UGC 12914/5 Howard Bushouse
Space Telescope Science Institute
3700 San Martin Drive
Baltimore, MD 21218 USA

Phone: 1-410-338-4530
FAX: 1-410-338-4767

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As a member of the Science Software Branch I am responsible for writing and maintaining programs used to reduce, calibrate and analyze data from HST instruments. Since mid-2000 I have worked on the design, development, and now maintenance of the WFC3 pipeline calibration programs. During the previous five years I developed and maintained the NICMOS pipeline calibration programs, calnica and calnicb. And before that, I spent a couple of years maintaining and enhancing the FOS calibration program, calfos. I've also been involved in user-support and enhancements for the STSDAS Synthetic Photometry software package, synphot.

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Married Patricia Vos on 31 July 1982, and have 3 children - Matthew (age 25), Elizabeth (age 22), and Michelle (age 17).
I love music and movies, and have always enjoyed playing around with the technology that allows me to experience them at home. I've also had an avid interest in theatrical lighting since my days as a lighting technician at the Calvin College Fine Arts Center. For 20 years I did lighting for the Glenn Bulthuis and the Tonedeafs concerts at Calvin, and now I continue to do it for National Christian Choir concerts (in which my wife sings) and for the annual WCA drama productions.
Former President and member of the Board of Directors of Washington Christian Academy, where my children have gone to school.

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