Research Interests of Paul Goudfrooij
Observational studies of galaxy assembly and evolution. Properties of star clusters in galaxies along the Hubble sequence. Assembly history of early-type galaxies and bulges of spiral galaxies. Stellar Populations in external galaxies. The multi-phase ISM in early-type galaxies. Formation and evolution of globular clusters and globular cluster systems. The nature of multiple stellar populations in star clusters. Simulation of astronomical data. Optimization of instrument operations & calibration.
My full list of refereed publications

Recent and Ongoing Research Projects

The Nature of Multiple Stellar Populations in Star Clusters
The Nature of Globular Clusters (GCs) Associated with Galaxies
The Accuracy and Precision of Population Synthesis Models
The HST/ACS Treasury Survey of the Coma Cluster (see project website)


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Last updated: 6 Apr 2022