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Baltimore, MD
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Jules (Julia) Fowler

Software Engineer II

they / them / theirs

  • Astronomer : space based instrumention and exoplanet astronomy focused
  • Software Engineer : Python and Git expert, certified scrum master, and Linux nerd
  • Instructor : certified Software Carpentry Instructor and Python training developer
  • Activist : member of the AAS comittee for Sexual and Gender Minorities in Astronomy

About Me

I am a software engineer at the Space Telescope Science Institute. I write calibration, monitoring, and user tools for Wide Field Camera 3 of the Hubble Space Telescope,I create grism software and user tools, I develop firmware for autonomous coronagraph experiments in the Makidon Optics lab, and I design exoplanet reduction and observation planning tools with the Exoplanet Characterization Toolkit.

On my way I have found that the tools I use are as captivating as the science goals, and have become an avid software engineer, working mostly with Python and Git, and also frequently with bash, Mathematica, IRAF, IDL, LaTeX, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. That love has morphed recently into teaching software as well as writing it, becoming a Software Carpentry Instructor and teaching official workshops, as well as regularly teaching Git and Python workshops around Space Telescope.

I am gay and gender nonconforming. I think that queer identities should have a prominent place in the world of astronomy, software engineering, and generally in science. I started Tufts University's chapter of out in STEM, as well as Space Telescope's LGBT lunch series, SpaceGAYs, and am currently a member of the American Astronomical Society's committee for Sexual and Gender Minorities in Astronomy. Wherever I find myself, I advocate for queer people in astronomy, even if it's just through lunch.


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