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I received my PhD from the University of Arizona in 2004. After a short postdoctoral stay at the Max Plank Institute fur Astronomie in Heidelberg, I spent the next four years as a Lyman Spitzer Fellow and a Michelson Fellow at Princeton University. In late 2008, I joined the Spanish National Research Council as a Ramon y Cajal Fellow and in 2014 I came to STSCI as an Assistant Astronomer, working now at its Science Mission Office.

Science Interests:

  • Debris disk phenomenon and transport and radial mixing in circumstellar disks, both in the Solar system and in extrasolar planetary systems, using radiative transfer and dynamical models and observations. 
  • Statistical properties of the disks as derived from debris disk surveys (e.g. frequency, dust temperature/location, temporal evolution, debris disk-planet correlation). 
  • Characterization of the location of planetesimal belt(s) from the modeling of the debris disk system.
  • Search for planets in protoplanetary and debris disks via direct detection. 
  • Exchange of debris between planetary systems.


Research Topics: Circumstellar Disks, Solar & Extra-Solar Planetary Systems, Interplanetary Dust, Dynamical Simulations, Infrared Observations, Science Policy


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