Sarah Kendrew


Sarah is an Instrument & Calibration Scientist with the European Space Agency at STScI, providing support for the science operations of the MIRI instrument on board JWST. She obtained her PhD from University College London, and has held postdoctoral positions at the University of Leiden, MPIA Heidelberg, and Oxford University. She has worked on a number of major international ground-based infrared instrumentation projects in her career, including interferometry and adaptive optics. Her research interest is in galactic-scale star formation, from the Milky Way to high redshift galaxies. Sarah is one of the lead organisers of the .Astronomy conferences and has organised numerous astronomy hack days.

Science Interests:

  • Statistical studies of high mass star formation
  • Stellar feedback effects in the Milky Way
  • Citizen science and statistical analyses of survey data
  • Optical/IR instrumentation
  • Deformable mirror technology for adaptive optics


Research Topics: Star formation, Stellar feedback, IR astronomy, Galaxy evolution, Instrumentation, Adaptive optics, Citizen science, Public engagement


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