FrameMaker Resources


[Link] STScI letterhead, viewgraph, personal letterhead, and Fax cover (available only to STScI staff)
[Link] Various styles for article or technical paper layout


The following link gets a Frame file---enable your "Load to Local Disk" option before using the link.

[Link] Clip art sampler from Fusion Graphics


[Link] LaTeX to Frame MML filter (source code), for Sun or Macintosh
[Link] Filter ps3epsi for converting PostScript graphics to Frame EPSI format
[Link] WebMaker (Frame documents converted to HTML for the web)
[Link] bibframe bibliography management tool
[Link] MifMucker tool for Frame document manipulation
[Link] Angus Duggan's collection of tools for PostScript output, includes:

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This page contains links to templates and resources for creating and managing documentation created with FrameMaker.
Mark Stevens --
15 December 1994