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ESA/AURA Astronomer I
Matilde Mingozzi

Dr. Matilde Mingozzi joined the Institute in November 2020 as a postdoctoral fellow working with Dr Bethan James and Dr Alessandra Aloisi. Since November 2023, Dr. Mingozzi has become an ESA/AURA Astronomer at STScI, joining the HST/STIS instrument team. As part of the MINGLE and GREENS research groups, Dr. Mingozzi's main work is focused on the study of interstellar medium properties (ISM) in terms of dust reddening, gas density, temperature, metallicity and ionization parameter, as well as the main ionization sources in the nearby Universe. In particular, her current main work is focused on the study of ISM properties of the ionized and (cold and warm) molecular gas in metal-poor galaxies considered high-z analogs, using multi-wavelength datasets, including HST/COS UV spectroscopy, JWST/MIRI and ground-based optical and submm spectroscopy, as part of the CLASSY team 

Dr. Mingozzi's interest in the study of ISM began during her Master's thesis, focused on the investigation of the global role of star formation and accretion activities in nearby Seyfert galaxies. The aim was to understand how these two activities influence each other, constraining the properties of the molecular gas, to assess whether and to what extent the radiation produced by the accretion onto the central black hole affected the CO line emission, mainly on the basis of ALMA and Herschel data .

Dr. Mingozzi's PhD project (October 2016-September 2019; final defense on March 16, 2020) was developed under the supervision of Dr. Giovanni Cresci and Dr. Filippo Mannucci at the University of Bologna in collaboration with the Arcetri Observatory (Italy). Her research activity was focused on the study of ISM physics and feedback mechanisms in both local active galactic nuclei and star-forming galaxies through the use of Integral Field Spectroscopy (IFS), mainly using MUSE and MaNGA data. Before joining STScI, till October 2020 Dr. Mingozzi moved to Padova (Italy) for a postdoctoral position at the Padova Observatory, working with Dr. Bianca Poggianti and her group on the GAs Stripping Phenomena in galaxies (GASP) survey (P.I. B. Poggianti). Her main aim has been to investigate the presence and properties of ionized and molecular outflows in these peculiar objects using MUSE and ALMA data.


PhD in Astrophysics, University of Bologna and Arcetri Observatory, Italy
MS in Astronomy, University of Bologna, Italy
BS in Astronomy, University of Bologna, Italy


Science Interests:

  • UV and optical diagnostics for ISM properties, in terms of dust reddening, gas density, temperature, ionization parameter, metallicity and source of ionization
  • Extremely metal-poor analogues to high-z galaxies and conditions in their extreme star-forming environments
  • Spatially resolved mapping and optical ISM properties in local star-forming galaxies and AGN
  • Star-formation and AGN outflows properties, kinematics and impact on the host galaxy.


Research Topics: Star Formation, Histories, and Evolution, High Redshift Galaxies, Galaxy Formation and Evolution, AGN and Quasars, Interstellar Medium, Astrochemistry, Chemical Adundances


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ORCID ID: 0000-0003-2589-762X


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