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Jay Anderson

Observatory Scientist
Jay Anderson Picture

Jay is an AURA Observatory Scientist in the in the instruments division. His functional duties include modeling the PSF and monitoring and improving the pixel-based CTE correction for WFC3/UVIS and ACS/WFC and developing the JWST astrometric calibration field. His science interests involve high-precision photometry and astrometry in undersampled images (such as HST's), which requires exquisite modeling of the PSF.

Science Interests:

  • Multiple stellar populations in globular clusters
  • High-precision proper motions and internal kinematics of stellar systems
  • Globular cluster formation and evolution
  • Astrometric detection of Black Holes


Research Topics: HST, Globular Clusters, Proper Motions, White Dwarfs, Photometric Techniques


Professional Websites:

Professional Website


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