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Dr. Lochhaas joined STScI in 2019 and is working with Molly Peeples and Jason Tumlinson on the Figuring Out Gas and Galaxies in Enzo (FOGGIE) project. She specializes in understanding the physical processes driving the evolution and observational properties of the circumgalactic medium (CGM) in extremely high resolution galaxy formation simulations. Before coming to STScI, Dr. Lochhaas received her PhD in Astronomy from The Ohio State University, where she worked with Todd Thompson and David Weinberg on galactic winds and the CGM. Her dissertation work brought together the fields of simulations, observations, and pen-and-paper analytic work to develop a model describing how galactic winds impact the CGM to produce the observations commonly obtained by large CGM surveys, such as COS-Halos. Dr. Lochhaas was a Presidential Fellow at The Ohio State University during her last year of graduate school and has presented her work at a number of international conferences. She won the Rodger Doxsey Travel Prize at the American Astronomical Society's 233rd meeting in January, 2019. She presented over 70 live planetarium shows to audiences of both undergraduate students and the public at the Arne Slettebak Planetarium on The Ohio State University campus and was instrumental in developing content and procedures for the Planetarium as the Astronomy Department's first Planetarium TA. When she's not studying the invisible gas surrounding galaxies, Dr. Lochhaas enjoys kayaking, hiking, skiing, crocheting, and playing video games.


PhD in Astronomy, The Ohio State University

MS in Astronomy, The Ohio State University

BS in Physics, California Institute of Technology


Science Interests:


1. Lochhaas, Cassandra; Bryan, Greg L.; Li, Yuan; Li, Miao; Fielding, Drummond, "Properties of the Simulated Circumgalactic Medium", 2019, eprint arXiv:1908.00021

2. Lochhaas, Cassandra; Mathur, Smita; Frank, Stephan; Som, Debopam; et al., "A high signal-to-noise HST spectrum towards J1009+0713: precise absorption measurements in the CGM of two galaxies," 2019, MNRAS 489, 78

3. Lochhaas, Cassandra; Thompson, Todd A.; Quataert, Eliot; Weinberg, David H., "Fast winds drive slow shells: a model for the circumgalactic medium as galactic wind-driven bubbles", 2018, MNRAS 481, 1873

4. Lochhaas, Cassandra; Thompson, Todd A., "Second-generation stars in globular clusters from rapid radiative cooling of pre-supernova massive star winds", 2017, MNRAS 470, 977 5. Lochhaas, Cassandra; Weinberg, David H.; Peirani, Sébastien; Dubois, Yohan; et al., "Modelling Lyman α forest cross-correlations with LyMAS", 2016, MNRAS 461, 4353


Research Topics: Galaxy Formation and Evolution, Circumgalactic Medium, Galactic Outflows


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