Ivelina Momcheva

Support Scientist

Ivelina (Iva) Momcheva received her PhD from University of Arizona in 2009. Following a postdoc at Carnegie Observatories, she joined the 3D-HST Treasury Team as a project manager in 2011. Iva arrived at STScI in 2015 as a support scientist in the WFC3 instrument group where she developed the Drift and Shift (DASH) observing technique, before moving to the Data Science Mission Office in early 2017 as a Mission Scientist. Iva’s research focuses on galaxy evolution. She is interested in how environment affects galaxy evolution, particularly in groups and high-redshift proto-clusters. She is passionate about gravitational lenses, spectra, databases and well-documented APIs.

Science Interests:

  • Galaxy evolution and star-formation as a function of environment
  • Formation and evolution of groups and clusters of galaxies
  • Gravitational lensing, environments of gravitational lenses


Research Topics: Galaxy Evolution, Galaxy Clusters, Galaxy Groups, Gravitational Lensing, Star Formation, Computational Astronomy


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