Elena Sacchi

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Elena is an AURA Scientist and leads the NIRSpec Branch in the Instrument Division. Previously she was the Manager of the INS WFC3 Branch. Following a post-doc at the Institute and a short period at Astronomisches Rechen-Institut of Heidelberg, she joined STScI as ESA/AURA astronomer to support HST Servicing Mission 4 and the newly installed Wide Field Camera 3. Her research focuses on star formation and stellar evolution in the Milky Way and nearby galaxies' young massive clusters.

She is interested in understanding how local and global conditions shape the early evolution of stars and clusters, primordial binaries' properties, and the initial mass function. She is PI of several HST programs designed to characterize the early phases of star cluster assembly and evolution, including the Hubble Tarantula Treasury Project (HTTP) and GULP: Galaxy Legacy UV Project. 

Science Interests:

  • Star formation and stellar evolution in the Milky Way and nearby galaxies. 
  • Young massive clusters  
  • Effect of local and global conditions on the early evolution of stars and clusters. 
  • Primordial binaries' properties
  • Stellar initial mass function

Research Topics: Stars Formation, Histories, and Evolution, Stellar Populations, Star Clusters, Resolved Stellar Populations


Professional Websites:

Professional Website  

ORCID ID:   0000-0003-2954-7634



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