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SHARE = Study of Hubble Archive & Reprocessing Enhancements


Study Group Members

Howard Bushouse ESS/SSG
Mark Dickinson HD/NICMOS
Megan Donahue (also FASST chair) ACDSD/ARCHIVE
Dorothy Fraquelli ACDSD/OPUS
Mauro Giavalisco HD/WFC3
Tony Keyes HD/COS
Anton Koekemoer HD/WFPC
Gerard Kriss (Chair)NGST & HD/STIS
Gerhardt Meurer JHU/ACS
Paolo Padovani ACDSD/ARCHIVE
William Sparks HD/ACS
Daryl Swade ESS/DST

Charter issued by Rodger Doxsey, 03/26/2001.

Minutes of meetings

Town Hall Meeting -- 10/03/2001

Draft Report dated 10/11/2001, presented to the STUC.

SHARE Tasks: Preliminary prioritized list of tasks for study. (MS Word)

HST Pipeline Concepts for OTFR, a paper presented by Daryl Swade at the 2001 ADASS conference in Boston, including a description of SHARE. (MS Word)

Inputs to Final Report

  1. WCS draft by Anton Koekemoer.
  2. Image Combination draft by Bill Sparks.
  3. Source Segmentation & Classification draft by Gerhardt Meurer.
  4. Photo-Z draft by Mark Dickinson.
  5. Combining Spectra draft by Tony Keyes.
  6. Time History draft by Daryl Swade.
  7. Quality Info draft by Dorothy Fraquelli.
  8. Customized Reprocessing draft by Howard Bushouse.
    ( Comments on customized reprocessing by Niall Gaffney.)
  9. Spectral Data Cubes draft by Jerry Kriss.
  10. Using SDSS draft by Megan Donahue.
  11. Customized Post-Processing email proposal from Jim Rose.

Draft of Final Report. [MS Word]

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