News Releases based on Paul Goudfrooij's Research

STScI/NASA Press Releases
Hubble Spies Cosmic Dust Bunnies (The Dusty Galaxy NGC 1316; 2005)
NGC 4710: Galaxy on Edge (2009)
NASA's Hubble Finds Stellar Life and Death in a Globular Cluster (2011)
Beyond the Brim, Sombrero Galaxy's Halo Suggests a Turbulent Past (2020)
ESA News Releases
Young Stars in Old Galaxies - Surprising Discovery with the World's Leading Telescopes (2002)
NGC 4710: Baffling Boxy Bulge (2009)
PGC 6240: Soft Shells and Strange Star Clusters (2013)
PGC 42871: A Galaxy in Bloom (2015)
NGC 1783: A Youthful Globular Cluster (2015)
NGC 1222: A Greedy Giant (2016)
UGC 12591: A Remarkable Galactic Hybrid (2017)
NGC 2108: A Globular Cluster's Striking Red Eye (2018)
Other News Releases
The case of Intermediate-Age Star Clusters in the Magellanic Clouds: No Ruling Without Appeal (2015)
Multiple Stellar Populations in NGC 1866: New clues from Cepheids (2019)
Science News for Students: This 'Sombrero' stole a big galaxy (2020)
Astronomy Picture of the Day: NGC 1850: a Type of Star Cluster with no Counterpart in the Milky Way (2023)

Last updated: 20 February 2023