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Postdoctoral Fellow
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Alec is a postdoctoral fellow who joined STScI in 2017.  He is working with Margaret Meixner's JWST GTO program studying dust and mechanisms for star formation in nearby galaxies.  Prior to coming to Baltimore, he completed his PhD at Indiana University in 2016 and subsequently worked as the WIYN ODI-PPA User Support Scientist at IU/NOAO.  His dissertation work focused on deriving metal abundances of star-forming galaxies by optical nebular spectroscopy in the study of galaxy evolution and chemical enrichment with John Salzer.

Science Interests:

  • Emission-line spectroscopy of starburst galaxies
  • Infrared photometry of star-forming systems
  • Extremely metal-deficient (XMD) galaxies


Research Topics: Galaxy Evolution, Star Formation, Chemical Abundances


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