Katey Alatalo

Assistant Astronomer
Katey Alatalo headshot

Katey is an Assistant Astronomer working on the NIRISS Team for JWST. Her research interests include understanding how galaxies quench their star formation and become (and remain) quiescent from a multiwavelength observational perspective. Specifically, Katey follows the gas, and pays attention to the supermassive black holes. She is the Principle Investigator of the Shocked POststarburst Galaxy Survey.

Science Interests:

  • AGN feedback
  • Understanding all pathways to galaxy transformation
  • Extragalactic star formation
  • Turbulence and shocks
  • The origin and fate of molecular gas
  • The first quenched galaxies


Research Topics: AGN and Quasars, Galaxy Formation and Evolution


Professional Websites:

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