CTIO vs. ESO U-band images

The images below compare a small subsection (approximately 3'.2 x 3'.2) of images from the v0.5 reduction of the GOODS/CTIO 4m MOSAIC u' images of the CDF-S with U-band data taken as part of the ESO Imaging Survey (EIS), as part of their "Deep Public Survey" (Deep-2c field).

2001B CTIO 4m MOSAIC SDSS u': preliminary (version 0.5) reduction
All data used; no "screening" to eliminate frames with bad seeing.

ESO 2.2m WFI U'-band EIS Deep Public Survey (DPS) image
The U' filter used here has an effective wavelength 3538A and FWHM 560A.

ESO/MPI 2.2m WFI U-band EIS Deep Public Survey (DPS) image
The U filter used here is comparatively narrow and red, with effective wavelength 3710A and FWHM 325A.

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