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Configuration File Primer

Configuration files are an easy and convenient way to create, store and reuse "snapshots" of all the parameter settings for any teal-based task.

To create a configuration file, one simply needs to set parameters for a particular task in the TEAL window, and then simply select "SAVE AS..." from the FILE pull-down menu in the upper left corner of the teal window. All the settings will be saved in a human-readable text file.

Configuration file screenshot

Conversely, to open a previously saved configuration file, one simply needs to select the appropriate file form the OPEN pull-down menu. If the desired file is not listed, it can be located by selecting “Other …” which allows the user to search through the filesystem for the specific file.

open pulldown menu on configuration file

For a more detailed discussion on configuration files, as well as a guide on how to use them at the command line, please refer to section 5.5 of the DrizzlePac Handbook.