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James Webb Space Telescope
Library of Simulated PSFs

The simulated PSFs provided here were computed using WebbPSF and the Revision V (Mission CDR) optical error budget OPDs. The assumed source spectrum is a G0V star from the Castelli & Kurucz spectral library included with pysynphot. Only direct imaging PSFs are provided here; if you need coronagraphic models please download and run WebbPSF yourself.

Each FITS file contains two images: (1) a primary HDU giving the image oversampled by 4x relative to the detector, and (2) an image extension giving the same PSF as rebinned down to the actual detector pixel scale. MIRI files are for a 20 arcsec FOV, while all others use 10 arcsec. See the FITS headers for more information.


F070W F090W F115W F140M F150W2 F150W F162M F164N F182M F187N F200W F210M F212N F225N


F250M F277W F300M F322W2 F323N F335M F356W F360M F405N F410M F418N F430M F444W F460M F466N F470N F480M


F560W F770W F1000W F1130W F1280W F1500W F1800W F2100W F2550W


F090W F115W F140M F150W F158M F200W F277W F356W F380W F430W F444W F480W


F110W F140X