Before beginning

Download to retrive folders:

1. Use this Folder Layout (from avm_file_structure folder).

2. Get an Archive account. Be familiar with downloading fits file from Archive.

3. Get a Flux account and Linux account

4. Be familiar with how to download fits from HLA.

5. Download AVM panels on hard-drive for Mac user:

Note: We were able to successfully download the panels for CS4.

**Need administrator to grant permission to move files into respective directories.

6. Download Chandra's Pinpoint WCS


A. Retrieve tiff images

1. Go to specify the year, number, and letter of release. For example,

2. Locate “Highest-quality download options” and then click on the "Go"

3. Download large file tiff and save into directories/avm_file_structure/Pinpoint/Tiff_files.


B. Retrieve fits files through Hubble Legacy Archive

1. Go to

2. Click on "Enter site here"

3. In search box type in object name and click on "advanced search". You are able to specify instrument(s) and Proposal ID. Then click on the "Search" button.

Object name: NGC 1132

Instrument: ACS

PropID: 10558

4. Locate desired fits file, click on the cart, and then click on the yellow tab. Download fits file by clicking on "Fetch HLA Data". Place fits file in directories/avm_structure_file/Pinpoint/Fits_files.


C. Retrieve fits files via MAST

1. Go to

2. Enter object name under "Target Name", enter "Proposal ID", and select Instrument (i.e. Imagers). Then click on "Search." (Side note: it is a good practice to make sure you reset the "Output Columns").

Target name: NGC 1132

Instrument: ACS

PropID: 10558

3. Locate the "Dataset" and "Target Name" columns and click on either the dataset name or target name link (a new browser will open). For example, click J9BQ02020 or NGC-1132 .

4. Scroll to the bottow of the page and click on "Retrieve Data".

5. Enter "Archive Username" and "Archive Password". Select "Stage: Put the data onto the Archive staging disk*". Select "Calibrated" under "Science Files Requested" and "DRZ" for "File Extensions Requested" (if available). When you are finished making your selections click on "Send retrieval request to ST-DADS".

6. Archive will send you two emails: the first stating that your request has been recieved and the second stating you can retrieve your data via ftp using your archive account and password
to log-in. To retrieve fits file open a terminal window. Ftp to You will be prompted to enter your archive username and password. Archive will email you the name of the file and directory. For example: /stage/username/username07296.

7. To retrieve the fits files enter this commands below in a terminal window:

ftp > username > password > cd stage > cd username > cd username07296 > get j9bq02020_drz.fits (filename)

8. Place fits file in avm_structure_file/Pinpoint/Fits_files


D. Retrieve Metadata

1. Go to the Fast Facts on

2. Copy and paste fast facts contents into an excel spreadsheet. In the spreadsheet you will want to copy and paste the table to the right, it will be useful later.















Release Date:




3. Go to and search by Target Name and PropID.

4. In “Output Format” change “HTML_Table” to “Excel_Spreadsheet”

Description: Macintosh HD:private:tmp:HST Search-2.jpg

5. Copy and paste information into excel spreadsheet. Save into directories/avm_file_structure/MAST/Pre-mod.

6. You can delete RA, DEC, Ref integer, Stop time, Apertures, Releaes Date, Preview Name, and High-Level Science Products columns. (Warning: before deleting or changing information from MAST make sure you have two excel spreadsheets saved. For example save unmodified execel as 2008-07-mast and then save modified exel as 2008-07-mast-mod. Save 2008-07-mast-mod into directories/avm_file_structure/MAST/Post-mod.)

7. Sort by StartTime and Filters/Grating. Sum the Exp time for the various filters. Then concatenate Facility, Instrument, Spectral.Wavelength, DatasetID, Temporal.StartTime, Temporal.IntegrationTime, Spectral.ColorAssignment, Spectral.Bandpass, and Spectral.Band values.

The formula for concatenation is: CELL1,";", CELL2, ";", CELL3, etc.


E. Pinpoint

1. Before using pinpoint:

2. After pinpoint:

After Pinpoint: 2008-07-c.jpg Match in DS9: 2008-07-c-match.jpg


F. Exporting XMP files/Replacing Boilerplate on Image:

Boilerplate Exported XMP

If you are having issues viewing Metadata tags in Bridge "Metadata" tab, go to the Menu bar in Bridge, select "Preferences...", select "Metadata", and make changes below:




G. Metadata Gathering:

AVM Tag Status Where to get metadata Next Format Other names Comment
1 Creator Master Boilerplate MBP
2 CreatorURL Required Master Boilerplate MBP Creator.Website(s)
3 Contact.Email Master Boilerplate MBP Creator.Email Deprecated
4 Contact.Name Master Boilerplate MBP Creator Same as AVM tag Creator
5 Contact.Telephone Master Boilerplate MBP Creator.Phone(s)  
6 Contact.Address Master Boilerplate MBP Creator.Address
7 Contact.City Master Boilerplate MBP Creator.City
8 Contact.StateProvince Master Boilerplate MBP Creator.State/Province
9 Contact.PostalCode Master Boilerplate MBP Crerator.PostalCode
10 Contact.Country Master Boilerplate MBP Creator.Country
11 Rights Required Master Boilerplate MBP Rights Usage Terms
12 Title Required Script CP
13 Headline By hand CP Other Use Fast Facts information and script information
14 Description Required Script CP
15 Subject.Category Recommended Script CP SC Add "X." in front of word Subject.Categories, i.e.  X.Galaxy > Dwarf
16 Subject.Name Recommended Fast Facts CP S Keywords/Object Name  
17 Distance Recommended By hand CP Other Use Distance.Notes information from Fast Facts. Convert light-years to units of parsecs
18 Distance.Notes Fast Facts CP Distance
19 ReferenceURL Required By hand CP F
20 Credit Required Fast Facts CP Provider/Image Credit Do not include Acknowledgments
21 Date Created Fact Facts CP F Release Date MM/DD/YYYY
22 ID Required By hand CP F STScI-PRC-YYYY-RR-II
23 Type Required Master Boilerplate MBP
24 Image.ProductQuality Master Boilerplate MBP
25 ProposalID Fast Facts CP SC
26 PublicationID Master Boilerplate MBP
27 Facility Required Fact Facts/MAST+ CP SC
28 Instrument Fact Facts/MAST+ CP SC
29 Spectral.ColorAssignment Fact Facts/MAST+ CP SC Color
30 Spectral.Band Recommended Fact Facts/MAST+ CP SC
31 Spectral.Bandpass Fact Facts/MAST+ CP SC Gather from the filter information provided in the Fast Facts; Do not have to include "-band"
32 Spectral.CentralWavelength Fact Facts/MAST+ CP SC Gather from the filter information provided in the Fast Facts;Only use numbers
33 Temporal.StartTime MAST+ CP SC YYYY-MM-DD
34 Temporal.IntergrationTime MAST+ CP SC
35 Spectral.Notes Fast Facts CP Exposure Date(s):
36 Dataset ID MAST Required MAST+ CP SC
37 Spatial.CoordinateFrame Pinpoint Auto
38 Spatial.Equinox Pinpoint Auto
39 Spatial.ReferenceValue Pinpoint Auto
40 Spatial.ReferenceDimension Pinpoint Auto
41 Spatial.ReferencePixel Pinpoint Auto
42 Spatial.Scale Pinpoint Auto
43 Spatial.Rotation Pinpoint Auto
44 Spatial.CoordsystemProjection Pinpoint Auto
45 Spatial.Quality Pinpoint Auto
46 Spatial.Notes Pinpoint Auto
47 Spatial.FITSheader Pinpoint Auto
48 Spatial.CDMatrix Pinpoint Auto Deprecated
49 Publisher Master Boilerplate MBP Source Source and Publisher are the same tag
50 PublisherID Master Boilerplate MBP    
51 ResourceID By hand CP F hs-YYYY-RR-II-full-tif.tif
52 ResoureURL By hand CP F
53 RelatedResources By hand CP F
54 MetadataDate Required By hand CP Other MM/DD/YY, change as you edit individual boilerplate
55 MetadataVersion Required Master Boilerplate MBP


AVM Creator Pink
AVM Content Light turquoise
AVM Observation Orange
AVM Coordinate Light blue
AVM Publisher Grey
Auto Automatically included in header after Pinpoint
By hand Additional calculations and using YYYY, RR, and II to create tag
CP Copy and paste into master-info excel/Copy and paste into individual boilerplates
DD Day
F Format Specific
Fast Facts Information can be copy and pasted from Fast Facts
II Image
MAST Information can be copy and pasted from MAST
MAST+ Gather information from MAST and then concatenate data
Master Boilerplate Information that is the same for all images
MBP Information provided in the xmp file master_bp.xmp
MM Month
Other Additional steps, see comments
RR Release
S Semicolon separate for multiple values
SC Semicolon separate for multiple values, use concatenation formula
Script Gather information with a script. (We used scripts from Frank Summers: avm_captions and avm_metadata)

Locate example_master_info.xls:



H. Scripts

1. Go to directories/avm_file_structure/MAST/Scripts

Script names:

Output text filenames:

Select "Delimited" and click "Next >" Select "Other:", type in "%", and click "Next >" Click on "Finish"

*Year, month, and date reflect the last date the scripts were run.

2. How to retrieve from flux:

ssh -XY flux

cd /home/summers/chai/scripts/avm_metadata

cp* /home/username

cp* /home/username

cd /home/username

Edit pearl scripts by viewing in test editor. Change the year information as shown below:


Sean's script uses the following text files to gather the captions and other pieces of metadata. Metadata included in the text file: year, release, image, date, title,, subject.category, instrument, distance, propID,, spectral.bandpass, spectral.centralwavelength, spectral.colorassignment, temporal.starttime, temporal.intergrationtime, and credit. Sean's script also grabs metadat from the fast facts on Hubblesite.

Files needed for current work-flow (retrieve from Flux):

Note: You are able to run perl script in "summer"s directory and just copy over output text files. Current txt files include 2008-2013.

File names:



Also, need to retrieve contents of the fast_facts_files

cd /home/summers/chai/scripts/gather_fast_facts

Run perl script on

cp 2012*.html /home/username/fast_facts_files

cp 2013*.html /home/username/fast_facts_files

Copy from flux:

scp file names


3. Viewing all press release images:

a. Go to

b. ssh -XY flux > cd db (***Get from Lisa***)

You are able to to view press release image data. They are stored by year, image name, and image release

All press release images in 2008 Data for 2008/07 Listing of images release in 2008/07 Data for 2008/07/a


I. Picture examples

2. Example of master-info:

3. Metadata template1: IPTC Core

4. Metadata template 2: AVM (Part 1)

5. Metadata template 3: AVM (Part 2)

6. Boilerplates applied to image


Last updated: 07/05/2013