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Photometric and Surface Brightness Measurements of Simulated HST Restored Images

F. Fusi Pecci, L. Federici, G. Parmeggiani, F. R. Ferraro, and C. Cacciari

Osservatorio Astronomico, Bologna, Italy

G. Iannicola, C. E. Corsi, and R. Buonanno

Osservatorio Astronomico di Monte Mario, Roma, Italy

F. Zavatti and O. Bendinelli

Dipartimento di Astronomia, Università di Bologna, Bologna, Italy


Stellar photometry of simulated HST uncorrected and corrected images of a crowded star cluster has been carried out before and after deconvolution (with RMG, R-L, MEM, etc.) to optimize the reduction procedures and compare the degree of completeness and photometric accuracy actually achievable in the various cases. Experiments are also presented on the description of the surface brightness profiles of simulated clusters with different deconvolution techniques and sizes of the adopted PSF and data matrices.

Keywords: globular clusters, image analysis, ecc..
Fri Apr 15 17:35:57 EDT 1994