Nora Lutzgendorf

ESA-JWST Astronomer
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Nora Luetzgendorf is a JWST/NIRSpec Instrument and Calibration Scientist working for the European Space Agency (ESA). She obtained her PhD 2013 in Munich working for the European Southern Observatory (ESO) and hunting Intermediate-mass Black Holes using the Very Large Telescope in Chile. After a two-years research fellowship at ESA/ESTEC in the Netherlands, she joined the ESA JWST/NIRSpec Team in August 2015. Her expertise on the instrumentation side are Integral Field Spectroscopy (IFS), the NIRSpec Instrument Model and occasionally designing logos and posters for JWST events. Scientifically she is interested in black holes ranging from intermediate-mass range to supermassive that reside in the centers of dense stellar objects such as globular clusters or nuclear star clusters.

Science Interests:

  • formation and detection of intermediate-mass black holes in globular clusters
  • nuclear star clusters and their co-evolution with supermassive black holes
  • intermediate-mass black holes in dwarf galaxies/UCDs
  • dynamical evolution of globular clusters


Research Topics: Stellar Dynamics, Star Clusters, Black Holes, Black-Hole Formation, N-Body Simulations


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