Nor Pirzkal

ESA-AURA Astronomer
Nor Pirzkal headshot

Dr. Pirzkal is an ESA/AURA Level III Astronomer.  Prior to working at STScI, he was at the European Southern Observatory (ESO) for 6 years as part of the ST-ECF. He currently splits his duties between the HST/WFC3 Grism and the JWST/NIRCAM teams.  Nor has spent the last two decades working on space-based GRISM spectroscopy, including calibrating as well as developing pipeline reduction standards used for NICMOS, ACS, and WFC3 optical and near-IR spectroscopy.  Dr. Pirzkal has been a part of the  GRAPES, PEARS, and FIGS research collaborations. His research interests span the gamut dwarfs in the Milky Way, to constraining the properties of the most distant galaxies detected with HST. He has spent the last 10 years working on the application of Bayesian statistics, specifically Markov Chain Monte Carlo techniques to better understand how photometric and spectroscopic data can be used to determine the spectral energy distributions of astronomical objects.

Science Interests:

  • Physical properties of emission line galaxies
  • Advanced slitless spectroscopy techniques
  • Distribution of low mass stars in our Galaxy and determination of Milky Way discs.
  • Statistics, MCMC, etc...


Research Topics: Optical and IR slitless spectroscopy, Star forming galaxies and evolution, Resolved star formation up to z<3., High Redshift galaxies, Low mass stars in the Milky Way


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