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Patrick Ogle

Support Scientist
Patrick Ogle Picture

Patrick is an observational astronomer specializing in infrared, optical, and X-ray spectroscopy of active galaxies and quasars. He is an instrument scientist on the JWST NIRSpec Team, and previously worked on the Chandra HETGS, XMM-Newton OM, and Spitzer IRS instrument teams, and the NASA Extragalactic Database. He studies quasar accretion, jets, and outflows, and their effects on galaxy evolution. He recently discovered a new class of very massive and luminous spiral galaxies, called super spirals.

Science Interests:

  • Galaxy evolution
  • Massive spiral and elliptical galaxies
  • AGN feedback
  • Quasar accretion disks and winds


Research Topics: Galaxies, Active Galactic Nuclei


Professional Websites:

Professional Website


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