had a red leak, compromising the data quality. New, improved GOODS-S U-band images will be released at a future date.
Subaru+KPNO imaging for GOODS-N: Broad-band UBVRIz + HK' imaging data for GOODS-N, as described in Capak et al. 2004, AJ 127, 180.
Chandra Deep Fields South and North Public web pages for the Chandra Deep Field X-ray observations
Hubble Deep Field North STScI web pages for the Hubble Deep Field North, including the clearinghouse with links to many other HDF-N data and sites
Hubble Ultradeep Deep Field STScI web pages for the Hubble Ultradeep Field: extremely deep HST/ACS + NICMOS imaging of a region within GOODS-South.
GOODS Data Products Reduced data products for GOODS observations from the Spitzer and Hubble Space Telescopes.

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