iPhone Testing: 2G

C. Christian and A. Conti, December 2009.

The intent for the original iPhone procurement and use was primarily testing of applications relevant to astronomy and any other productivity tools to support STScI personnel in their functional work in support of Hubble Space Telescope (HST), James Web Space Telescope (JWST), Community Missions Office (CMO), and outreach. At the time, the Blackberry Pearl was being favored by JWST. The comparitive functionality was in question especially since many individuals at STScI were unfamiliar with the iPhone and had not been exposed to the power of the applications suite.

We intended to gain experience with new technologies, and in the case of the iPhone, with publicly available applications, giving us particular expertise relevant to use of mobile devices for astronomy and outreach. We then are in a good position to make recommendations to various interested parties regarding applicable technologies, in concert with commentary from STScI's computer support personnel. A secondary goal was to understand if we could develop applications for the iPhone if resources could be allocated to us to accomplish such work.

It should be noted that this was the first phase of our work. Many of the applications we found useful are superceded by the new operating systems and new models of the iPhone as well as greater capability with the camera, GPS and other features.

Testing accomplished:

Application Development: