Torsten Boeker

ESA-JWST Astronomer
Torsten Boeker headshot

Torsten Boeker is an ESA staff astronomer, working on, for, and with the two European instruments on JWST (NIRSpec and MIRI). 

After obtaining his PhD at the Max-Planck-Institute for extraterrestrial Physics in 1996, he joined STScI as a postdoc working with the late Ron Allen on the Space Interferometry Mission (SIM). Two years later, he joined ESA, first working on HST, and specifically the NICMOS instrument.

In 2003, he moved to the Netherlands to join the NIRSpec team at ESTEC. After the NIRSpec delivery to NASA, he returned to STScI to support the various JWST hardware test campaigns leading up to launch, and to prepare for the in-orbit science operations. He is currently the NIRSpec commissioning lead, in charge of planning the six-month long post-launch commissioning period.

Science Interests:

  • Structure and Kinematrics of galaxies
  • Central Regions of Structure and Kinematrics
  • Gas, Dust and Stellar Populartions in nearby galaxies
  • Formation and Evolution of Nuclear Star Clusters
  • Formation of Supermassive Black Holes


Research Topics: Star Formation, Histories, Evolution, Supermassive Black Holes, Star Clusters, Instrumentation


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ORCHID ID: 0000-0002-5666-7782



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