Quantifying Galaxy Morphology at High Redshift
Space Telescope Science Institute, April 27-29 1994

Invited Talks


  1. The role of morphology in studies of distant galaxies.
    Richard Ellis
  2. Photometry and morphology at low redshift.
    Piet van der Kruit
  3. Early results on distant galaxy morphology from HST.
    Alan Dressler

Quantitative Morphology at Low Redshift

  1. Physical parameters and revised Hubble type.
    Gerard de Vaucouleurs
  2. Morphological classification of galaxies by artificial neural networks.
    Ofer Lahav
  3. Quantifying grand design and flocculent morphology.
    Debra Elmegreen
  4. What, if anything, is a Hubble type? - Galaxy morphology in the digital age.
    Barry Madore
  5. Low surface-brightness galaxies.
    Stacy McGaugh

Robust Techniques for Measuring Morphology at High Redshift

  1. Morphology and redshift from broadband photometry.
    Andy Connolly
  2. Galaxy morphology from the HST Medium Deep Survey.
    Richard Griffiths
  3. Galaxy morphology at high redshift.
    David Schade
  4. Strategies for photometry in distant clusters.
    Greg Wirth

Field Galaxy Evolution - Expectations And Quantitative Tests

  1. Age and structure of distant radio galaxies
    Brigitte Rocca-Volmerange
  2. Faint blue galaxies as starbursting dwarfs
    Arif Babul
  3. Faint redshift surveys: implications for galaxy evolution (and morphology).
    Simon Lilly
  4. Cosmological and evolutionary effects at intermediate redshift.
    Matthew Bershady
  5. The morphology of field galaxies at
    Matthew Colless
  6. Morphology and models of faint galaxy counts.
    David Koo
  7. Morphology of faint blue galaxies: qualitative classification.
    Edmund Giraud
  8. A new class of ultraluminous galaxies at high redshift?
    Joseph Silk

Cluster Galaxy Evolution - Expectations And Quantitative Tests

  1. Colors of high-z cluster galaxies - quantitative predictions from simulations
    August Evrard
  2. Theoretical predictions of cluster galaxy evolution in a hierarchical universe
    Guinevere Kauffmann
  3. Color evolution from to
    James Schombert
  4. The evolution of galaxies in poor clusters.
    Esther Zirbel
  5. The star-forming galaxies in distant clusters.
    Russell Lavery

Ultra-high redshift galaxies
(Including Radio galaxies, QSO hosts, etc)

  1. The number counts of galaxy-galaxy lenses.
    Tom Broadhurst
  2. Clusters at
    Mark Dickinson
  3. Properties of ultra-high redshift radio galaxies.
    Rob van Ojik
  4. Closing remarks
    Marc Postman

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