Kenneth Sembach

Nancy A. Levenson
Deputy Director

Don Hough
Associate Director of Administration

Gerard Kriss
Associate Director of Instrumentation

David Liska
Associate Director of Engineering and Technology

Iain Neill Reid
Associate Director of Science

European Space Agency

Antonella Nota
STScI Associate Director for ESA


Karen Debelius
Head, Business Resource Center

Dave Brennan
Head, Data Management Division

Sheryl L. Bruff
Head, Human Resources

Linda Smith
Head, Instruments Division

Grace Coventry
Head, Information Technology Services Division

Hussein Jirdeh
Head, Office of Public Outreach

Carl A. Johnson
Head, Program Management Office

Tony Krueger
Head, Science Operations and Engineering Division

Jennifer Hoppa
Head, Systems Engineering, Integration and Test, and Operations Division


Jason Tumlinson
Head, Community Missions Office

Josh Peek
Head, Data Science Mission Office

Tom Brown
Head, Hubble Space Telescope Mission Office

Massimo Stiavelli
Head, James Webb Space Telescope Mission Office

Alessandra Aloisi
Head, Science Mission Office

Roeland P. van der Marel
Head, Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope Mission Office

Staff Chair and Liaison

Marc Postman
Chair, Senior Science Staff Executive Committee

Patrick Taylor
Liaison, Engineering Steering Committee