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Aleksandra Hamanowicz is a post-doc at the ISM*@ST group in Space Telescope Science Institute, working with Dr. Julia Roman-Duval and Dr. Erik Tollerud on the ISM and CGM of nearby galaxies: dust depletion in the ISM of local dwarfs and CGM of Milky Way analogues.

Previously, she was an IMPRS (The International Max Planck Research School in Astrophysics) PhD student in European Southern Observatory, Garching. She is currently working on her thesis 3D View on Cosmic Baryon Cycle under supervision of Dr Céline Péroux and Dr Martin Zwann.

She did her undergraduate studies in Astronomical Observatory of the University of Warsaw, studying RR Lyrae stars in Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy (OGLE observations) with Dr Hab. Paweł Pietrukowicz and Prof. Andrzej Udalski. Later she moved to the Transient Universe and was hunting for Tidal Disruption Events and other nuclear transients with Dr Hab. Łukasz Wyrzykowski.​


PhD in Astronomy, Ludwig Maximilian Inversity of Munich
MSc in Astronomy, University of Warsaw
BSc in Astronomy, University of Warsaw


Science Interests:

  • Dust depletion  
  • Multiphase ISM 
  • Circumgalactic medium 
  • Host galaxies of QSO absorbers  
  • Molecular gas content of galaxies
  • Galaxy Evolution


Research Topics: Local Group Galaxies, High-Redshift Galaxies, Galaxy Formation and Evolution, Interstellar Medium, Dust


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ORCID ID: 0000-0002-4646-7509


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