Elena Sacchi


Elena is an Associate Scientist and leads the Wide Field Camera 3, in the Instrument Division. She started working on HST in 2009, immediately before the Servicing Mission 4. Her research focuses on star formation, and stellar evolution in the Milky Way and nearby galaxies. She is the PI of the Tarantula Treasury Project and several HST programs designed to use high precision astrometry to characterize the early phases of star cluster assembly and evolution. 

Science Interests:

  • Star formation in the Magellanic Clouds 
  • Star cluster formation and evolution 
  • High and low-mass binary stars 
  • 30 Doradus & Tarantula Nebula


Research Topics: Massive Stars Clusters, 30 Doradus, Tarantula Nebula, Proper Motions, Binary Stars, Pre-main Sequence Stars


Professional Websites:

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