Myron A. Smith

Sciences Programs, Computer Sciences Corporation, Astronomy

Myron Arthur Smith
Space Telescope Science Institute
3700 San Martin Dr.
Baltimore, MD 21218

Internet: msmith at

Phone: (410) 338-5036, Fax: 338-5088

See press release on magnetic star torus-discs

See press release on the X-rays of gamma Cassiopeia

Technical Skills and Education

(Creative scientific algorithm development, innovative grant administration)

Employment History(CSC/IUE, NSF, Previous)

(Experience in corporate, government, laboratory, academic cultures)

Contracts Currently Held

Recent Honors

(Along the way...)

Research Highlights

(Spectroscopy of stars, physics of dynamic atmospheric phenomena; astronomy)

Professional Service Activities

(Broad participation in national/international communities)

Appendices (Teaching, Publications, Reviews)

(Nearly 150 papers published as principal author)

The Arthur hard at work

. . . The Arthur at Work

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Last updated 06 Sept 2003