Keck LRIS spectra of late-M, L and T dwarfs

The following spectra were obtained between 1997 and 1999; they are all flux calibrated and generally span the wavelength range 6000-10,000 A. Spectral types are on the Kirkpatrick et al system as defined in Kirkpatrick et al ApJS, 77, 417 (1991 - for M dwarfs) and Kirkpatrick et al ApJ 519, 802 (1999 - L dwarfs). While not all of these stars are primary spectral standards, they are all bright and should provide an adequate reference sequence. Photometric properties can be derived from the appended postscript files.
All of the spectra have been published and are freely available for use; please cite the relevant reference (see below). All of the data are fits files (pre-Y2K!):

  1. B00: Burgasser et al, 2000, AJ 120, 473
  2. D97: Delfosse et al, 1997, A&A, 327, L25
  3. G00: Gizis et al, 2000, AJ 120, 1085
  4. G00a: Gizis et al, 2000, MNRAS 311, 385
  5. K99: Kirkpatrick et al, 1999, ApJ 519, 802
  6. K00: Kirkpatrick et al, 2000, AJ, 120, 447
  7. R99: Reid et al, 1999, ApJ 527, L125
  8. R00: Reid et al, 2000, AJ, 119, 369
  9. S99: Strauss et al, 1999, ApJ 522, L61
  10. T00: Tsvetanov et al, 2000, ApJ 531, L61
Spectral types from Gizis, 1997, AJ 113, 806.

Postscript files with photometric data:

All of the above spectra are included in a gzipped tar file

The full suite of LRIS observations of late-type dwarfs are listed HERE in RA order and HERE in spectral tyoe order .

CGS4 near-infrared spectra

The following files are the normalised spectra plotted in the Reid et al (2001) near-infrared spectral classification paper. These data span the full wavelength range from ~6100 A to 2.5 microns:

See this web page for a postscript copy of the paper.

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