ULLYSES Target Tables by Region

The tables below contain targets for ULLYSES observations, broken down by region. This full target list contains roughly 200 objects in ten star-forming regions in the Milky Way and in nearby low metallicity dwarf galaxies. The tables below contain targets for which new data will be taken through the ULLYSES program. The full ULLYSES data set, however, will also contain targets that have archival data available in compatible observing modes with ULLYSES. Tables with these additional archival targets included are available for download in each target table below.

T Tauri Stars

The ULLYSES T Tauri star sample will be observed with COS/G130M/1291, COS/G160M/1611, STIS/G230L, STIS/G430L, STIS/G750L, starting in Cycle 28 and throughout Cycle 29.


High Mass Stars

All stars in the low metallicity galaxies Sextans A and NGC 3109 will be observed with COS/G140L/800. Details of the observations for the massive stars in the LMC and SMC, such as number of orbits and instrumental modes, are included in the downloadable tables.


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