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Astronomical Data Scientist
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Scott is an archive scientist in the Mikulski Archive for Space Telescopes (MAST) at STScI. His areas of focus are in supporting missions like GALEX, Kepler, K2, and TESS, spectroscopic data sets across the entire MAST archive, and ingesting new High Level Science Products from the community. Research-wise, he is particularly interested in open source software development, and new science that is enabled with archival or cross-mission data.


PhD in Astronomy, University of Florida
MS in Astronomy, University of Florida
BA in Physics, Vassar College
BA in Astronomy, Vassar College


Science Interests:

  • Exoplanets (radial velocity, transit photometry)
  • Brown dwarfs (esp. as companions to other stars)
  • Eclipsing binaries (esp. mass-radius relationship)
  • Stellar variables (esp. as discovered through archival survey data)
  • Stellar flares (at low energies via UV missions)
  • UV short-period variables and transients (pulsating sdB's, pulsating WD's, stellar flares, SNe, TDE's, early-time outbursts, ingress/egress of eclipsing objects)


Research Topics: Exoplanets; Stellar Astrophysics; Substellar Objects


Professional Websites:

Professional Website


ORCID ID: 0000-0003-0556-027X


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