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Headshot of Cassi Lochhaas

I am a postdoctoral scholar in the FOGGIE group at Space Telescope Science Insitute. I obtained my PhD in Astronomy from The Ohio State University Department of Astronomy in July 2019 and my Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from California Institute of Technology in 2013. My research interests include the circumgalactic medium (CGM), galaxy formation and evolution, galactic winds, and how stellar feedback impacts star formation. I have experience in exploring the physics of the CGM using analytic theory, simulations, and observations. I am currently focused on connecting these three approaches to produce a complete model of how galactic winds impact the CGM.

My most recent paper, Properties of the Simulated Circumgalactic Medium, uses high resolution idealized galactic wind/CGM simulations to analyze the overall structure of the CGM, in particular the role kinematics play in providing pressure support to the gas against gravity.

My ongoing projects include an analysis of mass and energy fluxes within the CGM of the FOGGIE simulations, a derivation of the maximum momentum that hot, supernova-driven winds can transfer to cold clouds, and a successful Hubble Space Telescope Archive Research Theory proposal to analyze the pressure support in the FOGGIE simulations, analogous to Lochhaas et al. (2020) linked above. See the Research page for more.