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John Mackenty

Senior Scientist
John MacKenty

John MacKenty is Senior Scientist and HST Mission Scientist. Previously he led the STScI team for Wide Field Camera 3 and co-led the overall development of the instrument from its inception in 1998. Working at STScI since 1986, he contributed to WF/PC-1, WFPC2, and NICMOS. He was PI of the IRMOS MEMS  infrared multi-object spectrometer at KPNO, a member of the initial JWST SWG, and a participant in numerous future mission and instrument studies. His current interests include the design of the Synergy Explorer mission concept for ultraviolet surveys of z~1 galaxies.

Science Interests:

  • Design of ultraviolet space missions
  • Measurement of the Hubble constant
  • Galaxy evolution and environments at high and medium redshifts
  • Fundamental calibrations and related techniques and technologies
  • Development and characterization of Ultraviolet, Visible, and Infrared Detectors


Research Topics: Instrumentation, Cosmology, Galaxy Evolution, Calibrations


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