STIS Annealing Periods

Note that these entries were not directly used for the creation of CRDS reference files used by the MAST pipeline.
start end duration num exposure_time darks
0 1997-02-16 01:04:37 1997-04-17 01:04:37 60 days 00:00:00 40 40 x 1800 s
o3sl01pcq, o3sl20psq, o3sl21q8q, o3sl22qbq, o3sl23qeq, o3sl24qhq, o3sl02a2q, o3sl25a5q, o3sl26a8q, o3sl27abq, o3sl28aeq, o3sl29ahq, o3sl03a2q, o3sl30a5q, o3sl31a8q, o3sl32a2q, o3sl33a5q, o3sl34a8q, o3sl04a2q, o3sl35coq, o3sl36cuq, o3sl37cxq, o3sl38d0q, o3sl39d3q, o3sl40a2q, o3sl41a5q, o3sl42a8q, o3sl43aeq, o3sl44ahq, o3sl05akq, o3sl07aeq, o3sl50c1q, o3sl51c4q, o3sl54a2q, o3sl08azq, o3sl55ctq, o3sl56cwq, o3sl57daq, o3sl58kdq, o3sl59kgq
1 1997-04-17 01:04:37 1997-05-17 03:22:18 30 days 02:17:41 23 23 x 1800 s
o3sl62ykq, o3sl63yoq, o3sl64zaq, o3sl09znq, o3sl60zzq, o3sl66blq, o3sl67cxq, o3sl68d0q, o3sl69d3q, o3sl65haq, o3sl10hqq, o3sl70a7q, o3sl11aaq, o3sl71adq, o3sl72agq, o3sl73ajq, o3sl74amq, o3sl77a2q, o3sl78a5q, o3sl79a8q, o3sl80abq, o3sl12aeq, o3sl76cyq
2 1997-05-17 03:22:18 1997-06-19 12:23:09 33 days 09:00:51 37 23 x 1800 s
12 x 1350 s
2 x 1000 s
o3sl13a2q, o3sl81anq, o3sl82c2q, o3sl83c6q, o3sl84c9q, o3sl85cvq, o3sl86bbq, o3sl87cqq, o3sl88inq, o3sl89jbq, o3sl90jeq, o3sl14mtq, o3sl15arq, o3sl91b6q, o3sl92beq, o3sl93bwq, o3sl94ccq, o3sl95vcq, o3sl16vfq, o3sl96viq, o3sl97vlq, o3sl98w1q, o3sl99weq, o41j01riq, o41j02rlq, o41j03roq, o41j05rtq, o41j06t1q, o41j07010, o41j04tcq, o41j12y8q, o41j13ydq, o41j14010, o41j08z4q, o41j09z7q, o41j10ziq, o41j11zlq
3 1997-06-19 12:23:09 1997-07-21 05:48:04 31 days 17:24:55 28 4 x 1000 s
24 x 1350 s
o41j21010, o41j20xbq, o41j19xeq, o41j18xhq, o41j17xkq, o41j16y3q, o41j15y6q, o41j27xzq, o41j26yhq, o41j25ytq, o41j24zcq, o41j23znq, o41j22a6q, o41j28010, o41j33tnq, o41j34vpq, o41j35010, o41j29x0q, o41j30x6q, o41j31xlq, o41j32xoq, o41j42010, o41j41ubq, o41j40ufq, o41j39uiq, o41j38ulq, o41j37uoq, o41j36vhq
4 1997-07-21 05:48:04 1997-08-11 10:36:48 21 days 04:48:44 21 18 x 1350 s
3 x 1000 s
o41j48qiq, o41j43qmq, o41j44qpq, o41j45qzq, o41j46r3q, o41j47r6q, o41j49010, o41j55ofs, o41j53ois, o41j54ots, o41j56010, o41j50rcq, o41j51vpq, o41j52wdq, o41j62vaq, o41j61vqq, o41j60w5q, o41j59wiq, o41j58wvq, o41j57x3q, o41j63010
5 1997-08-11 10:36:48 1997-09-15 15:53:08 35 days 05:16:20 35 30 x 1350 s
5 x 1000 s
o41j69siq, o41j68suq, o41j67t1q, o41j66tbq, o41j65teq, o41j64tnq, o41j70010, o41j71rcq, o41j72rtq, o41j73rxq, o41j77010, o41j74s7q, o41j75saq, o41j76uuq, o41j78cpq, o41j79czq, o41j80djq, o41j81fbq, o41j82foq, o41j83frq, o41j84010, o41j87oxq, o41j88pgq, o41j89ptq, o41j90qeq, o41j85qiq, o41j86qlq, o41j91010, o41j97zlq, o41j92zoq, o41j96zrq, o41j93zuq, o41j94zxq, o41j95a8q, o41j98010
6 1997-09-15 15:53:08 1997-10-09 04:36:21 23 days 12:43:13 22 3 x 1000 s
19 x 1350 s
o41j0f010, o41j0bqls, o41j0cqoq, o41j0dqrq, o41j0equq, o41j99skq, o41j0aspq, o41j0hguq, o41j0ih9q, o41j0jhjq, o41j0khoq, o41j0lhzq, o41j0gi4q, o41j0m010, o41j0nwhq, o41j0t010, o41j0oxdq, o41j0pxyq, o41j0qy9q, o41j0rydq, o41j0sygq, o41j0vgoq
7 1997-10-09 04:36:21 1997-11-03 01:33:19 24 days 20:56:58 45 23 x 1350 s
4 x 1000 s
18 x 1260 s
o41j0wl7q, o41j1a010, o41j0xn1q, o41j0yn6q, o41j0zndq, o41j0uuaq, o4at01010, o41j1gbsq, o41j1fbwq, o41j1ebzq, o41j1dc2q, o41j1ccaq, o41j1berq, o41j1h010, o4at02010, o4at03010, o4at04010, o4at05010, o4at06010, o4at07010, o41j1o010, o4at08010, o41j1ncjq, o41j1mcxq, o41j1ldcq, o41j1kdqq, o41j1jdtq, o41j1ifpq, o4at09010, o4at0a010, o4at0b010, o4at0c010, o4at0e010, o4at0g010, o41j1v010, o4at0i010, o41j1us4q, o41j1tskq, o41j1staq, o41j1rteq, o41j1qtlq, o41j1ptrq, o4at0j010, o4at0k010, o4at0l010
8 1997-11-03 01:33:19 1997-12-03 02:03:03 30 days 00:29:44 58 30 x 1260 s
24 x 1350 s
4 x 1000 s
o4at0m010, o4at10010, o4at11010, o4at12010, o41j1yrxq, o41j2c010, o41j1zses, o41j2asms, o41j2bsvs, o41j1wt3s, o41j1xt7s, o4at14010, o4at15010, o4at16010, o4at17010, o4at18010, o4at19010, o41j2fvyq, o41j2gwdq, o41j2hwrq, o41j2ix2q, o41j2dx5q, o41j2exgq, o41j2j010, o4at20010, o4at21010, o4at23010, o4at27010, o4at28010, o4at29010, o4at30010, o41j2mscq, o41j2nsuq, o41j2ot9q, o41j2ptcq, o41j2ktiq, o41j2ltwq, o41j2q010, o4at31010, o4at33010, o4at35010, o4at36010, o4at37010, o4at38010, o41j2y010, o4at39010, o41j2rouq, o41j2spcq, o41j2tpgq, o41j2upjq, o41j2wq1q, o41j2xq5q, o4at40010, o4at41010, o4at42010, o4at43010, o4at44010, o4at45010
9 1997-12-03 02:03:03 1997-12-29 12:48:13 26 days 10:45:10 33 26 x 1260 s
6 x 1350 s
1 x 1000 s
o4at46010, o41j3dffq, o41j3cfiq, o41j3bg6q, o41j3aghq, o41j3f010, o41j2zj2q, o41j3ej6q, o4at47010, o4at48010, o4at49010, o4at50010, o4at51010, o4at52010, o4at53010, o4at54010, o4at55010, o4at56010, o4at57010, o4at58010, o4at59010, o4at60010, o4at61010, o4at62010, o4at63010, o4at64010, o4at65010, o4at66010, o4at67010, o4at68010, o4at69010, o4at70010, o4at71010
10 1997-12-29 12:48:13 1998-01-29 04:13:09 30 days 15:24:56 28 28 x 1260 s
o4at72010, o4at73010, o4at74010, o4at75010, o4at76010, o4at77010, o4at78010, o4at79010, o4at80010, o4at81010, o4at82010, o4at83010, o4at84010, o4at85010, o4at86010, o4at87010, o4at88010, o4at89010, o4at90010, o4at91010, o4at92010, o4at93010, o4at94010, o4at95010, o4at96010, o4at97010, o4at98010, o4at99010
11 1998-01-29 04:13:09 1998-02-23 09:22:36 25 days 05:09:27 8 7 x 1350 s
1 x 1000 s
o4o101a2q, o4o102drq, o4o103ljq, o4o104peq, o4o105t1q, o4o106zcq, o4o107010, o4o108a6q
12 1998-02-23 09:22:36 1998-03-23 18:59:27 28 days 09:36:51 29 25 x 1350 s
4 x 1000 s
o4o109l7q, o4o110pgq, o4o111v3q, o4o112bwq, o4o113frq, o4o114010, o4o115afq, o4o116idq, o4o117sfq, o4o118ygq, o4o119frq, o4o120neq, o4o121010, o4o122anq, o4o123itq, o4o124shq, o4o125brq, o4o126guq, o4o127nlq, o4o128010, o4o129apq, o4o130iuq, o4o131qzq, o4o132vtq, o4o133giq, o4o134k9q, o4o135010, o4o136baq, o4o137dhq
13 1998-03-23 18:59:27 1998-04-22 13:02:56 29 days 18:03:29 26 22 x 1350 s
4 x 1000 s
o4o138lcq, o4o139wlq, o4o141icq, o4o142010, o4o143a2q, o4o144gsq, o4o145q1q, o4o146y0q, o4o147ejq, o4o148prq, o4o149010, o4o150a2q, o4o151leq, o4o152vhq, o4o153zbq, o4o154d7q, o4o155idq, o4o156010, o4o157diq, o4o160o4q, o4o161p5q, o4o162xcq, o4o163010, o4o164aqq, o4o165gbq, o4o166k3q
14 1998-04-22 13:02:56 1998-05-19 17:17:02 27 days 04:14:06 26 22 x 1350 s
4 x 1000 s
o4o167r8q, o4o168bbq, o4o169f2q, o4o170010, o4o171dcq, o4o172h6q, o4o173pds, o4o174soq, o4o175bfq, o4o176fpq, o4o177010, o4o178bmq, o4o179ecq, o4o180q9q, o4o181vrq, o4o182cuq, o4o183ioq, o4o184010, o4o185cuq, o4o186lmq, o4o187s8q, o4o188woq, o4o189b6q, o4o190gxq, o4o191010, o4o192a7q
15 1998-05-19 17:17:02 1998-06-16 05:06:44 27 days 11:49:42 28 25 x 1350 s
3 x 1000 s
o4o193tuq, o4o194u0q, o4o195b3q, o4o196i6q, o4o197wfq, o4o198010, o4o199a2q, o4o10akpq, o4o10brrq, o4o10cvgq, o4o10dyrq, o4o10ee1q, o4o10gadq, o4o10hidq, o4o10iofq, o4o10jvsq, o4o10kaeq, o4o10lfmq, o4o10m010, o4o10na4q, o4o10oecq, o4o10pleq, o4o10qquq, o4o10rw7q, o4o10sdqq, o4o10t010, o4o10ucdq, o4o10vo9q
16 1998-06-16 05:06:44 1998-08-10 21:24:56 55 days 16:18:12 98 10 x 1350 s
2 x 1000 s
86 x 1200 s
o4o10wulq, o4o10xcbq, o4o10yhhq, o4o10zuyq, o4o11a010, o4o11ba5q, o4o11cfjq, o4o11dkgq, o4o11ewpq, o4o11fe3q, o4o11grhq, o4o11h010, o4wi01dkq, o4wi02f3q, o4wi03m2q, o4wi04m7q, o4wi05pjq, o4wi06poq, o4wi07yuq, o4wi08zeq, o4wi09eyq, o4wi0ai0q, o4wi0bseq, o4wi0cspq, o4wi0df5q, o4wi0efaq, o4wi0fa2q, o4wi0ga7q, o4wi0hf0q, o4wi0ifiq, o4wi0jkiq, o4wi0kl0q, o4wi0lsfq, o4wi0mspq, o4wi0nx7q, o4wi0oxcq, o4wi0pc7q, o4wi0qccq, o4wi0rhpq, o4wi0shuq, o4wi0tdtq, o4wi0ue9q, o4wi0vj8q, o4wi0wjdq, o4wi0xw3q, o4wi0ya3q, o4wi0zgoq, o4wi11h6q, o4wi12j8q, o4wi13jdq, o4wi14sfq, o4wi15snq, o4wi16ztq, o4wi17zyq, o4wi18d4q, o4wi19dbq, o4wi1aftq, o4wi1bg9q, o4wi1cn1q, o4wi1dn6q, o4wi1evrq, o4wi1fvwq, o4wi1gexq, o4wi1hfdq, o4wi1im7q, o4wi1jn6q, o4wi1kr5q, o4wi1lrqq, o4wi1mb8q, o4wi1nc5q, o4wi1oj7q, o4wi1pjsq, o4wi1qp9q, o4wi1rq8q, o4wi1sydq, o4wi1tyiq, o4wi1ujpq, o4wi1vk7q, o4wi1wxkq, o4wi1xy8q, o4wi1yf9q, o4wi1zg2q, o4wi21a2q, o4wi22a7q, o4wi23lpq, o4wi24m0q, o4wi25x3q, o4wi26x9q, o4wi27idq, o4wi28iqq, o4wi29orq, o4wi2ap9q, o4wi2byyq, o4wi2cz6q, o4wi2dgbq, o4wi2egsq, o4wi2fb5q, o4wi2gbmq
17 1998-08-10 21:24:56 1998-09-08 14:36:29 28 days 17:11:33 56 56 x 1200 s
o4wi2hjzq, o4wi2ik4q, o4wi2jrwq, o4wi2ksbq, o4wi2lakq, o4wi2mboq, o4wi2nm1q, o4wi2om6q, o4wi2ptbq, o4wi2qtgq, o4wi2rbbq, o4wi2sbgq, o4wi2ta8q, o4wi2uamq, o4wi2vsjq, o4wi2wsoq, o4wi2zirq, o4wi31iwq, o4wi32q1q, o4wi33qiq, o4wi34vgq, o4wi35vrq, o4wi36bxq, o4wi37c6q, o4wi38a2q, o4wi39a7q, o4wi3agsq, o4wi3bhlq, o4wi3coeq, o4wi3dpbq, o4wi3et9q, o4wi3ftoq, o4wi3gazq, o4wi3hbgq, o4wi3iohq, o4wi3jpeq, o4wi3kaaq, o4wi3lb9q, o4wi3ma2q, o4wi3ndtq, o4wi3olgq, o4wi3plmq, o4wi3qrqq, o4wi3rrwq, o4wi3scoq, o4wi3td1q, o4wi3ukmq, o4wi3vl6q, o4wi3wunq, o4wi3xusq, o4wi3yddq, o4wi3zdoq, o4wi42c3q, o4wi41e3q, o4wi44izq, o4wi43jwq
18 1998-09-08 14:36:29 1998-10-15 14:26:38 36 days 23:50:09 62 62 x 1200 s
o4wi45y2q, o4wi46yzq, o4wi47ihq, o4wi48inq, o4wi49sxq, o4wi4attq, o4wi4bxcq, o4wi4cxiq, o4wi4dgwq, o4wi4ehbq, o4wi4fa2q, o4wi4ga8q, o4wi4hgxq, o4wi4ih3q, o4wi4jnuq, o4wi4ko7q, o4wi4lwvq, o4wi4mxvq, o4wi4ne3q, o4wi4oeaq, o4wi4plsq, o4wi4qn2q, o4wi4rt0q, o4wi4st8q, o4wi4ta3q, o4wi4uavq, o4wi4vk4q, o4wi4wkwq, o4wi4xpzq, o4wi4yqbq, o4wi4zxnq, o4wi51y0q, o4wi52k4q, o4wi53kaq, o4wi54qwq, o4wi55rfq, o4wi56asq, o4wi57b3q, o4wi58a2q, o4wi5dtwq, o4wi5eu1q, o4wi5fu6q, o4wi5ma2q, o4wi5oj4q, o4wi5pjcq, o4wi5rsiq, o4wi5qtfq, o4wi5sw5q, o4wi5txcq, o4wi5uebq, o4wi5whcq, o4wi5xi3q, o4wi5yqiq, o4wi5zrlq, o4wi61azq, o4wi62bqq, o4wi63gpq, o4wi64h5q, o4wi65pcq, o4wi66pmq, o4wi67wiq, o4wi68xjq
19 1998-10-15 14:26:38 1998-11-02 06:15:58 17 days 15:49:20 36 36 x 1200 s
o4wi69dyq, o4wi6ae9q, o4wi6bioq, o4wi6cjoq, o4wi6dmuq, o4wi6en1q, o4wi6gadq, o4wi6fbaq, o4wi6ihnq, o4wi6hi5q, o4wi6kswq, o4wi6jteq, o4wi6myhq, o4wi6lynq, o4wi6ohfq, o4wi6nhlq, o4wi6qmqq, o4wi6pmzq, o4wi6sr3q, o4wi6rrbq, o4wi6ua2q, o4wi6ta7q, o4wi6we5q, o4wi6veeq, o4wi6yilq, o4wi6xitq, o4wi71rrq, o4wi6zs4q, o4wi73xmq, o4wi72xuq, o4wi75dpq, o4wi74e2q, o4wi77ikq, o4wi76iqq, o4wi78b2q, o4wi79baq
20 1998-11-02 06:15:58 1998-12-07 12:48:25 35 days 06:32:27 68 68 x 1200 s
o4wi7agxq, o4wi7bh5q, o4wi7cnyq, o4wi7doiq, o4wi7ew1q, o4wi7fwdq, o4wi7ge0q, o4wi7he8q, o4wi7ikqq, o4wi7jlwq, o4wi7kotq, o4wi7loyq, o4wi7na6q, o4wi7mafq, o4wi7pjnq, o4wi7okaq, o4wi7rb3q, o4wi7qb9q, o4wi7tmkq, o4wi7smuq, o4wi7vxmq, o4wi7udeq, o4wi7xm9q, o4wi7wmiq, o4wi7zwrq, o4wi7yx2q, o4wi81a2q, o4wi82abq, o4wi83mmq, o4wi84msq, o4wi85v1q, o4wi86vbq, o4wi87cjq, o4wi88cpq, o4wi89m6q, o4wi8amcq, o4wi8bwbq, o4wi8cyeq, o4wi8dflq, o4wi8efrq, o4wi8ga2q, o4wi8fabq, o4wi8iqmq, o4wi8hqsq, o4wi8kf6q, o4wi8jfcq, o4wi8lsnq, o4wi8mswq, o4wi8oddq, o4wi8ndjq, o4wi8qo9q, o4wi8pofq, o4wi8sxaq, o4wi8rxgq, o4wi8ta2q, o4wi8uanq, o4wi8vkdq, o4wi8wkmq, o4wi8xwfq, o4wi8ywkq, o4wi8zh0q, o4wi91hlq, o4wi92req, o4wi93rkq, o4wi94ccq, o4wi95d3q, o4wi96kyq, o4wi97l6q
21 1998-12-07 12:48:25 1999-01-15 17:15:51 39 days 04:27:26 77 77 x 1200 s
o4wi9ajdq, o4wi9bjjq, o4wi9cpxq, o4wi9dq9q, o4wi9eg5q, o4wi9ficq, o4wi9gn1q, o4wi9hnvq, o4wi9ix4q, o4wi9jxcq, o4wi9km7q, o4wi9lp2q, o4wi9ma2q, o4wi9na7q, o4wi9okhq, o4wi9pm7q, o4wi9qugq, o4wi9rulq, o4wi9sexq, o4wi9tg2q, o4wi9utyq, o4wi9vu3q, o4wi9wexq, o4wi9xfkq, o4wi9yqwq, o4wi9zrmq, o4wia2a2q, o4wia1a7q, o4wia4l6q, o4wia3lcq, o4wia6wiq, o4wia5xbq, o4wia8hjq, o4wia7iuq, o4wiaardq, o4wia9riq, o4wiachhq, o4wiaejkq, o4wiadjwq, o4wiafctq, o4wiagcyq, o4wiahs7q, o4wiaivfq, o4wiajx9q, o4wiakxfq, o4wiallfq, o4wiamlkq, o4wianv4q, o4wiaovcq, o4wiapbmq, o4wiaqgrq, o4wiarqdq, o4wiasqiq, o4wiata2q, o4wiaucmq, o4wiavmwq, o4wiawn2q, o4wiaxauq, o4wiayb0q, o4wiazjmq, o4wib1jrq, o4wib2tjq, o4wib3uuq, o4wib4h1q, o4wib5h6q, o4wib6syq, o4wib7t3q, o4wib8a2q, o4wib9a7q, o4wibacbq, o4wibbcgq, o4wibcelq, o4wibdeqq, o4wibeg7q, o4wibfgoq, o4wibgjdq, o4wibhjiq
22 1999-01-15 17:15:51 1999-02-15 08:50:32 30 days 15:34:41 62 62 x 1200 s
o4wibilkq, o4wibjlpq, o4wibkn6q, o4wiblnbq, o4wibma2q, o4wibna7q, o4wibociq, o4wibpcnq, o4wibqe0q, o4wibre5q, o4wibsgwq, o4wibth1q, o4wibuj8q, o4wibvjdq, o4wibwkvq, o4wibxl0q, o4wibynuq, o4wibzorq, o4wic2a2q, o4wic1a7q, o4wic3dtq, o4wic4dyq, o4wic5h2q, o4wic6h7q, o4wic7jtq, o4wic8jyq, o4wic9lsq, o4wicalxq, o4wicbolq, o4wiccoqq, o4wicds1q, o4wices6q, o4wicfa2q, o4wicga7q, o4wichc8q, o4wicicqq, o4wicjf5q, o4wickfaq, o4wiclhxq, o4wicmi2q, o4wicnlfq, o4wicolkq, o4wicpozq, o4wicqp4q, o4wicrsbq, o4wicssgq, o4wicta2q, o4wicua7q, o4wicvd1q, o4wicwdmq, o4wicxfuq, o4wicyg9q, o4wiczieq, o4wid1ijq, o4wid2lxq, o4wid3mlq, o4wid4oiq, o4wid5onq, o4wid6qlq, o4wid7qqq, o4wid8a2q, o4wid9a7q
23 1999-02-15 08:50:32 1999-03-11 15:03:36 24 days 06:13:04 46 46 x 1200 s
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24 1999-03-11 15:03:36 1999-04-08 08:19:48 27 days 17:16:12 34 13 x 1200 s
21 x 960 s
o4wienmnq, o4wieomsq, o4wiepocq, o4wieqohq, o4wiersvq, o4wiest0q, o4wietadq, o4wieuaiq, o4wiewd7q, o4wievdcq, o4wieyeuq, o4wiexezq, o4wiezh7q, o5gj01a2q, o5gj02a8q, o5gj03cuq, o5gj04drq, o5gj05ewq, o5gj06fzq, o5gj07h2q, o5gj08hjq, o5gj09jgq, o5gj0ajrq, o5gj0bm4q, o5gj0cmaq, o5gj0dpkq, o5gj0eq2q, o5gj0fa2q, o5gj0ga8q, o5gj0hciq, o5gj0icoq, o5gj0jeoq, o5gj0keuq, o5gj0lh3q
25 1999-04-08 08:19:48 1999-05-03 10:24:38 25 days 02:04:50 51 51 x 960 s
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26 1999-05-03 10:24:38 1999-06-12 14:50:21 40 days 04:25:43 76 76 x 960 s
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27 1999-06-12 14:50:21 1999-06-28 07:26:53 15 days 16:36:32 32 30 x 960 s
2 x 1100 s
o5gj4es4q, o5gj4fsaq, o5gj4ga2q, o5gj4ha8q, o5gj4ictq, o5gj4jczq, o5gj4kfaq, o5gj4lfgq, o5gj4mizq, o5gj4nj5q, o5gj4olfq, o5gj4pllq, o5gj4qnlq, o5gj4rnrq, o5gj4sptq, o5gj4tpzq, o5gj4ua2q, o5gj4va8q, o5gj4wcbq, o5gj4xcrq, o5gj4yepq, o5gj4zevq, o5gj51gbq, o5gj52ghq, o5gj53i1q, o5gj54i7q, o5gj55ktq, o5gj56lqq, o5gj57nxq, o5gj58o3q, o5i901arq, o5i902avq
28 1999-06-28 07:26:53 1999-07-27 16:32:44 29 days 09:05:51 52 52 x 1100 s
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29 1999-07-27 16:32:44 1999-08-23 02:46:18 26 days 10:13:34 52 52 x 1100 s
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30 1999-08-23 02:46:18 1999-09-24 22:35:02 32 days 19:48:44 65 65 x 1100 s
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31 1999-09-24 22:35:02 1999-10-23 21:07:48 28 days 22:32:46 58 58 x 1100 s
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32 1999-10-23 21:07:48 2000-01-10 05:57:29 78 days 08:49:41 42 42 x 1100 s
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33 2000-01-10 05:57:29 2000-02-11 15:03:25 32 days 09:05:56 67 67 x 1100 s
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34 2000-02-11 15:03:25 2000-03-08 01:43:21 25 days 10:39:56 49 49 x 1100 s
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35 2000-03-08 01:43:21 2000-04-05 17:26:46 28 days 15:43:25 56 56 x 1100 s
o5ia29hnq, o5ia2ahrq, o5ia2bl3q, o5ia2clgq, o5ia2dnkq, o5ia2enoq, o5ia2fx2q, o5ia2gx6q, o5ia2hywq, o5ia2izjq, o5ia2ja1q, o5ia2kbgq, o5ia2leoq, o5ia2mesq, o5ia2ngjq, o5ia2ohfq, o5ia2pksq, o5ia2qkwq, o5ia2rnlq, o5ia2snpq, o5ia2tq9q, o5ia2uqsq, o5ia2vttq, o5ia2wtxq, o5ia2xbfq, o5ia2ybjq, o5ia31u6q, o5ia32veq, o5ia33xfq, o5ia34ykq, o5ia35amq, o5ia36aqq, o5ia37e8q, o5ia38ehq, o5ia39hrq, o5ia3ahvq, o5ia3bbjq, o5ia3cbwq, o5ia3dfaq, o5ia3efeq, o5ia3fhrq, o5ia3ghvq, o5ia3iq8q, o5ia3hriq, o5ia3ktgq, o5ia3juuq, o5ia3lxfq, o5ia3mxjq, o5ia3nbqq, o5ia3oc2q, o5ia3parq, o5ia3qcbq, o5ia3rgqq, o5ia3sheq, o5ia3tjpq, o5ia3uksq
36 2000-04-05 17:26:46 2000-05-05 05:55:49 29 days 12:29:03 58 58 x 1100 s
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37 2000-05-05 05:55:49 2000-05-31 11:20:11 26 days 05:24:22 53 53 x 1100 s
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38 2000-05-31 11:20:11 2000-06-27 06:23:01 26 days 19:02:50 52 52 x 1100 s
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39 2000-06-27 06:23:01 2000-07-28 03:59:13 30 days 21:36:12 64 64 x 1100 s
o5ia8ffjq, o5ia8gfnq, o5ia8hilq, o5ia8iipq, o5ia8klmq, o5ia8jluq, o5ia8mnvq, o5ia8lnzq, o5ia8otnq, o5ia8ntrq, o5ia8qwfq, o5ia8pxuq, o5ia8sbyq, o5ia8rcaq, o5ia8tekq, o5ia8ufpq, o5ia8vi8q, o5ia8wjrq, o5ia8xmoq, o5ia8ymxq, o5ia8zofq, o5ia90ojq, o5ia91rkq, o5ia92ros, o5ia93w6q, o5ia94waq, o5ia95b7q, o5ia96byq, o5ia97edq, o5ia98ehq, o5ia99j5q, o5ia9ak0q, o5ia9bloq, o5ia9cokq, o5ia9eu4q, o5ia9dukq, o5ia9fvyq, o5ia9gw2q, o5ia9ib5q, o5ia9hdrq, o5ia9jawq, o5ia9kb0q, o5ia9leeq, o5ia9meiq, o5ia9niaq, o5ia9oirq, o5ia9pmuq, o5ia9qn5q, o5ia9rqwq, o5ia9sr0q, o5ia9tu0q, o5ia9uu4q, o5ia9vz0q, o5ia9wzkq, o5ia9xarq, o5ia9yavq, o5ia9zdvq, o5iaa0dzq, o5iaa1hqq, o5iaa2huq, o5iaa3jcq, o5iaa4jqq, o5iaa5ndq, o5iaa6nhq
40 2000-07-28 03:59:13 2000-08-26 15:51:46 29 days 11:52:33 55 55 x 1100 s
o5iaa7qfs, o5iaa8tpq, o5iaa9xuq, o5iaaaxyq, o5iaacajq, o5iaabd8q, o5iaadg9q, o5iaaehjq, o5iaafjgq, o5iaagjoq, o5iaahnmq, o5iaainqq, o5iaaju8q, o5iaakucq, o5iaalwhq, o5iaamwlq, o5iaaparq, o5iaaqavq, o5iaarh4q, o5iaash8q, o5iaatl5q, o5iaaumjq, o5iaavobq, o5iaawofq, o5iaaxtrq, o5iaaytvq, o5iaazx0q, o5iab0x4q, o5iab1zdq, o5iab2zzq, o5iab3bxq, o5iab4cpq, o5iab5g5q, o5iab6g9q, o5iab7jpq, o5iab8lnq, o5iab9p4q, o5iabaqlq, o5iabbt2q, o5iabct6q, o5iabdx7q, o5iabexeq, o5iabfziq, o5iabgaqq, o5iabhcdq, o5iabicmq, o5iabjgdq, o5iabkghq, o5iabli5q, o5iabmn6q, o5iabnppq, o5iaboptq, o5iabqveq, o5iabpw3q, o5iabsx6q
41 2000-08-26 15:51:46 2000-09-22 23:35:09 27 days 07:43:23 55 55 x 1100 s
o5iabra8q, o5iabtbsq, o5iabubwq, o69d01a1q, o5iabvidq, o69d02kqq, o69d03l4q, o69d05o7q, o69d04obq, o69d06sxq, o69d07t1q, o69d09x5q, o69d08y7q, o69d0aa7q, o69d0babq, o69d0demq, o69d0ceqq, o69d0ea1q, o69d0fapq, o69d0hexq, o69d0gg7q, o69d0ihsq, o69d0ji1q, o69d0llkq, o69d0klyq, o69d0mroq, o69d0nrsq, o69d0pv3q, o69d0ovcq, o69d0qz1q, o69d0ra5q, o69d0sa1q, o69d0tadq, o69d0vdwq, o69d0ue0q, o69d0wi0q, o69d0xieq, o69d0zkxq, o69d0yl9q, o69d10o8q, o69d11p3q, o69d13tvq, o69d12uhq, o69d14wjq, o69d15wnq, o69d16abq, o69d17anq, o69d19edq, o69d18euq, o69d1ai3q, o69d1bizq, o69d1dnaq, o69d1cnpq, o69d1eqjq, o69d1frbq
42 2000-09-22 23:35:09 2000-10-20 15:56:16 27 days 16:21:07 56 56 x 1100 s
o69d1hu8q, o69d1gucq, o69d1iwyq, o69d1jx2q, o69d1kavq, o69d1lb6q, o69d1nduq, o69d1metq, o69d1oiaq, o69d1piuq, o69d1qp2q, o69d1rp6q, o69d1sugq, o69d1tv4q, o69d1uz1q, o69d1vaoq, o69d1wcfq, o69d1xeoq, o69d1yahq, o69d1zauq, o69d21dsq, o69d20fgq, o69d22goq, o69d23hlq, o69d25kdq, o69d24liq, o69d26nuq, o69d27nyq, o69d29qvq, o69d28qzq, o69d2bsmq, o69d2atbq, o69d2cbyq, o69d2dciq, o69d2ff0q, o69d2efjq, o69d2gk0q, o69d2hklq, o69d2jofq, o69d2iomq, o69d2kqxq, o69d2lrbq, o69d2nwtq, o69d2mx4q, o69d2oajq, o69d2panq, o69d2qa1q, o69d2radq, o69d2tc1q, o69d2scbq, o69d2uf2q, o69d2vf6q, o69d2xj7q, o69d2wjbq, o69d2yn1q, o69d2zncq
43 2000-10-20 15:56:16 2000-11-18 00:02:13 28 days 08:05:57 56 56 x 1100 s
o69d31qaq, o69d30qeq, o69d32uiq, o69d33uzq, o69d34a1q, o69d35a5q, o69d37eoq, o69d36esq, o69d38hoq, o69d39i5q, o69d3blaq, o69d3aloq, o69d3crtq, o69d3drxq, o69d3fzyq, o69d3eadq, o69d3ge6q, o69d3hetq, o69d3iaaq, o69d3jb2q, o69d3lfxq, o69d3kgeq, o69d3mkrq, o69d3nl8q, o69d3pnrq, o69d3oooq, o69d3rqzq, o69d3qsdq, o69d3swuq, o69d3tzfq, o69d3vbfq, o69d3uc9q, o69d3wa1q, o69d3xa5q, o69d3zdlq, o69d3ydpq, o69d40guq, o69d41gyq, o69d43j9q, o69d42joq, o69d44noq, o69d45otq, o69d47pvq, o69d46pzq, o69d48txq, o69d49v5q, o69d4aahq, o69d4bapq, o69d4df0q, o69d4cf7q, o69d4ehvq, o69d4fhzq, o69d4hktq, o69d4glmq, o69d4ionq, o69d4jplq
44 2000-11-18 00:02:13 2000-12-17 05:00:51 29 days 04:58:38 60 60 x 1100 s
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45 2000-12-17 05:00:51 2001-01-13 02:47:47 26 days 21:46:56 48 48 x 1100 s
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46 2001-01-13 02:47:47 2001-02-09 10:17:29 27 days 07:29:42 55 55 x 1100 s
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47 2001-02-09 10:17:29 2001-03-10 18:04:19 29 days 07:46:50 53 53 x 1100 s
o69d97mfq, o69d98mjq, o69d99npq, o69d9aptq, o69d9bqqq, o69d9cblq, o69d9dbtq, o69d9ecwq, o69d9fdjq, o69d9hg9q, o69d9gh0q, o69d9ijgq, o69d9jjuq, o69d9ln2q, o69d9kq3q, o69d9ns0q, o69d9ms4q, o69d9ozwq, o69d9pa8q, o69d9qa1q, o69d9racq, o69d9tfzq, o69d9sgbq, o69d9uhbq, o69d9vipq, o69d9xjxq, o69d9wmkq, o69d9yo5q, o69d9zohq, o69da1rzq, o69da0scq, o69da2v2q, o69da3veq, o69da4acq, o69da5bbq, o69da7ciq, o69da6d1q, o69da8gtq, o69da9h9q, o69b01jhq, o69b02jlq, o69b04ldq, o69b03llq, o69b05peq, o69b06psq, o69b08qsq, o69b07qwq, o69b0fd0q, o69b0gdzq, o69b0hetq, o69b0igyq, o69b0khuq, o69b0ji8q
48 2001-03-10 18:04:19 2001-04-06 22:06:12 27 days 04:01:53 54 54 x 1100 s
o69b0mlhq, o69b0lmbq, o69b0na1q, o69b0oavq, o69b0pdtq, o69b0qdxq, o69b0rh0q, o69b0sh7q, o69b0tjgq, o69b0ujks, o69b0vmwq, o69b0wo4q, o69b0xopq, o69b0yotq, o69b10rbq, o69b0zvmq, o69b11a1q, o69b12a8q, o69b14dkq, o69b13doq, o69b15h4q, o69b16h8q, o69b18ksq, o69b17mjq, o69b19o8q, o69b1aocq, o69b1crsq, o69b1brwq, o69b1duiq, o69b1eutq, o69b1fa1q, o69b1ga5q, o69b1icpq, o69b1hctq, o69b1jfeq, o69b1kfiq, o69b1mi3q, o69b1li7q, o69b1nk0q, o69b1ok4q, o69b1qnsq, o69b1pnwq, o69b1rqrq, o69b1sriq, o69b1ta7q, o69b1uadq, o69b1vfaq, o69b1wfeq, o69b1xinq, o69b1yj9q, o69b20mrq, o69b1znaq, o69b21pzq, o69b22rlq
49 2001-04-06 22:06:12 2001-04-30 10:39:05 23 days 12:32:53 46 46 x 1100 s
o69b23a8q, o69b24acq, o69b25c6q, o69b26dqq, o69b27bhq, o69b28blq, o69b29gdq, o69b2agtq, o69b2cknq, o69b2bl3q, o69b2dotq, o69b2eoxq, o69b2gpdq, o69b2fphq, o69b2hsrq, o69b2iszq, o69b2kxoq, o69b2jykq, o69b2la1q, o69b2ma5q, o69b2oevq, o69b2nfhq, o69b2pl2q, o69b2qlrq, o69b2sogq, o69b2roqq, o69b2triq, o69b2urmq, o69b2wujq, o69b2vusq, o69b2xysq, o69b2yz3q, o69b2za1q, o69b30a8q, o69b32csq, o69b31etq, o69b33g7q, o69b34gbq, o69b36j4q, o69b35j8q, o69b37luq, o69b38m5q, o69b3aouq, o69b39p1q, o69b3da5q, o69b3eaeq
50 2001-04-30 10:39:05 2001-07-10 23:54:11 71 days 13:15:06 32 32 x 1100 s
o69b3gedq, o69b3felq, o69b3hjkq, o69b3ijrq, o69b3kn3q, o69b3jnjq, o69b3lreq, o69b3mrrq, o69b3oueq, o69b3nunq, o69b3py8q, o69b3qycq, o69b3raxq, o69b3sb1q, o69b3ufdq, o69b3tfxq, o69b3vjzq, o69b3wk7q, o69b3yn2q, o69b3xnaq, o69b3zq2q, o69b40r2q, o69b42u3q, o69b41ucq, o69b43xrq, o69b44b1q, o69b45a9q, o69b46adq, o69b48fuq, o69b47fyq, o69b49jbq, o69b4ak5q
51 2001-07-10 23:54:11 2001-07-27 15:06:39 16 days 15:12:28 32 32 x 1100 s
o69b7fecq, o69b7gegq, o69b7hh7q, o69b7ihbq, o69b7jmhq, o69b7kmlq, o69b7lmpq, o69b7mmtq, o69b7ob4q, o69b7nbiq, o69b7pcfq, o69b7qcjq, o69b7sekq, o69b7revq, o69b7uihq, o69b7tirq, o69b7vjzq, o69b7wl5q, o69b7xn1q, o69b7yncq, o69b80r1q, o69b7zrfq, o69b81a1q, o69b82aaq, o69b84drq, o69b83e2q, o69b85h7q, o69b86hjq, o69b88l3q, o69b87lfq, o69b89p4q, o69b8apeq
52 2001-07-27 15:06:39 2001-08-20 10:57:50 23 days 19:51:11 48 48 x 1100 s
o69b8cruq, o69b8bsnq, o69b8du4q, o69b8eufq, o69b8fa1q, o69b8gabq, o69b8if2q, o69b8hf6q, o69b8jjyq, o69b8kk2q, o69b8mmwq, o69b8ln0q, o69b8nsyq, o69b8otxq, o69b8qvyq, o69b8pzwq, o69b8rauq, o69b8sayq, o69b8ta1q, o69b8ua8q, o69b8wh1q, o69b8vjlq, o69b8xmrq, o69b8ypcq, o69b90rlq, o69b8zrpq, o69b91xyq, o69b92yaq, o69b94f2q, o69b93f6q, o69b95ixq, o69b96j1q, o69b97abq, o69b98afq, o69b9adzq, o69b99e6q, o69b9bl0q, o69b9clnq, o69b9eovq, o69b9dozq, o69b9ftrq, o69b9gtvq, o69b9iw0q, o69b9hwuq, o69b9jyqq, o69b9kyuq, o69b9la1q, o69b9ma5q
53 2001-08-20 10:57:50 2001-09-21 11:14:45 32 days 00:16:55 64 64 x 1100 s
o69b9nfhq, o69b9ofrq, o69b9pfvq, o69b9qjqq, o69b9rkoq, o69b9sn4q, o69b9tq2q, o69b9uq6q, o69b9wrkq, o69b9vrtq, o69b9yxoq, o69b9xa1q, o69ba0ahq, o69b9zd9q, o69ba2dwq, o69ba1elq, o69ba3h4q, o69ba4i6q, o69ba6lcq, o69ba5qhq, o69ba7saq, o69ba8stq, o6hm08v9q, o6hm09vlq, o6hm0baqq, o6hm0ab3q, o6hm0ca1q, o6hm0da5q, o6hm0eflq, o6hm0ffpq, o6hm0gorq, o6hm0hovq, o6hm0jtiq, o6hm0iuaq, o6hm0kwqq, o6hm0lxlq, o6hm0nzlq, o6hm0mzpq, o6hm0peyq, o6hm0ofxq, o6hm0qa1q, o6hm0rafq, o6hm0sdjq, o6hm0tebq, o6hm0vhdq, o6hm0uhhq, o6hm0xkuq, o6hm0wl3q, o6hm0ys4q, o6hm0zsfq, o6hm10waq, o6hm11wwq, o6hm12a2q, o6hm13c9q, o6hm14a1q, o6hm15ahq, o6hm16ddq, o6hm17dhq, o6hm18hpq, o6hm19i4q, o6hm1am4q, o6hm1bmoq, o6hm1cnmq, o6hm1dnqq
54 2001-09-21 11:14:45 2001-10-18 21:53:18 27 days 10:38:33 54 54 x 1100 s
o6hm1ft5q, o6hm1et9q, o6hm1gtpq, o6hm1hwoq, o6hm1ia1q, o6hm1ja5q, o6hm1kf2q, o6hm1lhwq, o6hm1mjfq, o6hm1njjq, o6hm1pneq, o6hm1onxq, o6hm1qusq, o6hm1ruwq, o6hm1szgq, o6hm1tzkq, o6hm1ucaq, o6hm1vd5q, o6hm1wbyq, o6hm1xcmq, o6hm1yebq, o6hm1zefq, o6hm20ljq, o6hm21lnq, o6hm23qyq, o6hm22rcq, o6hm24w0q, o6hm25w4q, o6hm27cuq, o6hm26cyq, o6hm29gwq, o6hm28ilq, o6hm2abaq, o6hm2bc0q, o6hm2cd8q, o6hm2dduq, o6hm2ei7q, o6hm2fjcq, o6hm2hl5q, o6hm2glcq, o6hm2iomq, o6hm2jrcq, o6hm2kuiq, o6hm2lusq, o6hm2mzuq, o6hm2na7q, o6hm2oa1q, o6hm2pacs, o6hm2qf9q, o6hm2rjzq, o6hm2skbq, o6hm2tkxq, o6hm2upbq, o6hm2vq2q
55 2001-10-18 21:53:18 2001-11-18 06:46:17 30 days 08:52:59 62 62 x 1100 s
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56 2001-11-18 06:46:17 2001-12-14 16:56:41 26 days 10:10:24 50 50 x 1100 s
o6hm4pbqq, o6hm4ochq, o6hm4qkrq, o6hm4rkvq, o6hm4todq, o6hm4sohq, o6hm4mppq, o6hm4nsjq, o6hm4ut3q, o6hm4vt7q, o6hm4wwjq, o6hm4xx4q, o6hm4yzpq, o6hm4zztq, o6hm50a1q, o6hm51a5q, o6hm53frq, o6hm52iwq, o6hm54klq, o6hm55kpq, o6hm57o2q, o6hm56o6q, o6hm5bblq, o6hm5abpq, o6hm5ceyq, o6hm5df7q, o6hm5eaqq, o6hm5fltq, o6hm5gnnq, o6hm5hnrq, o6hm5it7q, o6hm5jubq, o6hm5ly5q, o6hm5kzuq, o6hm5mb2q, o6hm5nc8q, o6hm5pg2q, o6hm5og6q, o6hm5qlgq, o6hm5rmrq, o6hm5sazq, o6hm5tmqq, o6hm5urfq, o6hm5vrjq, o6hm5wudq, o6hm5xv9q, o6hm5zxuq, o6hm5yxyq, o6hm60d2q, o6hm61dlq
57 2001-12-14 16:56:41 2002-01-08 16:03:21 24 days 23:06:40 50 50 x 1100 s
o6hm63g0q, o6hm62g4q, o6hm64igq, o6hm65ikq, o6hm66a1q, o6hm67a5q, o6hm69eoq, o6hm68f1q, o6hm6ai0q, o6hm6bi4q, o6hm6cogq, o6hm6dq9q, o6hm6eqoq, o6hm6frbq, o6hm6gtyq, o6hm6hu2q, o6hm6ixoq, o6hm6jy1q, o6hm6ka1q, o6hm6lahq, o6hm6nfgq, o6hm6mhvq, o6hm6ohzq, o6hm6pi6q, o6hm6rlaq, o6hm6qlqq, o6hm6spuq, o6hm6tpyq, o6hm6vrzq, o6hm6utqq, o6hm6xuuq, o6hm6wx7q, o6hm6ya1q, o6hm6zacq, o6hm71d2q, o6hm70dvq, o6hm72gzq, o6hm73hfq, o6hm75koq, o6hm74ksq, o6hm76oeq, o6hm77oxq, o6hm78quq, o6hm79qyq, o6hm7avbq, o6hm7bvfq, o6hm7cadq, o6hm7datq, o6hm7fe7q, o6hm7eebq
58 2002-01-08 16:03:21 2002-02-04 01:13:39 26 days 09:10:18 52 52 x 1100 s
o6hm7ghqq, o6hm7hhuq, o6hm7jk1q, o6hm7ik5q, o6hm7kovq, o6hm7lozq, o6hm7mq8q, o6hm7nr7q, o6hm7otkq, o6hm7ptoq, o6hm7qa1s, o6hm7ra5s, o6hm7tcnq, o6hm7sekq, o6hm7ugiq, o6hm7vgmq, o6hm7xkeq, o6hm7wm0q, o6hm7yncq, o6hm7zo4q, o6hm81rgq, o6hm80rkq, o6hm82xsq, o6hm83yhq, o6hm84a1q, o6hm85b1q, o6hm86geq, o6hm87j3q, o6hm88kqq, o6hm89lfq, o6hm8bn2q, o6hm8an6q, o6hm8dqrq, o6hm8csjq, o6hm8et0q, o6hm8ftsq, o6hm8hdcq, o6hm8gesq, o6hm8iaoq, o6hm8jasq, o6hm8lf6q, o6hm8kfaq, o6hm8mhvq, o6hm8niaq, o6hm8ploq, o6hm8olsq, o6hm8qolq, o6hm8rs3q, o6hm8stpq, o6hm8tvhq, o6hm8uxdq, o6hm8vy9q
59 2002-02-04 01:13:39 2002-03-18 19:14:27 42 days 18:00:48 52 52 x 1100 s
o6hm8ybeq, o6hm8zc8q, o6hm8wccq, o6hm90g0q, o6hm91h1q, o6hm93hfq, o6hm92hjq, o6hm8xj3q, o6hm95koq, o6hm94liq, o6hm97q3q, o6hm96snq, o6hm99t4q, o6hm98t8q, o6hm9ac2q, o6hm9bciq, o6hm9dcmq, o6hm9cfdq, o6hm9ghiq, o6hm9fj7q, o6hm9ek6q, o6hm9hlhq, o6hm9iodq, o6hm9jp9q, o6hm9kt0q, o6hm9ltgq, o6hm9nxcq, o6hm9mxsq, o6hm9oadq, o6hm9pboq, o6hm9qfbq, o6hm9rg9q, o6hm9skmq, o6hm9tkqq, o6hm9vnnq, o6hm9unwq, o6hm9xrfq, o6hm9wsxq, o6hm9yw9q, o6hm9zxkq, o6hma1acq, o6hma0b6q, o6hma2a1q, o6hma3avq, o6hma4ehq, o6hma5fkq, o6hma6kwq, o6hma7lcq, o6hma9mvq, o6hma8n3q, o6hl02pkq, o6hl01r7q
60 2002-03-18 19:14:27 2002-04-17 06:27:24 29 days 11:12:57 34 34 x 1100 s
o6hl1ra1q, o6hl1sa7q, o6hl1ugxq, o6hl1th5q, o6hl1vjxq, o6hl1wk2q, o6hl1yo8q, o6hl1xodq, o6hl1zrlq, o6hl20rrq, o6hl22ijq, o6hl21irq, o6hl23mqq, o6hl24muq, o6hl25ahq, o6hl26ecq, o6hl28hkq, o6hl27hvq, o6hl29qdq, o6hl2aqhq, o6hl2cwcq, o6hl2bwrq, o6hl2db7q, o6hl2ebbq, o6hl2fh9q, o6hl2ghfq, o6hl2hokq, o6hl2iosq, o6hl2ja1q, o6hl2ka8q, o6hl2mhjq, o6hl2lhpq, o6hl2nmjq, o6hl2omuq
61 2002-04-17 06:27:24 2002-05-15 17:57:53 28 days 11:30:29 56 56 x 1100 s
o6hl2qrbq, o6hl2pubq, o6hl2svgq, o6hl2rx7q, o6hl2tkiq, o6hl2ukuq, o6hl2wftq, o6hl2vhoq, o6hl2yezq, o6hl2xoyq, o6hl2zv8q, o6hl30xdq, o6hl31myq, o6hl32pfq, o6hl34j2q, o6hl33kmq, o6hl36a8q, o6hl35cnq, o6hl38mzq, o6hl37o4q, o6hl39a8q, o6hl3aafq, o6hl3ba8q, o6hl3caeq, o6hl3dhvq, o6hl3ejnq, o6hl3fviq, o6hl3gvmq, o6hl3ib9q, o6hl3hboq, o6hl3jnkq, o6hl3knxq, o6hl3la2q, o6hl3ma7q, o6hl3nkyq, o6hl3oldq, o6hl3pa4q, o6hl3qalq, o6hl3sedq, o6hl3rf5q, o6hl3tmtq, o6hl3umzq, o6hl3ws5q, o6hl3vsxq, o6hl3xxfq, o6hl3yy8q, o6hl40aoq, o6hl3zasq, o6hl41fnq, o6hl42gxq, o6hl43a1q, o6hl44b2q, o6hl46nfq, o6hl45nwq, o6hl47vtq, o6hl48yeq
62 2002-05-15 17:57:53 2002-06-10 10:57:19 25 days 16:59:26 52 52 x 1100 s
o6hl49knq, o6hl4akrq, o6hl4cmuq, o6hl4bmzq, o6hl4ezbq, o6hl4db1q, o6hl4gf8q, o6hl4ffwq, o6hl4hb6q, o6hl4idfq, o6hl4kmpq, o6hl4jncq, o6hl4lb5q, o6hl4md4q, o6hl4oenq, o6hl4nezq, o6hl4po4q, o6hl4qohq, o6hl4sanq, o6hl4rb6q, o6hl4tjxq, o6hl4ukbq, o6hl4vbfq, o6hl4wejq, o6hl4yryq, o6hl4xynq, o6hl4zdkq, o6hl50fnq, o6hl52lqq, o6hl51nmq, o6hl53xeq, o6hl54zcq, o6hl56lqq, o6hl55lwq, o6hl58b7q, o6hl57dkq, o6hl59a3q, o6hl5aamq, o6hl5cqhq, o6hl5bquq, o6hl5ezfq, o6hl5darq, o6hl5gjqq, o6hl5fkoq, o6hl5hwzq, o6hl5izgq, o6hl5kmfq, o6hl5jprq, o6hl5lstq, o6hl5msxq, o6hl5oa3q, o6hl5nbpq
63 2002-06-10 10:57:19 2002-07-08 11:28:33 28 days 00:31:14 56 56 x 1100 s
o6hl5qvyq, o6hl5pw2q, o6hl5rhtq, o6hl5shxq, o6hl5ti8q, o6hl5ujgq, o6hl5vsfq, o6hl5wvjq, o6hl5xpdq, o6hl5ypoq, o6hl5zteq, o6hl60uaq, o6hl62a1q, o6hl61hvq, o6hl63mjq, o6hl64qnq, o6hl66z2q, o6hl65czq, o6hl67k3q, o6hl68liq, o6hl6ar5q, o6hl69r9q, o6hl6bdwq, o6hl6cfiq, o6hl6eofq, o6hl6dtgq, o6hl6ffeq, o6hl6gfxq, o6hl6irrq, o6hl6hrwq, o6hl6jeoq, o6hl6kfdq, o6hl6mygq, o6hl6lylq, o6hl6odcq, o6hl6ndpq, o6hl6qmxq, o6hl6ppsq, o6hl6stjq, o6hl6rurs, o6hl6ta4q, o6hl6uagq, o6hl6wroq, o6hl6vrwq, o6hl6xkrq, o6hl6yr8q, o6hl6za3q, o6hl70b4q, o6hl72qsq, o6hl71x2q, o6hl73b8q, o6hl74bcq, o6hl76miq, o6hl75toq, o6hl78a1q, o6hl77bdq
64 2002-07-08 11:28:33 2002-08-08 03:06:58 30 days 15:38:25 60 60 x 1100 s
o6hl7am0q, o6hl79miq, o6hl7bruq, o6hl7cryq, o6hl7etkq, o6hl7dyrq, o6hl7fdfq, o6hl7gdjq, o6hl7hj8q, o6hl7ijcq, o6hl7kqaq, o6hl7jrlq, o6hl7la1q, o6hl7maaq, o6hl7njlq, o6hl7ol0q, o6hl7pwcq, o6hl7qwiq, o6hl7sawq, o6hl7rg8q, o6hl7tj5q, o6hl7ul5q, o6hl7worq, o6hl7vpkq, o6hl7xzbq, o6hl7yaoq, o6hl7zb6q, o6hl80buq, o6hl81nnq, o6hl82nuq, o6hl83ptq, o6hl84q1q, o6hl86wcq, o6hl85zqq, o6hl87c0q, o6hl88c4q, o6hl89qkq, o6hl8ar8q, o6hl8cqyq, o6hl8brmq, o6hl8ecbq, o6hl8ddyq, o6hl8fnfq, o6hl8gq7q, o6hl8ixpq, o6hl8hbdq, o6hl8jd2q, o6hl8kf6q, o6hl8mlhq, o6hl8lnlq, o6hl8ou2q, o6hl8nuuq, o6hl8pd8q, o6hl8qdxq, o6hl8sa1q, o6hl8rejq, o6hl8ul1q, o6hl8tl5q, o6hl8vs7q, o6hl8wv0q
65 2002-08-08 03:06:58 2002-09-05 05:37:40 28 days 02:30:42 58 58 x 1100 s
o6hl8yatq, o6hl8xb0q, o6hl8zchq, o6hl90clq, o6hl91hnq, o6hl92hyq, o6hl93qvq, o6hl94r4q, o6hl96bsq, o6hl95gwq, o6hl97qkq, o6hl98rpq, o6hl9as3q, o6hl99sxq, o6hl9cbtq, o6hl9bc7q, o6hl9dltq, o6hl9emfq, o6hl9gpmq, o6hl9fu5q, o6hl9iv3q, o6hl9hbjq, o6hl9jboq, o6hl9kefq, o6hl9mq7q, o6hl9lqnq, o6hl9nt1q, o6hl9ot9q, o6hl9qzvq, o6hl9pa4q, o6hl9rhjq, o6hl9sk6q, o6hl9tneq, o6hl9unoq, o6hl9vutq, o6hl9wv7q, o6hl9xaaq, o6hl9yayq, o6hla0kxq, o6hl9zlrq, o6hla1pzq, o6hla2qoq, o6hla4yjq, o6hla3yvq, o6hla5diq, o6hla6dtq, o6hla7lbq, o6hla8mtq, o8ih01rxq, o8ih02s4q, o8ih03a1q, o8ih04ajq, o8ih06kgq, o8ih05knq, o8ih07yaq, o8ih08zhq, o8ih0acnq, o8ih09d4q
66 2002-09-05 05:37:40 2002-10-01 00:37:40 25 days 19:00:00 50 50 x 1100 s
o8ih0bp9q, o8ih0cpmq, o8ih0dtvq, o8ih0exaq, o8ih0fzfq, o8ih0gayq, o8ih0hacq, o8ih0ifbq, o8ih0kl4q, o8ih0jlfq, o8ih0lrtq, o8ih0mrzq, o8ih0oz3q, o8ih0nzmq, o8ih0pinq, o8ih0qlgq, o8ih0st3q, o8ih0rtbq, o8ih0tehq, o8ih0uewq, o8ih0velq, o8ih0wfaq, o8ih0yk1q, o8ih0xkpq, o8ih0zoxq, o8ih10poq, o8ih12b9q, o8ih11enq, o8ih14fuq, o8ih13g8q, o8ih15obq, o8ih16piq, o8ih18zsq, o8ih17a6q, o8ih19f3q, o8ih1afcq, o8ih1cmpq, o8ih1bmxq, o8ih1dv4q, o8ih1ew2q, o8ih1gdoq, o8ih1feuq, o8ih1hl1q, o8ih1ileq, o8ih1ks1q, o8ih1jteq, o8ih1lyjq, o8ih1myoq, o8ih1na1q, o8ih1oa5q
67 2002-10-01 00:37:40 2002-11-01 08:58:19 31 days 08:20:39 64 64 x 1100 s
o8ih1qohq, o8ih1polq, o8ih1rpjq, o8ih1sprq, o8ih1uxdq, o8ih1txzq, o8ih1vevq, o8ih1wf3q, o8ih1xkeq, o8ih1yklq, o8ih20plq, o8ih1zriq, o8ih21a1q, o8ih22bqq, o8ih24ihq, o8ih23ilq, o8ih25srq, o8ih26t1q, o8ih28y4q, o8ih27auq, o8ih29gwq, o8ih2ah9q, o8ih2cpxq, o8ih2bwlq, o8ih2dy1q, o8ih2eygq, o8ih2fa1q, o8ih2gaiq, o8ih2ijbq, o8ih2hjwq, o8ih2kphq, o8ih2jqrq, o8ih2mv1q, o8ih2lvhq, o8ih2navq, o8ih2ob5q, o8ih2pm5q, o8ih2qmdq, o8ih2rzrq, o8ih2sauq, o8ih2talq, o8ih2ub2q, o8ih2wlcq, o8ih2vljq, o8ih2xu8q, o8ih2yudq, o8ih30blq, o8ih2zc5q, o8ih31jvq, o8ih32k2q, o8ih34s8q, o8ih33u8q, o8ih35x6q, o8ih36xgq, o8ih37a1q, o8ih38a8q, o8ih3ak8q, o8ih39l7q, o8ih3cqaq, o8ih3bqlq, o8ih3dw7q, o8ih3ewhq, o8ih3gevq, o8ih3ff6q
68 2002-11-01 08:58:19 2002-11-28 19:22:12 27 days 10:23:53 53 53 x 1100 s
o8ih3hmpq, o8ih3imxq, o8ih3ku2q, o8ih3jugq, o8ih3lacq, o8ih3makq, o8ih3oo7q, o8ih3nq1q, o8ih3pavq, o8ih3qejq, o8ih3smfq, o8ih3ro9q, o8ih3taeq, o8ih3ub1q, o8ih3wjsq, o8ih3vjwq, o8ih3xtpq, o8ih3yvpq, o8ih3za1q, o8ih40aoq, o8ih42lcq, o8ih41nbq, o8ih43zbq, o8ih44zlq, o8ih46kaq, o8ih45kiq, o8ih47yfq, o8ih48afq, o8ih4anuq, o8ih49rjq, o8ih4bvvq, o8ih4cw3q, o8ih4ea3q, o8ih4dabq, o8ih4gjpq, o8ih4fkfq, o8ih4hqpq, o8ih4isgq, o8ih4ka1q, o8ih4ja8q, o8ih4mh5q, o8ih4lhdq, o8ih4nqxq, o8ih4or9q, o8ih4qynq, o8ih4sa1q, o8ih4rdlq, o8ih4tiwq, o8ih4ukcq, o8ih4wqnq, o8ih4vrbq, o8ih4yxiq, o8ih4xztq
69 2002-11-28 19:22:12 2002-12-10 05:43:04 11 days 10:20:52 18 18 x 1100 s
o8ih54emq, o8ih55a1q, o8ih56cqq, o8ih58jdq, o8ih57kjq, o8ih59ybq, o8ih5aywq, o8ih5bh4q, o8ih5ci9q, o8ih5drtq, o8ih5es6q, o8ih5gi7q, o8ih5fk4q, o8ih5huzq, o8ih5iwzq, o8ih5ja1q, o8ih5karq, o8ih5mijq
70 2002-12-10 05:43:04 2002-12-23 02:03:31 12 days 20:20:27 26 26 x 1100 s
o8ih5lazq, o8ih5nccq, o8ih5ocoq, o8ih5qnnq, o8ih5ppyq, o8ih5ry0q, o8ih5sbuq, o8ih5uguq, o8ih5tigq, o8ih5vr0q, o8ih5wrhq, o8ih5xbrq, o8ih5ybwq, o8ih60izq, o8ih5zjnq, o8ih61qcq, o8ih62quq, o8ih64z1q, o8ih63zrq, o8ih65kyq, o8ih66m3q, o8ih68twq, o8ih67v1q, o8ih69cxq, o8ih6adnq, o8ih6ca1q
71 2002-12-23 02:03:31 2003-01-20 10:18:32 28 days 08:15:01 57 57 x 1100 s
o8ih6bd5q, o8ih6dftq, o8ih6ehhq, o8ih6forq, o8ih6gowq, o8ih6hvlq, o8ih6iwzq, o8ih6jd8q, o8ih6kh5q, o8ih6lmtq, o8ih6mn0q, o8ih6nrkq, o8ih6orpq, o8ih6qa1q, o8ih6pezq, o8ih6slbq, o8ih6rllq, o8ih6tsbq, o8ih6usiq, o8ih6wanq, o8ih6vauq, o8ih6yhkq, o8ih6xiiq, o8ih6zpnq, o8ih70psq, o8ih72zeq, o8ih71zmq, o8ih73a1q, o8ih74agq, o8ih76kpq, o8ih75pdq, o8ih77vbq, o8ih78wtq, o8ih7aggq, o8ih79glq, o8ih7brzq, o8ih7csvq, o8ih7ecmq, o8ih7dd4q, o8ih7fmrq, o8ih7go9q, o8ih7hb8q, o8ih7ic2q, o8ih7ki4q, o8ih7jixq, o8ih7lqpq, o8ih7mrsq, o8ih7odgq, o8ih7nfaq, o8ih7pk9q, o8ih7qkiq, o8ih7sqvq, o8ih7rsjq, o8ih7tw4q, o8ih7uxeq, o8ih7va1q, o8ih7wbqq
72 2003-01-20 10:18:32 2003-02-20 17:54:48 31 days 07:36:16 60 60 x 1100 s
o8ih7yhfq, o8ih7xi4q, o8ih7zr7q, o8ih80rxq, o8ih82yyq, o8ih81znq, o8ih86cmq, o8ih85crq, o8ih88apq, o8ih87bzq, o8ih89hzq, o8ih8akxq, o8ih8cpbq, o8ih8bs0q, o8ih8dvxq, o8ih8ewkq, o8ih8gevq, o8ih8fezq, o8ih8hogq, o8ih8ivrq, o8ih8kvwq, o8ih8jyqq, o8ih8la1q, o8ih8mahq, o8ih8oegq, o8ih8nhbq, o8ih8ppaq, o8ih8qpeq, o8ih8sz5q, o8ih8rafq, o8ih8uiiq, o8ih8tjxq, o8ih8wp2q, o8ih8vx2q, o8ih8xy0q, o8ih8yblq, o8ih90gvq, o8ih8zh2q, o8ih91a3q, o8ih92b2q, o8ih94h5q, o8ih93hpq, o8ih95niq, o8ih96nmq, o8ih98z4q, o8ih97aeq, o8ih99fnq, o8ih9ah9q, o8ih9cktq, o8ih9bkxq, o8ih9dsbq, o8ih9esqq, o8ih9fbwq, o8ih9gcjq, o8ih9iloq, o8ih9hlxq, o8ih9jypq, o8ih9kb7q, o8ih9mfrq, o8ih9lgfq
73 2003-02-20 17:54:48 2003-03-17 07:55:23 24 days 14:00:35 50 50 x 1100 s
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74 2003-03-17 07:55:23 2003-04-22 14:59:28 36 days 07:04:05 67 67 x 1100 s
o8jl06jeq, o8jl05juq, o8jl07ovq, o8jl08pgq, o8jl0aw1q, o8jl09wjq, o8jl0bchq, o8jl0cdlq, o8jl0dkoq, o8jl0elwq, o8jl0gqjq, o8jl0froq, o8jl0ia1q, o8jl0hdrq, o8jl0jg6q, o8jl0kmaq, o8jl0lodq, o8jl0momq, o8jl0ouuq, o8jl0nxbq, o8jl0pdlq, o8jl0qh8q, o8jl0spbq, o8jl0rq4q, o8jl0uahq, o8jl0tg5q, o8jl0va1q, o8jl0wb3q, o8jl0yj9q, o8jl0xmaq, o8jl0ztaq, o8jl10tqq, o8jl12dyq, o8jl11j1q, o8jl13kvq, o8jl14l1q, o8jl15w7q, o8jl16yxq, o8jl17p8q, o8jl18qaq, o8jl19a1q, o8jl1ab6q, o8jl1cj0q, o8jl1bjzq, o8jl1dsuq, o8jl1etcq, o8jl1fd6q, o8jl1gfgq, o8jl1illq, o8jl1hmhq, o8jl1kwwq, o8jl1jy2q, o8jl1mh5q, o8jl1ljeq, o8jl1rd7q, o8jl1se0q, o8jl1tjyq, o8jl1wpgq, o8jl1vr1q, o8jl1ywiq, o8jl1xy1q, o8jl1zbyq, o8jl20cdq, o8jl21a1q, o8jl22aaq, o8jl23fhq, o8jl24gwq
75 2003-04-22 14:59:28 2003-05-12 02:06:28 19 days 11:07:00 33 33 x 1100 s
o8jl25njq, o8jl26nnq, o8jl27ssq, o8jl28ucq, o8jl29zgq, o8jl2azvq, o8jl2bgxq, o8jl2ch9q, o8jl2dn6q, o8jl2ennq, o8jl2faeq, o8jl2gaiq, o8jl2howq, o8jl2ne2q, o8jl2of3q, o8jl2qmjq, o8jl2pmsq, o8jl2rcgq, o8jl2scwq, o8jl2ta2q, o8jl2uajq, o8jl2vm5q, o8jl2wm9q, o8jl2yt2q, o8jl2xueq, o8jl30ciq, o8jl2zdeq, o8jl31iyq, o8jl32jyq, o8jl34rkq, o8jl33u4s, o8jl36xhq, o8jl35xpq
76 2003-05-12 02:06:28 2003-06-09 13:41:02 28 days 11:34:34 56 56 x 1100 s
o8jl3alwq, o8jl39m4q, o8jl3cvdq, o8jl3bxeq, o8jl3ebyq, o8jl3dcxq, o8jl3fn3q, o8jl3gnuq, o8jl3ithq, o8jl3hu8q, o8jl3jydq, o8jl3kzpq, o8jl3la1q, o8jl3mc2q, o8jl3nhpq, o8jl3oiwq, o8jl3qrnq, o8jl3ptrq, o8jl3ryiq, o8jl3sbjq, o8jl3ufiq, o8jl3tgvq, o8jl3wkmq, o8jl3vlsq, o8jl3xt4q, o8jl3yt8q, o8jl40bmq, o8jl3zcoq, o8jl42j8q, o8jl41lkq, o8jl43p8q, o8jl44pmq, o8jl46ahq, o8jl45asq, o8jl47ibq, o8jl48ifq, o8jl4ancq, o8jl49odq, o8jl4ch3q, o8jl4bklq, o8jl4da3q, o8jl4eaaq, o8jl4ggeq, o8jl4fh0q, o8jl4hnmq, o8jl4io8q, o8jl4kukq, o8jl4jwuq, o8jl4lapq, o8jl4mb0q, o8jl4ok7q, o8jl4nl7q, o8jl4pqbq, o8jl4qqsq, o8jl4ra1q, o8jl4sa5q
77 2003-06-09 13:41:02 2003-07-10 05:01:27 30 days 15:20:25 60 60 x 1100 s
o8jl4ui4q, o8jl4tkmq, o8jl4wneq, o8jl4vonq, o8jl4yx4q, o8jl4xydq, o8jl4zfgq, o8jl50gkq, o8jl51nuq, o8jl52qsq, o8jl53x7q, o8jl54y5q, o8jl55a1q, o8jl56ayq, o8jl58gpq, o8jl57i9q, o8jl59pvq, o8jl5aq6q, o8jl5cvvq, o8jl5bw9q, o8jl5dboq, o8jl5ebvq, o8jl5ghqq, o8jl5fi4q, o8jl5hrjq, o8jl5iseq, o8jl5ka3q, o8jl5jbjq, o8jl5lijq, o8jl5mkzq, o8jl5onmq, o8jl5nbeq, o8jl5pciq, o8jl5qdjq, o8jl5rlhq, o8jl5smeq, o8jl5tp9q, o8jl5uu9q, o8jl5wc8q, o8jl5vceq, o8jl5ya1q, o8jl5xa8q, o8jl60i5q, o8jl5zixq, o8jl61rcq, o8jl62spq, o8jl64xhq, o8jl63yxq, o8jl65geq, o8jl66h9q, o8jl68lbq, o8jl67ogq, o8jl69fjq, o8jl6agqq, o8jl6ba1q, o8jl6ccfq, o8jl6eltq, o8jl6dlyq, o8jl6frpq, o8jl6gt9q
78 2003-07-10 05:01:27 2003-08-04 10:57:55 25 days 05:56:28 50 50 x 1100 s
o8jl6jdcq, o8jl6kehq, o8jl6lknq, o8jl6mnsq, o8jl6nsiq, o8jl6otcq, o8jl6pauq, o8jl6qb1q, o8jl6rj6q, o8jl6sjdq, o8jl6truq, o8jl6us4q, o8jl6wxvq, o8jl6vy0q, o8jl6xchq, o8jl6ycrq, o8jl70kuq, o8jl6zl7q, o8jl72plq, o8jl71syq, o8jl73a1q, o8jl74b0q, o8jl75i6q, o8jl76loq, o8jl78ogq, o8jl77r3q, o8jl7aviq, o8jl79xvq, o8jl7bcxq, o8jl7cflq, o8jl7ej5q, o8jl7djkq, o8jl7gp2q, o8jl7fqiq, o8jl7hbyq, o8jl7iibq, o8jl7jitq, o8jl7kk9q, o8jl7lsaq, o8jl7mv3q, o8jl7oxtq, o8jl7ny9q, o8jl7pi7q, o8jl7qkhq, o8jl7sn8q, o8jl7ro3q, o8jl7tuxq, o8jl7uvcq, o8jl7va3q, o8jl7wbnq
79 2003-08-04 10:57:55 2003-09-02 18:02:55 29 days 07:05:00 58 58 x 1100 s
o8jl7yf1q, o8jl7xhaq, o8jl7zpzq, o8jl80q6q, o8jl81vqq, o8jl82wsq, o8jl84aiq, o8jl83bgq, o8jl86i0q, o8jl85iiq, o8jl88m9q, o8jl87nkq, o8jl89a1q, o8jl8ab9q, o8jl8bg4q, o8jl8cm5q, o8jl8entq, o8jl8drkq, o8jl8ft8q, o8jl8gutq, o8jl8iyvq, o8jl8hbkq, o8jl8jh2q, o8jl8kh9q, o8jl8ltaq, o8jl8mtvq, o8jl8na1q, o8jl8oaaq, o8jl8pltq, o8jl8qm0q, o8jl8sssq, o8jl8rtrq, o8jl8ucvq, o8jl8td4q, o8jl8vobq, o8jl8woiq, o8jl8xzqq, o8jl8yacq, o8jl8zejq, o8jl90eyq, o8jl92d7q, o8jl91faq, o8jl94kkq, o8jl93kuq, o8jl96rrq, o8jl95t3q, o8jl98zzq, o8jl97a4q, o8jl9am9q, o8jl99mqq, o8jl9cvfq, o8jl9bvmq, o8jl9ed0q, o8jl9dewq, o8jl9fcsq, o8jl9gd6q, o8jl9hl9q, o8jl9iokq
80 2003-09-02 18:02:55 2003-09-30 04:01:27 27 days 09:58:32 54 54 x 1100 s
o8jl9kdxq, o8jl9jecq, o8jl9mezq, o8jl9lfjq, o8jl9om5q, o8jl9no1q, o8jl9qvoq, o8jl9pwkq, o8jl9re1q, o8jl9seoq, o8jl9td7q, o8jl9uduq, o8jl9wm0q, o8jl9vm4q, o8jl9yw3q, o8jl9xyjq, o8jla0diq, o8jl9zdnq, o8jla1krq, o8jla2ohq, o8jla4ebq, o8jla3f3q, o8jla6peq, o8jla5rcq, o8jla7arq, o8jla8awq, o8jlaak5q, o8jla9nqq, o8jlabpxq, o8jlacqfq, o8jlaeyzq, o8jladzbq, o8jlafg8q, o8jlaggdq, o8jlaimgq, o8jlahmyq, o8jlajtjq, o8jlakvzq, o8jlala7q, o8jlamacq, o8jlankbq, o8jlaoknq, o8jlaqqjq, o8jlapsfq, o8jlaszcq, o8jlarzkq, o8jlatheq, o8jlauhmq, o8jlawxcq, o8jlayzaq, o8jlaxb4q, o8jlb0adq, o8jlazceq, o8jlb2jtq
81 2003-09-30 04:01:27 2003-10-29 14:02:55 29 days 10:01:28 59 59 x 1100 s
o8jlb1opq, o8ts1pr3q, o8ts1qraq, o8ts1rzgq, o8ts1sbhq, o8ts1tj4q, o8ts1uk1q, o8ts1wo6q, o8ts1vozq, o8ts1xwaq, o8ts1yxaq, o8ts1za3q, o8ts20akq, o8ts22l6q, o8ts21nsq, o8ts23yjq, o8ts24zaq, o8ts26e7q, o8ts25exq, o8ts27p1q, o8ts28pvq, o8ts2ax2q, o8ts29y5q, o8ts2bfqq, o8ts2cfzq, o8ts2dazq, o8ts2ebzq, o8ts2fo2q, o8ts2gpjq, o8ts2hygq, o8ts2iymq, o8ts2ji5q, o8ts2kigq, o8ts2lskq, o8ts2muhq, o8ts2ny8q, o8ts2oa5q, o8ts2phdq, o8ts2qiaq, o8ts2ra1q, o8ts2sagq, o8ts2tkoq, o8ts2un2q, o8ts2vuvq, o8ts2wv2q, o8ts2yxyq, o8ts2xy8q, o8ts30klq, o8ts2zljq, o8ts32pdq, o8ts31q9q, o8ts33ykq, o8ts34aiq, o8ts35a1q, o8ts36a8q, o8ts38isq, o8ts37j1q, o8ts39uaq, o8ts3aujq
82 2003-10-29 14:02:55 2003-11-24 09:05:18 25 days 19:02:23 52 52 x 1100 s
o8ts3cb1q, o8ts3bbxq, o8ts3dh3q, o8ts3eh8q, o8ts3gnqq, o8ts3fnuq, o8ts3iw2q, o8ts3hx2q, o8ts3ja1q, o8ts3kceq, o8ts3mneq, o8ts3lo1q, o8ts3nzoq, o8ts3obaq, o8ts3qieq, o8ts3pj1q, o8ts3rpyq, o8ts3sqnq, o8ts3tznq, o8ts3ud0q, o8ts3vj5q, o8ts3wlyq, o8ts3xbdq, o8ts3ycas, o8ts40j8q, o8ts3zkdq, o8ts41qtq, o8ts42tvq, o8ts44brq, o8ts43cjq, o8ts45tcq, o8ts46tyq, o8ts48alq, o8ts47axq, o8ts49jkq, o8ts4akmq, o8ts4bahq, o8ts4caoq, o8ts4ek6q, o8ts4dlbq, o8ts4gvlq, o8ts4fxjq, o8ts4he6q, o8ts4iemq, o8ts4kllq, o8ts4jntq, o8ts4mw2q, o8ts4lwlq, o8ts4nexq, o8ts4ofnq, o8ts4pcaq, o8ts4qdeq
83 2003-11-24 09:05:18 2003-12-24 08:20:11 29 days 23:14:53 60 60 x 1100 s
o8ts4rj0q, o8ts4slwq, o8ts4trqq, o8ts4urwq, o8ts4wxnq, o8ts4vyuq, o8ts4yioq, o8ts4xlfq, o8ts50szq, o8ts4ztbq, o8ts51zrq, o8ts52afq, o8ts54bqq, o8ts53dxq, o8ts55ltq, o8ts56ndq, o8ts57zkq, o8ts58zoq, o8ts5af1q, o8ts59g1q, o8ts5bkxq, o8ts5cluq, o8ts5dteq, o8ts5ey3q, o8ts5fc6q, o8ts5gcsq, o8ts5ha1q, o8ts5iamq, o8ts5jj0q, o8ts5knqq, o8ts5ltaq, o8ts5mtkq, o8ts5oblq, o8ts5ncwq, o8ts5qlrq, o8ts5po4q, o8ts5sufq, o8ts5rx8q, o8ts5tafq, o8ts5uawq, o8ts5va1q, o8ts5wanq, o8ts5yjdq, o8ts5xlgq, o8ts60sqq, o8ts5ztqq, o8ts61ytq, o8ts62b4q, o8ts63ixq, o8ts64joq, o8ts66req, o8ts65tnq, o8ts68x2q, o8ts67yuq, o8ts69a1q, o8ts6aayq, o8ts6cgzq, o8ts6bh9q, o8ts6drdq, o8ts6eryq
84 2003-12-24 08:20:11 2004-01-23 21:53:57 30 days 13:33:46 60 60 x 1100 s
o8ts6gxeq, o8ts6fxss, o8ts6hfeq, o8ts6igkq, o8ts6kn4q, o8ts6jo9q, o8ts6lt1q, o8ts6mtaq, o8ts6na1q, o8ts6oa8q, o8ts6qhlq, o8ts6pi1q, o8ts6rrhq, o8ts6ssbq, o8ts6ua1q, o8ts6tbkq, o8ts6vh3q, o8ts6whkq, o8ts6ystq, o8ts6xt2q, o8ts6zz8q, o8ts70agq, o8ts71a4q, o8ts72aaq, o8ts74lmq, o8ts73lvq, o8ts75u7q, o8ts76usq, o8ts77bzq, o8ts78hiq, o8ts7aiaq, o8ts79jyq, o8ts7bppq, o8ts7cqpq, o8ts7eyjq, o8ts7dakq, o8ts7fa3q, o8ts7gacq, o8ts7iitq, o8ts7hjpq, o8ts7jqmq, o8ts7kriq, o8ts7mysq, o8ts7lzmq, o8ts7nheq, o8ts7oi5q, o8ts7qsxq, o8ts7puwq, o8ts7sz6q, o8ts7rb5q, o8ts7ta1q, o8ts7ua8q, o8ts7wkeq, o8ts7vkyq, o8ts7xscq, o8ts7yt0q, o8ts80dzq, o8ts7zfzq, o8ts82npq, o8ts81r6q
85 2004-01-23 21:53:57 2004-03-05 06:46:04 41 days 08:52:07 84 84 x 1100 s
o8ts83y3q, o8ts84b4q, o8ts86boq, o8ts85czq, o8ts87aqq, o8ts88byq, o8ts89k3q, o8ts8altq, o8ts8bsvq, o8ts8ctcq, o8ts8da1q, o8ts8eanq, o8ts8gkiq, o8ts8fn4q, o8ts8intq, o8ts8hprq, o8ts8kvvq, o8ts8jxlq, o8ts8la1q, o8ts8ma8q, o8ts8njzq, o8ts8ol1q, o8ts8qtjs, o8ts8pyzq, o8ts8rbqq, o8ts8scnq, o8ts8ukcq, o8ts8tq8q, o8ts8vteq, o8ts8wwpq, o8ts8ycbq, o8ts8xe9q, o8ts8za1q, o8ts90a8q, o8ts92m2q, o8ts91mlq, o8ts94ymq, o8ts93zyq, o8ts96h0q, o8ts95lzq, o8ts97orq, o8ts98p6q, o8ts9ay7q, o8ts99zgq, o8ts9bj3q, o8ts9ck9q, o8ts9da1q, o8ts9eamq, o8ts9fjoq, o8ts9gmoq, o8ts9htqq, o8ts9ivaq, o8ts9keoq, o8ts9jh0q, o8ts9lkiq, o8ts9ml3q, o8ts9nszq, o8ts9ouxq, o8ts9qbqq, o8ts9pgmq, o8ts9rbcq, o8ts9sc8q, o8ts9uo9q, o8ts9tp7q, o8ts9vchq, o8ts9wdcq, o8ts9ymyq, o8ts9xojq, o8ts9zyfq, o8tsa0zhq, o8tsa2mxq, o8tsa1nsq, o8tsa3wgq, o8tsa4xbq, o8tsa5a6q, o8tsa6abq, o8tsa8lzq, o8tsa7myq, o8tsa9unq, o8tsaaviq, o8tsacgdq, o8tsabh6q, o8tsadolq, o8tsaeosq
86 2004-03-05 06:46:04 2004-03-27 14:36:26 22 days 07:50:22 44 44 x 1100 s
o8tsagzyq, o8tsafaoq, o8tsahfzq, o8tsaig6q, o8tsaja1q, o8tsaka7q, o8tsamjtq, o8tsalk0q, o8tsaoreq, o8tsansiq, o8tsaqfnq, o8tsapgeq, o8tsasjxq, o8tsarm6q, o8tsautuq, o8tsatvgq, o8tsavdpq, o8tsawe3q, o8tsaxa1q, o8tsayagq, o8tsb0l8q, o8tsazlgq, o8tt01v3q, o8tt02v9q, o8tt04gyq, o8tt03h3q, o8tt06poq, o8tt05q8q, o8tt08yrq, o8tt07ziq, o8tt09ghq, o8tt0ahmq, o8tt0ba3q, o8tt0cawq, o8tt0djxq, o8tt0enkq, o8tt0gtlq, o8tt0fzwq, o8tt0idvq, o8tt0he3q, o8tt0kkiq, o8tt0joqq, o8tt0mrwq, o8tt0ls7q
87 2004-03-27 14:36:26 2004-04-19 22:15:01 23 days 07:38:35 46 46 x 1100 s
o8tt0nd2q, o8tt0od6q, o8tt0pa1q, o8tt0qagq, o8tt0si4q, o8tt0ri9q, o8tt0uquq, o8tt0tr7q, o8tt0wxuq, o8tt0vzaq, o8tt0yh7q, o8tt0xhbq, o8tt0zqmq, o8tt10rgq, o8tt12cgq, o8tt11ckq, o8tt13a3q, o8tt14anq, o8tt16iaq, o8tt15ieq, o8tt18ktq, o8tt17mbq, o8tt19tdq, o8tt1aubq, o8tt1cyzq, o8tt1bzuq, o8tt1dfhq, o8tt1egiq, o8tt1gjpq, o8tt1fklq, o8tt1ha1q, o8tt1ic0q, o8tt1kd3q, o8tt1jdgq, o8tt1lifq, o8tt1mirq, o8tt1opkq, o8tt1nqdq, o8tt1pzdq, o8tt1qzhq, o8tt1sefq, o8tt1rejq, o8tt1tkxq, o8tt1ul4q, o8tt1va3q, o8tt1wa8q
88 2004-04-19 22:15:01 2004-05-14 10:20:13 24 days 12:05:12 50 50 x 1100 s
o8tt1yk9q, o8tt1xkmq, o8tt1zofq, o8tt20oqq, o8tt21u3q, o8tt22uxq, o8tt24a3q, o8tt23boq, o8tt25g2q, o8tt26h4q, o8tt28lmq, o8tt27mxq, o8tt29bjq, o8tt2ac5q, o8tt2ckcq, o8tt2bkgq, o8tt2epzq, o8tt2dr4q, o8tt2fu9q, o8tt2gvgq, o8tt2hbpq, o8tt2ic6q, o8tt2khpq, o8tt2jhvq, o8tt2lqfq, o8tt2mqnq, o8tt2oa1q, o8tt2nc4q, o8tt2qmbq, o8tt2pmgq, o8tt2rrcq, o8tt2srgq, o8tt2uxbq, o8tt2tydq, o8tt2veqq, o8tt2wfxq, o8tt2yl1q, o8tt2xl6q, o8tt2zpiq, o8tt30ppq, o8tt31a1q, o8tt32a8q, o8tt33hvq, o8tt34j4q, o8tt36pxq, o8tt35r8q, o8tt37xbq, o8tt38ylq, o8tt3affq, o8tt39gzq
89 2004-05-14 10:20:13 2004-06-10 03:11:34 26 days 16:51:21 52 52 x 1100 s
o8tt3bnwq, o8tt3co8q, o8tt3euyq, o8tt3dwbq, o8tt3ga3q, o8tt3fb8q, o8tt3iinq, o8tt3hiwq, o8tt3jq9q, o8tt3kqlq, o8tt3mx3q, o8tt3lxeq, o8tt3nebq, o8tt3oelq, o8tt3qkrq, o8tt3pl2q, o8tt3su4q, o8tt3rv2q, o8tt3ta3q, o8tt3uabq, o8tt3wg1q, o8tt3vg8q, o8tt3xkpq, o8tt3yl1q, o8tt40q6q, o8tt3zqiq, o8tt42wtq, o8tt41ykq, o8tt44edq, o8tt43enq, o8tt45lkq, o8tt46lsq, o8tt48a1q, o8tt47bsq, o8tt49fgq, o8tt4ah9q, o8tt4ck7q, o8tt4bkcq, o8tt4eq6q, o8tt4dqdq, o8tt4fwnq, o8tt4gx6q, o8tt4hfoq, o8tt4ifwq, o8tt4jl0q, o8tt4klkq, o8tt4laxq, o8tt4mbeq, o8tt4oflq, o8tt4nfqq, o8tt4pmlq, o8tt4qmqq
90 2004-06-10 03:11:34 2004-07-09 05:09:29 29 days 01:57:55 56 56 x 1100 s
o8tt4sxaq, o8tt4rxnq, o8tt4uygq, o8tt4tajq, o8tt4weyq, o8tt4vf5q, o8tt4yknq, o8tt4xlpq, o8tt4za1q, o8tt50a7q, o8tt52k8q, o8tt51knq, o8tt54wfq, o8tt53x9q, o8tt56g1q, o8tt55g5q, o8tt58lbq, o8tt57m5q, o8tt5areq, o8tt59riq, o8tt5bzpq, o8tt5czvq, o8tt5db3q, o8tt5ebeq, o8tt5ghuq, o8tt5fhzq, o8tt5hozq, o8tt5ip7q, o8tt5jwkq, o8tt5kxiq, o8tt5mdhq, o8tt5lelq, o8tt5olhq, o8tt5nlmq, o8tt5purq, o8tt5qv2q, o8tt5ra3q, o8tt5saaq, o8tt5tgnq, o8tt5uhrq, o8tt5wnlq, o8tt5vnwq, o8tt5xtwq, o8tt5yu7q, o8tt60baq, o8tt5zblq, o8tt61igq, o8tt62irq, o8tt64poq, o8tt63qnq, o8tt66a1q, o8tt65bwq, o8tt68gcq, o8tt67ggq, o8tt6dacq, o8tt6eapq
91 2004-07-09 05:09:29 2009-06-02 04:02:59 1788 days 22:53:30 50 50 x 1100 s
o8tt6femq, o8tt6geqq, o8tt6ijfq, o8tt6hkoq, o8tt6ja3q, o8tt6kasq, o8tt6mghq, o8tt6lgpq, o8tt6nlfq, o8tt6olmq, o8tt6pqaq, o8tt6qrdq, o8tt6rxsq, o8tt6syeq, o8tt6udpq, o8tt6tdwq, o8tt6wkyq, o8tt6vm2q, o8tt6xa1q, o8tt6ya5q, o8tt70giq, o8tt6zicq, o8tt71mwq, o8tt72n8q, o8tt74rzq, o8tt73s9q, o8tt75bmq, o8tt76bxq, o8tt78ejq, o8tt77euq, o8tt79k5q, o8tt7akbq, o8tt7baoq, o8tt7cauq, o8tt7effq, o8tt7dfnq, o8tt7fm6q, o8tt7gmbq, o8tt7ir1q, o8tt7hr6q, o8tt7jvjq, o8tt7kvnq, o8tt7mb4q, o8tt7lbgq, o8tt7oivq, o8tt7njvq, o8tt7pa3q, o8tt7qacq, o8tt7ri7q, o8tt7sj8q
92 2009-06-02 04:02:59 2009-07-02 10:38:56 30 days 06:35:57 40 40 x 1100 s
oa8h01vrq, oa8h02vvq, oa8h04xpq, oa8h05xtq, oa8h07chq, oa8h08clq, oa8h10eiq, oa8h11emq, oa8h13fsq, oa8h14fxq, oa8h16a3q, oa8h17a7q, oa8h19bdq, oa8h20bhq, oa8h22crq, oa8h23cvq, oa8h25h6q, oa8h26haq, oa8h28lhq, oa8h29m7q, oa8h31r7q, oa8h32rbq, oa8h34u1q, oa8h35ueq, oa8h37c4q, oa8h38c9q, oa8h40huq, oa8h41i1q, oa8h43l6q, oa8h44lmq, oa8h46sqq, oa8h47swq, oa8h49xqq, oa8h50xuq, oa8h52a1q, oa8h53a5q, oa8h55h5q, oa8h56hjq, oa8h58b5q, oa8h59b9q
93 2009-07-02 10:38:56 2009-07-23 21:17:19 21 days 10:38:23 12 12 x 1100 s
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94 2009-07-23 21:17:19 2009-08-11 12:09:04 18 days 14:51:45 38 38 x 1100 s
oa8h97laq, oa8h98lgq, oa8ha0toq, oa8ha1ttq, oa8ha3yxq, oa8ha4z7q, oa8ha6dnq, oa8ha7dwq, oa8ha9mrq, oa8hb0myq, oa8hb2tvq, oa8hb3ufq, oa8hb5azq, oa8hb6b6q, oa8hb8ecq, oa8hb9eiq, oa8hc1jfq, oa8hc2jnq, oa8hc4o6q, oa8hc5oiq, ob8x1lacq, ob8x1magq, ob8x1ng7q, ob8x1ogdq, ob8x1ppqq, ob8x1qq3q, ob8x1rf8q, ob8x1sfjq, ob8x1tm1q, ob8x1umgq, ob8x1wvzq, ob8x1vxqq, ob8x1xgiq, ob8x1ygxq, ob8x1ze3q, ob8x20ecq, ob8x21j1q, ob8x22j5q
95 2009-08-11 12:09:04 2009-09-07 21:52:14 27 days 09:43:10 54 54 x 1100 s
ob8x23rqq, ob8x24rzq, ob8x25wjq, ob8x26wsq, ob8x27fkq, ob8x28fsq, ob8x29oiq, ob8x2aowq, ob8x2bu7q, ob8x2cumq, ob8x2dbyq, ob8x2ecaq, ob8x2fjkq, ob8x2gjrq, ob8x2htkq, ob8x2itsq, ob8x2jb5q, ob8x2kb9q, ob8x2likq, ob8x2mioq, ob8x2nqbq, ob8x2oqkq, ob8x2pz7q, ob8x2qzpq, ob8x2rarq, ob8x2sb9q, ob8x2tnhq, ob8x2untq, ob8x2vsdq, ob8x2wshq, ob8x2xxjq, ob8x2yxtq, ob8x2zdaq, ob8x30deq, ob8x31hvq, ob8x32i5q, ob8x33mvq, ob8x34n4q, ob8x35atq, ob8x36b3q, ob8x37jcq, ob8x38jqq, ob8x39rxq, ob8x3asbq, ob8x3bd6q, ob8x3cdeq, ob8x3dkjq, ob8x3ekrq, ob8x3fwfq, ob8x3gwkq, ob8x3hboq, ob8x3ic7q, ob8x3jaoq, ob8x3kawq
96 2009-09-07 21:52:14 2009-10-05 08:49:19 27 days 10:57:05 56 56 x 1100 s
ob8x3ljyq, ob8x3mk6q, ob8x3nn1q, ob8x3onaq, ob8x3prqq, ob8x3qruq, ob8x3rvoq, ob8x3svsq, ob8x3tcrq, ob8x3ucvq, ob8x3vhyq, ob8x3wiaq, ob8x3xakq, ob8x3yarq, ob8x3zg3q, ob8x40geq, ob8x41ooq, ob8x42owq, ob8x43v7q, ob8x44vgq, ob8x45c5q, ob8x46chq, ob8x47jdq, ob8x48jkq, ob8x49sfq, ob8x4atyq, ob8x4bbbq, ob8x4cbnq, ob8x4ej7q, ob8x4djsq, ob8x4fraq, ob8x4grlq, ob8x4ixmq, ob8x4hxtq, ob8x4jd3q, ob8x4kddq, ob8x4mj5q, ob8x4lj9q, ob8x4opwq, ob8x4nr3q, ob8x4pbjq, ob8x4qccq, ob8x4rkjq, ob8x4skvq, ob8x4tqmq, ob8x4uqvq, ob8x4vxrq, ob8x4wxvq, ob8x4xfbq, ob8x4yfjq, ob8x4zn6q, ob8x50niq, ob8x51t3q, ob8x52tbq, ob8x53a1q, ob8x54a9q
97 2009-10-05 08:49:19 2009-11-02 03:03:00 27 days 18:13:41 52 52 x 1100 s
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98 2009-11-02 03:03:00 2009-12-01 13:37:58 29 days 10:34:58 54 54 x 1100 s
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99 2009-12-01 13:37:58 2010-01-02 18:50:30 32 days 05:12:32 64 64 x 1100 s
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100 2010-01-02 18:50:30 2010-01-25 05:55:14 22 days 11:04:44 46 46 x 1100 s
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101 2010-01-25 05:55:14 2010-02-22 09:54:52 28 days 03:59:38 56 56 x 1100 s
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102 2010-02-22 09:54:52 2010-03-23 19:52:19 29 days 09:57:27 58 58 x 1100 s
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103 2010-03-23 19:52:19 2010-04-19 06:24:39 26 days 10:32:20 54 54 x 1100 s
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104 2010-04-19 06:24:39 2010-05-17 02:03:00 27 days 19:38:21 54 54 x 1100 s
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105 2010-05-17 02:03:00 2010-06-15 06:36:17 29 days 04:33:17 60 60 x 1100 s
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106 2010-06-15 06:36:17 2010-07-12 15:10:27 27 days 08:34:10 54 54 x 1100 s
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107 2010-07-12 15:10:27 2010-08-09 09:27:43 27 days 18:17:16 55 55 x 1100 s
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108 2010-08-09 09:27:43 2010-09-06 18:00:55 28 days 08:33:12 56 56 x 1100 s
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109 2010-09-06 18:00:55 2010-10-04 02:45:45 27 days 08:44:50 49 49 x 1100 s
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110 2010-10-04 02:45:45 2010-11-01 02:03:00 27 days 23:17:15 52 52 x 1100 s
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111 2010-11-01 02:03:00 2010-12-01 02:52:27 30 days 00:49:27 62 62 x 1100 s
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112 2010-12-01 02:52:27 2010-12-28 04:13:04 27 days 01:20:37 53 53 x 1100 s
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113 2010-12-28 04:13:04 2011-01-24 02:44:35 26 days 22:31:31 53 53 x 1100 s
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114 2011-01-24 02:44:35 2011-02-21 02:21:13 27 days 23:36:38 57 57 x 1100 s
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115 2011-02-21 02:21:13 2011-03-21 04:02:54 28 days 01:41:41 54 54 x 1100 s
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116 2011-03-21 04:02:54 2011-04-18 03:19:56 27 days 23:17:02 57 57 x 1100 s
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117 2011-04-18 03:19:56 2011-05-20 08:22:05 32 days 05:02:09 65 65 x 1100 s
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118 2011-05-20 08:22:05 2011-06-13 20:39:34 24 days 12:17:29 48 48 x 1100 s
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119 2011-06-13 20:39:34 2011-07-11 08:48:03 27 days 12:08:29 56 56 x 1100 s
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120 2011-07-11 08:48:03 2011-08-10 07:16:17 29 days 22:28:14 60 60 x 1100 s
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121 2011-08-10 07:16:17 2011-09-08 11:20:00 29 days 04:03:43 58 58 x 1100 s
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122 2011-09-08 11:20:00 2011-10-08 09:41:26 29 days 22:21:26 58 58 x 1100 s
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123 2011-10-08 09:41:26 2011-11-03 02:09:21 25 days 16:27:55 51 51 x 1100 s
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124 2011-11-03 02:09:21 2011-11-29 11:30:01 26 days 09:20:40 53 53 x 1100 s
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125 2011-11-29 11:30:01 2011-12-26 04:41:06 26 days 17:11:05 54 54 x 1100 s
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126 2011-12-26 04:41:06 2012-01-23 05:10:15 28 days 00:29:09 56 56 x 1100 s
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127 2012-01-23 05:10:15 2012-02-20 01:46:50 27 days 20:36:35 54 54 x 1100 s
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128 2012-02-20 01:46:50 2012-03-19 04:02:14 28 days 02:15:24 57 57 x 1100 s
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129 2012-03-19 04:02:14 2012-04-16 04:58:34 28 days 00:56:20 57 57 x 1100 s
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130 2012-04-16 04:58:34 2012-05-17 05:34:53 31 days 00:36:19 62 62 x 1100 s
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131 2012-05-17 05:34:53 2012-06-11 05:55:25 25 days 00:20:32 48 48 x 1100 s
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132 2012-06-11 05:55:25 2012-07-09 04:09:54 27 days 22:14:29 56 56 x 1100 s
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133 2012-07-09 04:09:54 2012-08-08 05:55:47 30 days 01:45:53 60 60 x 1100 s
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134 2012-08-08 05:55:47 2012-09-03 04:09:02 25 days 22:13:15 52 52 x 1100 s
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135 2012-09-03 04:09:02 2012-10-05 14:41:17 32 days 10:32:15 64 64 x 1100 s
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136 2012-10-05 14:41:17 2012-10-29 08:39:11 23 days 17:57:54 48 48 x 1100 s
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137 2012-10-29 08:39:11 2012-11-28 04:03:05 29 days 19:23:54 60 60 x 1100 s
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138 2012-11-28 04:03:05 2013-01-07 12:49:10 40 days 08:46:05 80 80 x 1100 s
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139 2013-01-07 12:49:10 2013-02-21 06:36:27 44 days 17:47:17 82 82 x 1100 s
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140 2013-02-21 06:36:27 2013-03-18 03:02:56 24 days 20:26:29 50 50 x 1100 s
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141 2013-03-18 03:02:56 2013-04-15 11:42:55 28 days 08:39:59 56 56 x 1100 s
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142 2013-04-15 11:42:55 2013-05-16 00:02:46 30 days 12:19:51 60 60 x 1100 s
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143 2013-05-16 00:02:46 2013-06-10 03:31:51 25 days 03:29:05 52 52 x 1100 s
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144 2013-06-10 03:31:51 2013-07-09 00:11:17 28 days 20:39:26 56 56 x 1100 s
oc4w29gmq, oc4w2agvq, oc4w2bltq, oc4w2cm1q, oc4w2drxq, oc4w2es7q, oc4w2fyjq, oc4w2gyrq, oc4w2hdoq, oc4w2idsq, oc4w2jkmq, oc4w2kkzq, oc4w2la4q, oc4w2maeq, oc4w2of7q, oc4w2nfdq, oc4w2pipq, oc4w2qj0q, oc4w2smwq, oc4w2rn4q, oc4w2tsaq, oc4w2usiq, oc4w2wxeq, oc4w2vxpq, oc4w2xbyq, oc4w2ycoq, oc4w2za2q, oc4w30bpq, oc4w31j1q, oc4w32j5q, oc4w33p9q, oc4w34plq, oc4w35tqq, oc4w36twq, oc4w37yaq, oc4w38ylq, oc4w39dbq, oc4w3adlq, oc4w3bioq, oc4w3ciyq, oc4w3da4q, oc4w3eacq, oc4w3fhqq, oc4w3ghvq, oc4w3hnwq, oc4w3iq2q, oc4w3jrjq, oc4w3kruq, oc4w3lwhq, oc4w3mwpq, oc4w3nclq, oc4w3ocwq, oc4w3pipq, oc4w3qj1q, oc4w3rk4q, oc4w3sk8q
145 2013-07-09 00:11:17 2013-08-08 00:23:17 30 days 00:12:00 60 60 x 1100 s
oc4w3ur2q, oc4w3trcq, oc4w3vsnq, oc4w3wt1q, oc4w3ywuq, oc4w3xx2q, oc4w3zb2q, oc4w40bcq, oc4w42g6q, oc4w41guq, oc4w43kqq, oc4w44l3q, oc4w45a1q, oc4w46a5q, oc4w47hsq, oc4w48hyq, oc4w49loq, oc4w4alwq, oc4w4br9q, oc4w4crkq, oc4w4dv8q, oc4w4evhq, oc4w4fa5q, oc4w4gafq, oc4w4hehq, oc4w4ierq, oc4w4ja9q, oc4w4kahq, oc4w4lgxq, oc4w4mhzq, oc4w4om3q, oc4w4nncq, oc4w4pbdq, oc4w4qbsq, oc4w4rgpq, oc4w4sgwq, oc4w4umgq, oc4w4tniq, oc4w4wsvq, oc4w4vtdq, oc4w4xabq, oc4w4yaoq, oc4w50g7q, oc4w4zgiq, oc4w51l8q, oc4w52lhq, oc4w54x0q, oc4w53xdq, oc4w55b3q, oc4w56bhq, oc4w58fbq, oc4w57fkq, oc4w59jcq, oc4w5ajiq, oc4w5ba1q, oc4w5ca7q, oc4w5dfeq, oc4w5eflq, oc4w5fl8q, oc4w5gsaq
146 2013-08-08 00:23:17 2013-09-02 03:44:15 25 days 03:20:58 52 52 x 1100 s
oc4w5hwxq, oc4w5ixsq, oc4w5jysq, oc4w5kz1q, oc4w5lfmq, oc4w5mfwq, oc4w5nlkq, oc4w5om4q, oc4w5pa4q, oc4w5qafq, oc4w5rg9q, oc4w5sghq, oc4w5tmaq, oc4w5umjq, oc4w5vrkq, oc4w5wrqq, oc4w5xvgq, oc4w5yvoq, oc4w5za4q, oc4w60aaq, oc4w61f4q, oc4w62fiq, oc4w63bdq, oc4w64bnq, oc4w66g2q, oc4w65geq, oc4w67niq, oc4w68nwq, oc4w6av5q, oc4w69viq, oc4w6ba9q, oc4w6cajq, oc4w6efwq, oc4w6dhiq, oc4w6fmhq, oc4w6gmtq, oc4w6ha2q, oc4w6iabq, oc4w6jg0q, oc4w6kg5q, oc4w6lm2q, oc4w6mmfq, oc4w6nrrq, oc4w6oryq, oc4w6pvkq, oc4w6qvvq, oc4w6rapq, oc4w6savq, oc4w6tfkq, oc4w6ug2q, oc4w6va4q, oc4w6wabq
147 2013-09-02 03:44:15 2013-09-30 22:31:16 28 days 18:47:01 56 56 x 1100 s
oc4w6xh3q, oc4w6yhbq, oc4w6zp2q, oc4w70pcq, oc4w71teq, oc4w72toq, oc4w73x8q, oc4w74xjq, oc4w75d0q, oc4w76dcq, oc4w77hhq, oc4w78i0q, oc4w79a5q, oc4w7aadq, oc4w7cf9q, oc4w7bfgq, oc4w7djnq, oc4w7ejrq, oc4w7go4q, oc4w7foaq, oc4w7hsnq, oc4w7isuq, oc4w7kxaq, oc4w7jxeq, oc4w7lgrq, oc4w7mgwq, oc4w7na1q, oc4w7oa8q, oc4w7pm6q, oc4w7qmdq, oc4w7rtjq, oc4w7stnq, oc4w7tx4q, oc4w7uxdq, oc4w7vikq, oc4w7wirq, oc4w7xnjq, oc4w7ynrq, oc4w7zszq, oc4w80tmq, oc4w81a4q, oc4w82agq, oc4w83nmq, oc4w84o1q, oc4w85srq, oc4w86szq, oc4w87xwq, oc4w88yhq, oc4w89d6q, oc4w8adjq, oc4w8bhwq, oc4w8ci2q, oc4w8dnuq, oc4w8eoaq, oc4w8fbpq, oc4w8gbtq
148 2013-09-30 22:31:16 2013-10-31 00:30:48 30 days 01:59:32 60 60 x 1100 s
oc4w8ii1q, oc4w8hjmq, oc4w8jn7q, oc4w8knkq, oc4w8lrtq, oc4w8ms8q, oc4w8nw2q, oc4w8owcq, oc4w8pb1q, oc4w8qbfq, oc4w8sgdq, oc4w8rheq, oc4w8ta1q, oc4w8ua6q, oc4w8vgkq, oc4w8wh8q, oc4w8yltq, oc4w8xm9q, oc4w8zqrq, oc4w90qzq, oc4w91vyq, oc4w92w4q, oc4w93ahq, oc4w94apq, oc4w95g2q, oc4w96gkq, oc4w97asq, oc4w98b0q, oc4w9aghq, oc4w99gqq, oc4w9blhq, oc4w9cluq, oc4w9eyxq, oc4w9dz3q, oc4w9fdbq, oc4w9gdjq, oc4w9ii0q, oc4w9hiaq, oc4w9jmqq, oc4w9kn4q, oc4w9la2q, oc4w9mabq, oc4w9oejq, oc4w9neoq, oc4w9pj0q, oc4w9qj9q, oc4w9spbq, oc4w9rpjq, oc4w9ttjq, oc4w9utsq, oc4w9wxtq, oc4w9vy4q, oc4w9xbiq, oc4w9ybrq, oc4w9za1q, oc4wa0a7q, oc4wa1i8q, oc4wa2igq, oc4wa3mpq, oc4wa4n4q
149 2013-10-31 00:30:48 2013-11-25 01:32:44 25 days 01:01:56 50 50 x 1100 s
oc4wa5w3q, oc4wa6wdq, oced01xdq, oced02xwq, oced03kpq, oced04lvq, oced05crq, oced06daq, oced07a4q, oced08a9q, oced09k5q, oced0akoq, oced0bujq, oced0cv4q, oced0df6q, oced0efsq, oced0fnbq, oced0gnpq, oced0hglq, oced0ih5q, oced0jntq, oced0ko5q, oced0la5q, oced0mbzq, oced0ng7q, oced0oh3q, oced0pmfq, oced0qmjq, oced0ssbq, oced0rsoq, oced0ux4q, oced0ty7q, oced0wdeq, oced0vdmq, oced0yhgq, oced0xhtq, oced10b1q, oced0zbwq, oced11lwq, oced12m7q, oced13s4q, oced14scq, oced15wiq, oced16wmq, oced17bfq, oced18blq, oced19h1q, oced1ah9q, oced1bkdq, oced1ckqq
150 2013-11-25 01:32:44 2013-12-23 12:59:50 28 days 11:27:06 58 58 x 1100 s
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151 2013-12-23 12:59:50 2014-01-21 16:03:00 29 days 03:03:10 58 58 x 1100 s
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152 2014-01-21 16:03:00 2014-02-21 02:10:01 30 days 10:07:01 62 62 x 1100 s
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153 2014-02-21 02:10:01 2014-03-17 14:08:16 24 days 11:58:15 46 46 x 1100 s
oced6bflq, oced6cfwq, oced6djqq, oced6ek3q, oced6faeq, oced6ganq, oced6he9q, oced6iepq, oced6jkbq, oced6kkoq, oced6lnqq, oced6mnxq, oced6nrlq, oced6os0q, oced6pz0q, oced6qz6q, oced6ripq, oced6sixq, oced6tacq, oced6uaqq, oced6vgbq, oced6wghq, oced6xosq, oced6yp4q, oced6zwxq, oced70x1q, oced71boq, oced72c0q, oced75deq, oced76dnq, oced77a4q, oced78adq, oced79hgq, oced7ahkq, oced7bqeq, oced7cqrq, oced7duxq, oced7ev3q, oced7fzwq, oced7ga8q, oced7heqq, oced7iewq, oced7jifq, oced7kirq, oced7lbdq, oced7mbrq
154 2014-03-17 14:08:16 2014-04-17 01:18:22 30 days 11:10:06 60 60 x 1100 s
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155 2014-04-17 01:18:22 2014-05-15 19:30:59 28 days 18:12:37 58 58 x 1100 s
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156 2014-05-15 19:30:59 2014-06-10 06:35:02 25 days 11:04:03 52 52 x 1100 s
ocen0turq, ocen0uv1q, ocen0vxcq, ocen0wxsq, ocen0xciq, ocen0ycuq, ocen10a2q, ocen0zabq, ocen11eaq, ocen12eiq, ocen14ihq, ocen13ipq, ocen15n5q, ocen16nhq, ocen17rpq, ocen18s2q, ocen1ayfq, ocen19z9q, ocen1bchq, ocen1ccpq, ocen1da2q, ocen1ea7q, ocen1ff0q, ocen1gf8q, ocen1hkrq, ocen1ikzq, ocen1jpqq, ocen1kpwq, ocen1lusq, ocen1mv5q, ocen1neiq, ocen1oemq, ocen1pigq, ocen1qiuq, ocen1ra4q, ocen1sadq, ocen1tgxq, ocen1uh8q, ocen1vnoq, ocen1wo3q, ocen1xv2q, ocen1yv8q, ocen1zbhq, ocen20bpq, ocen21khq, ocen22kqq, ocen23phq, ocen24pmq, ocen25jbq, ocen26jmq, ocen28n3q, ocen27ncq
157 2014-06-10 06:35:02 2014-07-10 00:03:02 29 days 17:28:00 58 58 x 1100 s
ocen29yyq, ocen2az5q, ocen2cblq, ocen2bbpq, ocen2djuq, ocen2ek0q, ocen2gqoq, ocen2fr1q, ocen2hy2q, ocen2iyaq, ocen2ja1q, ocen2ka7q, ocen2ldxq, ocen2me7q, ocen2njtq, ocen2okaq, ocen2pp5q, ocen2qp9q, ocen2rt5q, ocen2stiq, ocen2ty8q, ocen2uyhq, ocen2vbrq, ocen2wc1q, ocen2xa4q, ocen2yafq, ocen2zfxq, ocen30g6q, ocen31k8q, ocen32klq, ocen33oyq, ocen34p6q, ocen35u1q, ocen36ucq, ocen37yvq, ocen38yzq, ocen39h1q, ocen3ah6q, ocen3baqq, ocen3cb9q, ocen3egxq, ocen3dh3q, ocen3flwq, ocen3gm2q, ocen3hpaq, ocen3iphq, ocen3kueq, ocen3jurq, ocen3lzmq, ocen3mzsq, ocen3odwq, ocen3ne6q, ocen3pa2q, ocen3qa8q, ocen3rgpq, ocen3sgxq, ocen3tm7q, ocen3umeq
158 2014-07-10 00:03:02 2014-08-04 02:12:49 25 days 02:09:47 50 50 x 1100 s
ocen3vtuq, ocen3wu5q, ocen3xv9q, ocen3yvnq, ocen3zbkq, ocen40btq, ocen41giq, ocen42gpq, ocen43ahq, ocen44beq, ocen45ezq, ocen46f3q, ocen47k3q, ocen48kdq, ocen49rhq, ocen4aroq, ocen4bvmq, ocen4cvzq, ocen4dzwq, ocen4eapq, ocen4ffgq, ocen4gfuq, ocen4hawq, ocen4ib7q, ocen4jfcq, ocen4kgaq, ocen4ll2q, ocen4mmcq, ocen4orfq, ocen4nrpq, ocen4px2q, ocen4qxgq, ocen4raxq, ocen4sbwq, ocen4ufhq, ocen4tftq, ocen4va2q, ocen4waaq, ocen4xieq, ocen4yijq, ocen4zn2q, ocen50n9q, ocen51scq, ocen52smq, ocen53wqq, ocen54x4q, ocen55b1q, ocen56b7q, ocen57gzq, ocen58h7q
159 2014-08-04 02:12:49 2014-09-02 17:48:56 29 days 15:36:07 60 60 x 1100 s
ocen59erq, ocen5af0q, ocen5bgeq, ocen5cglq, ocen5dk2q, ocen5ek9q, ocen5fo6q, ocen5gogq, ocen5hufq, ocen5iuoq, ocen5jzeq, ocen5kzoq, ocen5lf0q, ocen5mf8q, ocen5oauq, ocen5nb3q, ocen5pf2q, ocen5qfdq, ocen5rixq, ocen5sjdq, ocen5tokq, ocen5uooq, ocen5vstq, ocen5wt2q, ocen5yynq, ocen5xytq, ocen5zepq, ocen60evq, ocen61a1q, ocen62a7q, ocen63fpq, ocen64g4q, ocen65juq, ocen66k5q, ocen67paq, ocen68plq, ocen69ugq, ocen6autq, ocen6bakq, ocen6caoq, ocen6deuq, ocen6eeyq, ocen6fa4q, ocen6gaaq, ocen6hffq, ocen6ig0q, ocen6jx4q, ocen6kxiq, ocen6lgbq, ocen6mghq, ocen6nk4q, ocen6okwq, ocen6pplq, ocen6qpuq, ocen6rtiq, ocen6stmq, ocen6ta7q, ocen6ualq, ocen6vi1q, ocen6wiaq
160 2014-09-02 17:48:56 2014-10-02 11:55:22 29 days 18:06:26 60 60 x 1100 s
ocen6ynpq, ocen6xntq, ocen6zxfq, ocen70xlq, ocen71bxq, ocen72c8q, ocen73ivq, ocen74izq, ocen75myq, ocen76n6q, ocen77a2q, ocen78bfq, ocen79i4q, ocen7aiaq, ocen7bolq, ocen7cotq, ocen7dulq, ocen7eurq, ocen7fz0q, ocen7gz7q, ocen7hedq, ocen7iehq, ocen7jk5q, ocen7kkoq, ocen7la4q, ocen7mabq, ocen7nh5q, ocen7oh9q, ocen7ps1q, ocen7qt9q, ocen7rxrq, ocen7sxyq, ocen7tc0q, ocen7uctq, ocen7vgvq, ocen7whcq, ocen7xlfq, ocen7yljq, ocen80asq, ocen7zb1q, ocen81ezq, ocen82f5q, ocen83jes, ocen84jls, ocen85ouq, ocen86p1q, ocen87skq, ocen88ssq, ocen8aynq, ocen89ytq, ocen8bjzq, ocen8ck5q, ocen8da1q, ocen8eadq, ocen8fgvq, ocen8gh7q, ocen8hm9q, ocen8in5q, ocen8jsqq, ocen8kt0q
161 2014-10-02 11:55:22 2014-10-27 23:46:08 25 days 11:50:46 48 48 x 1100 s
ocen8lapq, ocen8maxq, ocen8nedq, ocen8oekq, ocen8pk0q, ocen8qkbq, ocen8ra4q, ocen8sabq, ocen8tf2q, ocen8uf7q, ocen8viyq, ocen8wj2q, ocen8xonq, ocen8yowq, ocen8ztoq, ocen90tyq, ocen91xeq, ocen92xmq, ocen93baq, ocen94beq, ocen95ghq, ocen96jiq, ocen97soq, ocen98trq, ocen99x0q, ocen9axcq, ocen9cdaq, ocen9bdeq, ocen9dhmq, ocen9ehwq, ocen9fmhq, ocen9gndq, ocen9ha1q, ocen9ia5q, ocen9jitq, ocen9kjhq, ocen9naaq, ocen9oatq, ocen9pejq, ocen9qerq, ocen9rkzq, ocen9sldq, ocen9tqjq, ocen9uqwq, ocen9vvjq, ocen9ww2q, ocen9xa2q, ocen9ya7q
162 2014-10-27 23:46:08 2014-11-26 12:02:47 29 days 12:16:39 60 60 x 1100 s
ocen9zkqq, ocena0kyq, ocena1m9q, ocena2mhq, ocena3sbq, ocena4skq, ocena5eeq, ocena6eiq, ocqn01iaq, ocqn02ikq, ocqn04oaq, ocqn03olq, ocqn05alq, ocqn06b2q, ocqn07nuq, ocqn08nzq, ocqn09fkq, ocqn0aftq, ocqn0bsdq, ocqn0csoq, ocqn0dddq, ocqn0edpq, ocqn0flaq, ocqn0gleq, ocqn0hqvq, ocqn0ir0q, ocqn0ja3q, ocqn0kakq, ocqn0lf6q, ocqn0mfgq, ocqn0nk5q, ocqn0okyq, ocqn0pr3q, ocqn0qrgq, ocqn0rvdq, ocqn0svqq, ocqn0tatq, ocqn0ub5q, ocqn0vlyq, ocqn0wmgq, ocqn0xa2q, ocqn0yadq, ocqn0zj3q, ocqn10jjq, ocqn11plq, ocqn12pyq, ocqn13uoq, ocqn14uuq, ocqn15a8q, ocqn16alq, ocqn17fuq, ocqn18g2q, ocqn19z1q, ocqn1az5q, ocqn1ba1q, ocqn1caaq, ocqn1desq, ocqn1eewq, ocqn1fiyq, ocqn1gj4q
163 2014-11-26 12:02:47 2014-12-25 12:04:57 29 days 00:02:10 58 58 x 1100 s
ocqn1hr0q, ocqn1ir9q, ocqn1jvdq, ocqn1kvrq, ocqn1lc0q, ocqn1mcaq, ocqn1nfpq, ocqn1ofxq, ocqn1pa2q, ocqn1qaqq, ocqn1rjlq, ocqn1skeq, ocqn1tqkq, ocqn1ur1q, ocqn1vyeq, ocqn1wyiq, ocqn1xgiq, ocqn1ygvq, ocqn1zl9q, ocqn20lgq, ocqn21r3q, ocqn22r7q, ocqn23avq, ocqn24bfq, ocqn25geq, ocqn26gnq, ocqn27l4q, ocqn28maq, ocqn29xfq, ocqn2axnq, ocqn2bg2q, ocqn2cgxq, ocqn2dxhq, ocqn2exrq, ocqn2ff9q, ocqn2gfeq, ocqn2hb2q, ocqn2ibfq, ocqn2jfqq, ocqn2kg3q, ocqn2llwq, ocqn2mm5q, ocqn2nstq, ocqn2osyq, ocqn2qybq, ocqn2pynq, ocqn2re6q, ocqn2segq, ocqn2thwq, ocqn2uiaq, ocqn2vazq, ocqn2wbxq, ocqn2yhrq, ocqn2xi5q, ocqn30nbq, ocqn2zniq, ocqn32s8q, ocqn31sdq
164 2014-12-25 12:04:57 2015-01-22 00:02:50 27 days 11:57:53 54 54 x 1100 s
ocqn34yuq, ocqn33zqq, ocqn35cnq, ocqn36d4q, ocqn38glq, ocqn37h2q, ocqn39a6q, ocqn3aahq, ocqn3beiq, ocqn3cenq, ocqn3dhyq, ocqn3ei9q, ocqn3ft5q, ocqn3gtcq, ocqn3hytq, ocqn3izcq, ocqn3jfbq, ocqn3kfmq, ocqn3ljmq, ocqn3mk7q, ocqn3na1q, ocqn3oahq, ocqn3pg0q, ocqn3qheq, ocqn3rlaq, ocqn3slhq, ocqn3tplq, ocqn3upvq, ocqn3vuuq, ocqn3wv4q, ocqn3xamq, ocqn3yb1q, ocqn3zggq, ocqn40h1q, ocqn41cxq, ocqn42d3q, ocqn44fyq, ocqn43g5q, ocqn45leq, ocqn46lpq, ocqn48pyq, ocqn47q7q, ocqn49vxq, ocqn4awaq, ocqn4blpq, ocqn4cluq, ocqn4dsxq, ocqn4eteq, ocqn4fa4q, ocqn4gaaq, ocqn4hi8q, ocqn4ijmq, ocqn4jpxq, ocqn4kq1q
165 2015-01-22 00:02:50 2015-02-19 02:07:07 28 days 02:04:17 57 57 x 1100 s
ocqn4lz4q, ocqn4mzaq, ocqn4nabq, ocqn4oamq, ocqn4pidq, ocqn4qinq, ocqn4rnvq, ocqn4so5q, ocqn4tazq, ocqn4ubaq, ocqn4wg0q, ocqn4vg4q, ocqn4xl1q, ocqn4ylaq, ocqn4zr2q, ocqn50sjq, ocqn51uxq, ocqn52v8q, ocqn54brq, ocqn53c0q, ocqn56gwq, ocqn55hvq, ocqn57a2q, ocqn58afq, ocqn59fus, ocqn5afys, ocqn5blhq, ocqn5clsq, ocqn5drlq, ocqn5erwq, ocqn5fwbq, ocqn5gwvq, ocqn5hb5q, ocqn5ibiq, ocqn5jgtq, ocqn5kgyq, ocqn5ldhq, ocqn5mdxq, ocqn5nhhq, ocqn5ohmq, ocqn5pmdq, ocqn5qmhq, ocqn5ss5q, ocqn5rs9q, ocqn5ucfq, ocqn5tcuq, ocqn5vgmq, ocqn5wgsq, ocqn5yknq, ocqn5xkxq, ocqn5za1q, ocqn60acq, ocqn61eaq, ocqn62eiq, ocqn63k2q, ocqn64kgq, ocqn65q0q
166 2015-02-19 02:07:07 2015-03-18 18:06:01 27 days 15:58:54 55 55 x 1100 s
ocqn66tmq, ocqn67uhq, ocqn68uuq, ocqn69aoq, ocqn6aatq, ocqn6bfbq, ocqn6cfnq, ocqn6da2q, ocqn6ea8q, ocqn6ffeq, ocqn6gfoq, ocqn6hkbq, ocqn6ikfq, ocqn6jqdq, ocqn6kqxq, ocqn6lzgq, ocqn6mztq, ocqn6njnq, ocqn6ok3q, ocqn6ps4q, ocqn6qsaq, ocqn6ra1q, ocqn6sadq, ocqn6thzq, ocqn6ujtq, ocqn6vntq, ocqn6wnxq, ocqn6xriq, ocqn6yrpq, ocqn6zw9q, ocqn70wfq, ocqn71bvq, ocqn72cbq, ocqn73hiq, ocqn74hmq, ocqn75brq, ocqn76bvq, ocqn78f6q, ocqn77faq, ocqn7akaq, ocqn79krq, ocqn7crcq, ocqn7bruq, ocqn7dwlq, ocqn7ewsq, ocqn7gg7q, ocqn7fgiq, ocqn7hkpq, ocqn7il7q, ocqn7jc1q, ocqn7kc8q, ocqn7lfzq, ocqn7mg7q, ocqn7nkzq, ocqn7ol5q
167 2015-03-18 18:06:01 2015-04-15 10:03:04 27 days 15:57:03 56 56 x 1100 s
ocqn7qs1q, ocqn7psyq, ocqn7ru2q, ocqn7sucq, ocqn7ta4q, ocqn7uayq, ocqn7vdlq, ocqn7we7q, ocqn7xa4q, ocqn7yabq, ocqn7zh9q, ocqn80hdq, ocqn81ljq, ocqn82m3q, ocqn83rmq, ocqn84rsq, ocqn85vzq, ocqn86w4q, ocqn87c6q, ocqn88cbq, ocqn89g7q, ocqn8agoq, ocqn8ba9q, ocqn8cbaq, ocqn8dgxq, ocqn8eh8q, ocqn8flrq, ocqn8gm3q, ocqn8hrvq, ocqn8is1q, ocqn8jy4q, ocqn8kytq, ocqn8ldqq, ocqn8mdxq, ocqn8nhoq, ocqn8ohuq, ocqn8parq, ocqn8qayq, ocqn8sgnq, ocqn8rgtq, ocqn8tliq, ocqn8ultq, ocqn8wprq, ocqn8vpzq, ocqn8xuyq, ocqn8yvdq, ocqn8zbiq, ocqn90boq, ocqn91f4q, ocqn92fcq, ocqn93a4q, ocqn94abq, ocqn95gyq, ocqn96hkq, ocqn97mkq, ocqn98moq
168 2015-04-15 10:03:04 2015-05-14 06:04:54 28 days 20:01:50 58 58 x 1100 s
ocqn99ycq, ocqn9ayhq, ocqn9bcuq, ocqn9cd2q, ocqn9djkq, ocqn9ejqq, ocqn9frfq, ocqn9grjq, ocqn9ha5q, ocqn9iasq, ocqn9jiwq, ocqn9kj8q, ocqn9lllq, ocqn9mm1q, ocqn9nr4q, ocqn9ordq, ocqn9pwkq, ocqn9qwwq, ocqn9rbiq, ocqn9sbqq, ocqn9tgfq, ocqn9ugyq, ocqn9vd8q, ocqn9wdfq, ocqn9yeyq, ocqn9xf6q, ocqn9zj8q, ocqna0jcq, ocqna2qaq, ocqna1qiq, ocqna3t6q, ocqna4x4q, ocqq01b7q, ocqna5bmq, ocqq02krq, ocqq03liq, ocqq04b3q, ocqq05biq, ocqq06giq, ocqq07goq, ocqq08lqq, ocqq09m2q, ocqq11yjq, ocqq10ysq, ocqq13dsq, ocqq12e3q, ocqq14isq, ocqq15iyq, ocqq16njq, ocqq17o0q, ocqq18a2q, ocqq19abq, ocqq20fzq, ocqq21g3q, ocqq22kbq, ocqq23knq, ocqq24otq, ocqq25p3q
169 2015-05-14 06:04:54 2015-06-09 00:23:04 25 days 18:18:10 48 48 x 1100 s
ocqq26u4q, ocqq27ucq, ocqq28ydq, ocqq29ylq, ocqq30d5q, ocqq31dcq, ocqq32a1q, ocqq33a5q, ocqq34ewq, ocqq35f0q, ocqq36isq, ocqq37j0q, ocqq38n0q, ocqq39n6q, ocqq40rhq, ocqq41ruq, ocqq42dtq, ocqq43dyq, ocqq44gsq, ocqq45h6q, ocqq46a5q, ocqq47afq, ocqq48fjq, ocqq49fxq, ocqq50o6q, ocqq51odq, ocqq52swq, ocqq53t7q, ocqq54ziq, ocqq55zvq, ocqq56g1q, ocqq57g5q, ocqq58m9q, ocqq59mjq, ocqq60alq, ocqq61azq, ocqq62ikq, ocqq63jgq, ocqq64ocq, ocqq65ogq, ocqq67u3q, ocqq66u9q, ocqq70fdq, ocqq71fhq, ocqq72huq, ocqq73i3q, ocqq74a1q, ocqq75a5q
170 2015-06-09 00:23:04 2015-07-08 11:18:57 29 days 10:55:53 60 60 x 1100 s
ocqq76kbq, ocqq77kkq, ocqq78lxq, ocqq79m2q, ocqq80rsq, ocqq81rwq, ocqq82aaq, ocqq83afq, ocqq84dxq, ocqq85egq, ocqq86ilq, ocqq87irq, ocqq88a6q, ocqq89acq, ocqq90k7q, ocqq91krq, ocqq92q3q, ocqq93qbq, ocqq94yqq, ocqq95yuq, ocqq96fhq, ocqq97fnq, ocqq98naq, ocqq99nhq, ocqq0at9q, ocqq0btqq, ocqq0ca2q, ocqq0daaq, ocqq0ehbq, ocqq0fhqq, ocqq0gvlq, ocqq0hw3q, ocqq0ibhq, ocqq0jbtq, ocqq0kgqq, ocqq0lguq, ocqq0mlvq, ocqq0nn6q, ocqq0oqdq, ocqq0pqiq, ocqq0qcpq, ocqq0rdbq, ocqq0tl1q, ocqq0slyq, ocqq0vv5q, ocqq0uvjq, ocqq0wclq, ocqq0xcpq, ocqq0ynlq, ocqq0znvq, ocqq1bswq, ocqq1atxq, ocqq1dynq, ocqq1cyrq, ocqq1eanq, ocqq1favq, ocqq1gg4q, ocqq1hgdq, ocqq1ilpq, ocqq1jlyq
171 2015-07-08 11:18:57 2015-08-07 03:02:56 29 days 15:43:59 59 59 x 1100 s
ocqq1ls1q, ocqq1kt1q, ocqq1mznq, ocqq1najq, ocqq1oftq, ocqq1pfzq, ocqq1qkqq, ocqq1rl5q, ocqq1sa1q, ocqq1ta6q, ocqq1ufmq, ocqq1vfqq, ocqq1wjvq, ocqq1xkbq, ocqq1yowq, ocqq1zp2q, ocqq2aswq, ocqq2bt7q, ocqq2cx3q, ocqq2dxgq, ocqq2ebdq, ocqq2fbjq, ocqq2ha2q, ocqq2gbnq, ocqq2jh2q, ocqq2ihcq, ocqq2kmuq, ocqq2lmyq, ocqq2mr7q, ocqq2nscq, ocqq2pxzq, ocqq2oz3q, ocqq2rcfq, ocqq2qcqq, ocqq2shtq, ocqq2thzq, ocqq2uaiq, ocqq2vb4q, ocqq2wfnq, ocqq2xfvq, ocqq2ykrq, ocqq2zl6q, ocqq3bq2q, ocqq3aqcq, ocqq3dveq, ocqq3cvuq, ocqq3eatq, ocqq3faxq, ocqq3gguq, ocqq3hhmq, ocqq3igxq, ocqq3jh6q, ocqq3lrdq, ocqq3krkq, ocqq3mzhq, ocqq3nchq, ocqq3pglq, ocqq3ogxq, ocqq3qmqq
172 2015-08-07 03:02:56 2015-09-05 11:04:15 29 days 08:01:19 59 59 x 1100 s
ocqq3rr5q, ocqq3trxq, ocqq3ssaq, ocqq3vwwq, ocqq3ux2q, ocqq3wa2q, ocqq3xa7q, ocqq3yicq, ocqq3zipq, ocqq4andq, ocqq4bnoq, ocqq4ctgq, ocqq4dtoq, ocqq4ezgq, ocqq4fzpq, ocqq4ggtq, ocqq4hh1q, ocqq4ilwq, ocqq4jm5q, ocqq4ka6q, ocqq4lakq, ocqq4mjqq, ocqq4njwq, ocqq4oreq, ocqq4prpq, ocqq4qxiq, ocqq4rxuq, ocqq4sbkq, ocqq4tbyq, ocqq4uhjq, ocqq4vhnq, ocqq4wl3q, ocqq4xl7q, ocqq4yayq, ocqq4zb9q, ocqq5agqq, ocqq5bgyq, ocqq5djzq, ocqq5ckdq, ocqq5fp7q, ocqq5epbq, ocqq5gugq, ocqq5huuq, ocqq5ja4q, ocqq5iaaq, ocqq5kfiq, ocqq5lfqq, ocqq5ma1q, ocqq5na7q, ocqq5ofeq, ocqq5pfqq, ocqq5qomq, ocqq5rovq, ocqq5ttzq, ocqq5su4q, ocqq5uxpq, ocqq5vxyq, ocqq5wdkq, ocqq5xdqq
173 2015-09-05 11:04:15 2015-09-30 19:51:33 25 days 08:47:18 50 50 x 1100 s
ocqq5ykyq, ocqq5zlcq, ocqq6aa4q, ocqq6ba9q, ocqq6ck7q, ocqq6dl5q, ocqq6eoaq, ocqq6fpbq, ocqq6gviq, ocqq6hvnq, ocqq6ibzq, ocqq6jcbq, ocqq6kfcq, ocqq6lfiq, ocqq6mlfq, ocqq6nltq, ocqq6obdq, ocqq6pbmq, ocqq6rh2q, ocqq6qhaq, ocqq6snyq, ocqq6tphq, ocqq6vv5q, ocqq6uvfq, ocqq6xb4q, ocqq6wchq, ocqq6zi7q, ocqq6yilq, ocqq7angq, ocqq7bnkq, ocqq7caxq, ocqq7db9q, ocqq7fgfq, ocqq7egpq, ocqq7gkmq, ocqq7hkvq, ocqq7jpjq, ocqq7ipqq, ocqq7kv0q, ocqq7lvbq, ocqq7maxq, ocqq7nb7q, ocqq7oh3q, ocqq7phaq, ocqq7qa4q, ocqq7ra9q, ocqq7sg2q, ocqq7tgaq, ocqq7upiq, ocqq7vprq
174 2015-09-30 19:51:33 2015-10-28 18:02:50 27 days 22:11:17 55 55 x 1100 s
ocqq7waoq, ocqq7ybmq, ocqq7zbyq, ocqq8agpq, ocqq8bgwq, ocqq8cofq, ocqq8dolq, ocqq8ea1q, ocqq8faaq, ocqq8gfsq, ocqq8hfwq, ocqq8io1q, ocqq8jodq, ocqq8ks4q, ocqq8lssq, ocqq8mw6q, ocqq8nwhq, ocqq8oanq, ocqq8parq, ocqq8qftq, ocqq8rg4q, ocqq8ta1q, ocqq8saoq, ocqq8uhmq, ocqq8vidq, ocqq8wmtq, ocqq8xn4q, ocqq8yt6q, ocqq8ztfq, ocqq9axsq, ocqq9bycq, ocqq9ceeq, ocqq9dewq, ocqq9eleq, ocqq9flnq, ocqq9gauq, ocqq9hb5q, ocqq9igzq, ocqq9jh5q, ocqq9klbq, ocqq9llmq, ocqq9nxiq, ocqq9mxvq, ocqq9pegq, ocqq9oerq, ocqq9qkcq, ocqq9rkoq, ocqq9spyq, ocqq9tq6q, ocqq9ua1q, ocqq9va8q, ocqq9wigq, ocqq9xinq, ocqq9ynpq, ocqq9zo0q
175 2015-10-28 18:02:50 2015-11-26 12:02:52 28 days 18:00:02 58 58 x 1100 s
ocqqa1vnq, ocqqa0wgq, ocqqa2y0q, ocqqa3ynq, ocqqa4fjq, ocqqa5ftq, ocqq7xviq, ocqqa6vnq, od0t03a2q, od0t04alq, od0t06itq, od0t05iyq, od0t07pmq, od0t08puq, od0t0ab2q, od0t09b6q, od0t0bfeq, od0t0cglq, od0t0ekdq, od0t0dksq, od0t0fqeq, od0t0gqmq, od0t0ha4q, od0t0iaeq, od0t0jhiq, od0t0khqq, od0t0ln8q, od0t0mnhq, od0t0ns9q, od0t0osiq, od0t0pzeq, od0t0qzoq, od0t0reqq, od0t0sevq, od0t0tkeq, od0t0uklq, od0t0vbfq, od0t0wbtq, od0t0xf1q, od0t0yfcq, od0t0zkbq, od0t10klq, od0t11pqq, od0t12puq, od0t13tuq, od0t14u0q, od0t15zvq, od0t16aqq, od0t17fkq, od0t18fxq, od0t19a2q, od0t1aabq, od0t1bh1q, od0t1chfq, od0t1dmvq, od0t1enlq, od0t1fsgq, od0t1gskq
176 2015-11-26 12:02:52 2015-12-23 21:03:04 27 days 09:00:12 54 54 x 1100 s
od0t1hczq, od0t1id6q, od0t1jh2q, od0t1khnq, od0t1llyq, od0t1mm4q, od0t1na1q, od0t1oahq, od0t1peiq, od0t1qetq, od0t1rkqq, od0t1sl5q, od0t1tp5q, od0t1upaq, od0t1vvmq, od0t1ww0q, od0t1xzoq, od0t1yacq, od0t1zftq, od0t20g0q, od0t21a2q, od0t22aaq, od0t23g2q, od0t24g6q, od0t25mjq, od0t26n3q, od0t27y3q, od0t28ybq, od0t29d3q, od0t2adkq, od0t2bi4q, od0t2ciqq, od0t2dowq, od0t2epdq, od0t2fa2q, od0t2gc1q, od0t2he8q, od0t2iegq, od0t2jj8q, od0t2kjiq, od0t2lp7q, od0t2mpbq, od0t2nsjq, od0t2ossq, od0t2py8q, od0t2qyfq, od0t2rcnq, od0t2scxq, od0t2ta5q, od0t2ubcq, od0t2vh5q, od0t2wh9q, od0t2xl4q, od0t2ylhq
177 2015-12-23 21:03:04 2016-01-20 19:07:11 27 days 22:04:07 56 56 x 1100 s
od0t2ztwq, od0t30u7q, od0t31v7q, od0t32vcq, od0t33clq, od0t34dgq, od0t35iyq, od0t36j8q, od0t37a1q, od0t38a5q, od0t39f5q, od0t3afcq, od0t3bjgq, od0t3cjsq, od0t3doeq, od0t3eojq, od0t3fybq, od0t3gz6q, od0t3helq, od0t3iesq, od0t3jk8q, od0t3kkcq, od0t3la1q, od0t3maeq, od0t3ngqq, od0t3oguq, od0t3pl4q, od0t3qldq, od0t3rprq, od0t3spxq, od0t3tvsq, od0t3uw1q, od0t3vzbq, od0t3wzxq, od0t3xe1q, od0t3yedq, od0t3za4q, od0t40a9q, od0t41gmq, od0t42guq, od0t43n7q, od0t44neq, od0t45sbq, od0t46sgq, od0t47wkq, od0t48wsq, od0t49bsq, od0t4aceq, od0t4bfcq, od0t4cfmq, od0t4da1q, od0t4ea8q, od0t4fgrq, od0t4ggyq, od0t4hn8q, od0t4inqq
178 2016-01-20 19:07:11 2016-02-20 16:28:02 30 days 21:20:51 62 62 x 1100 s
od0t4jxbq, od0t4kxnq, od0t4lzpq, od0t4maoq, od0t4nfcq, od0t4og1q, od0t4pkbq, od0t4qkfq, od0t4ra1q, od0t4saaq, od0t4tgiq, od0t4uh0q, od0t4vktq, od0t4wl5q, od0t4xoyq, od0t4yp5q, od0t4zspq, od0t50tfq, od0t51z4q, od0t52zrq, od0t53enq, od0t54euq, od0t55a2q, od0t56adq, od0t57j1q, od0t58kjq, od0t59qrq, od0t5ar8q, od0t5bxhq, od0t5cxqq, od0t5dc9q, od0t5eckq, od0t5fhnq, od0t5ghvq, od0t5hplq, od0t5ipxq, od0t5ja2q, od0t5kajq, od0t5lftq, od0t5mg1q, od0t5nmbq, od0t5omqq, od0t5psqq, od0t5qsyq, od0t5ryxq, od0t5szjq, od0t5th0q, od0t5uhjq, od0t5vmcq, od0t5wmhq, od0t5xa2q, od0t5yanq, od0t5zgyq, od0t60h5q, od0t61lpq, od0t62ltq, od0t63pdq, od0t64pzq, od0t65upq, od0t66uxq, od0t67zcq, od0t68zmq
179 2016-02-20 16:28:02 2016-03-17 01:11:09 25 days 08:43:07 50 50 x 1100 s
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180 2016-03-17 01:11:09 2016-04-14 00:33:13 27 days 23:22:04 56 56 x 1100 s
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238 2020-07-30 21:42:37 2020-08-27 04:13:42 27 days 06:31:05 56 56 x 1100 s
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250 2021-07-17 13:37:03 2021-07-27 13:24:00 9 days 23:46:57 18 18 x 1100 s
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251 2021-07-27 13:24:00 2021-08-19 02:36:27 22 days 13:12:27 44 44 x 1100 s
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252 2021-08-19 02:36:27 2021-09-20 03:36:57 32 days 01:00:30 66 66 x 1100 s
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254 2021-10-19 13:40:17 2021-12-07 11:33:22 48 days 21:53:05 8 8 x 1100 s
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266 2022-10-21 11:01:24 2022-11-19 00:45:05 28 days 13:43:41 56 56 x 1100 s
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268 2022-12-16 11:59:07 2023-01-10 21:41:15 25 days 09:42:08 50 50 x 1100 s
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269 2023-01-10 21:41:15 2023-02-09 09:03:37 29 days 11:22:22 59 59 x 1100 s
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270 2023-02-09 09:03:37 2023-03-08 13:41:19 27 days 04:37:42 54 54 x 1100 s
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271 2023-03-08 13:41:19 2023-04-03 03:02:51 25 days 13:21:32 50 50 x 1100 s
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272 2023-04-03 03:02:51 2023-05-02 06:13:06 29 days 03:10:15 60 60 x 1100 s
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273 2023-05-02 06:13:06 2023-05-31 21:21:30 29 days 15:08:24 58 58 x 1100 s
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274 2023-05-31 21:21:30 2023-06-29 07:01:00 28 days 09:39:30 58 58 x 1100 s
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275 2023-06-29 07:01:00 2023-07-27 10:02:51 28 days 03:01:51 54 54 x 1100 s
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276 2023-07-27 10:02:51 2023-08-24 19:30:34 28 days 09:27:43 50 50 x 1100 s
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277 2023-08-24 19:30:34 2023-09-22 12:06:50 28 days 16:36:16 54 54 x 1100 s
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278 2023-09-22 12:06:50 2023-10-18 20:02:58 26 days 07:56:08 52 52 x 1100 s
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279 2023-10-18 20:02:58 2023-11-15 22:24:00 28 days 02:21:02 56 56 x 1100 s
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280 2023-11-15 22:24:00 2023-12-22 00:43:38 36 days 02:19:38 14 14 x 1100 s
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281 2023-12-22 00:43:38 2024-01-23 22:30:59 32 days 21:47:21 35 35 x 1100 s
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282 2024-01-23 22:30:59 2024-02-21 02:15:30 28 days 03:44:31 52 52 x 1100 s
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283 2024-02-21 02:15:30 2024-03-18 15:12:33 26 days 12:57:03 54 54 x 1100 s
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284 2024-03-18 15:12:33 2024-04-17 08:02:50 29 days 16:50:17 56 56 x 1100 s
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285 2024-04-17 08:02:50 2024-05-17 01:46:44 29 days 17:43:54 23 23 x 1100 s
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286 2024-05-17 01:46:44 2024-06-16 15:03:03 30 days 13:16:19 16 16 x 1100 s
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