Gas Accretion onto Galaxies

A Springer Contributed Volume to be Published in 2017

Gas Accretion onto Galaxies is a contributed volume edited by myself and Romeel Dave. The book is composed of the following 15 chapters (the links take you directly to astro-ph)

1) An Introduction to Gas Accretion onto Galaxies by Mary Putman

2) Gas Accretion onto the Milky Way by Philipp Richter

3) Neutral Gas Accretion onto Nearby Galaxies by Jay Lockman

4) Gas Accretion and Star Formation Rates by Jorge Sanchez-Almeida

5) Gas Accretion Traced in Absorption in Galaxy Spectroscopy by Kate Rubin

6) Gas Accretion via Lyman Limit Systems by Nicolas Lehner

7) Gas Accretion in Star-Forming Galaxies by Glenn Kacprzak

8) The Circumgalactic Medium in Massive Halos by Hsiao-Wen Chen

9) Gas Accretion and Giant Lyman-Alpha Nebulae by Sebastiano Cantalupo

10) Gas Accretion and Galactic Chemical Evolution: Theory and Observations by Kristian Finlator

11) Gas Accretion and Angular Momentum by Kyle Stewart

12) Observational Diagnostics of Gas Flows: Insights from Cosmological Simulations by Claude-Andre Faucher Giguere

13) The Effect of Galactic Feedback on Gas Accretion and Wind Recycling by Freeke van de Voort

14) Gas Accretion via Condensations and Fountains by Filippo Fraternali

15) Gas Accretion and Star-Formation Rates with IFUs and Background Quasars by Nicolas Bouche

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