Calibrating Hubble Space Telescope

Calibrating Hubble Space Telescope is the proceedings from the first HST Calibration Workshop that was held at the Space Telescope Science Institute November 15-17, 1993. These proceedings include discussions on the calibration of each instrument, including the Fine Guidance Sensors. There is also a general section that includes papers on the Optical Telescope Assembly, the HST Calibration Database and information on the calibration of other space observatories namely, the IUE and the Hopkins Ultraviolet Telescope.

Paper copies are no longer available!

For the user's convenience the electronic version of the book is available both by individual article in the Table of Contents and by hefty chunks of postscript for each section that contain all the papers for each instrument/section: WFPC (7.4M), FOC (3.4M), FOS (3.5M), GHRS (4.2M), FGS (1.9M) and General (2.3M).

Also available are the additional pages that make up the book: List of Participants, Preface, Table of Contents, and a GIF image of our cover. We have given you the capability (should you choose to use it) to reproduce this book in its entirety from your own laser printer.

Some notes for users of the on-line edition.

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Last updated 11 December 2003